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Best Mother's Day Gift Ideas

10 Best Mother’s Day Gifts 2022


It is time to celebrate all the superhero mums out there!

Mother’s Day is coming up soon and every mother deserves something special on their day. To help you pick the best Mother’s Day gift this year we have created a list of our top buying ideas.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas 2022

Under $100

1 - Cycling Gloves

Is your mum a mountain bike rider enthusiast? Then we know just what you can get her - the 100% Ridecamp Women's Gloves. These high-performing bicycle gloves are perfect for all types of trail riding conditions. The quality and performance of these gloves will withstand riders' best efforts! It comes with a silicone print palm and finger for improved grip and lever traction, stretch finger gussets, and Spandex and Nylon top hand for extra flexibility and comfort. That way the rider can give it their all on every single ride.

The 100 Percent Ridecamp MTB gloves are available in both Red and Black.

2 - Hydration Backpack

Another excellent gift this Mother’s Day is the Camelbak Classic Light hydration pack. It is the perfect choice for everyday rides and longer adventures. The Camelbak backpack is a favourite of ours due to its super lightweight, durable and comfortable design. The stylish pack features a 2 litre Cruz Reservoir for plenty of water and a Quicklink disconnect for an easy dismount. In addition, the pack has a 2-litre cargo space to fit everything you want to bring with you. It also comes with a secure zipper pocket for essentials like keys and phones. The hydration backpack includes a ventilated harness and an Air Support Light Back Panel that offers riders effective breathability and cooling.

Choose between colours like Green, Navy and Grey.

Camelbal Hydration Pack Cycling

3 - Bike Phone Holder

If your mother or partner loves taking the bike out for a ride on the weekends, or if she commutes every day to work, then she will love the Quad Lock Handlebar Mount. This bike phone mount fits almost all types of bikes, whether it be an electric bike, mountain bike, road bike or commuter bike.

What makes the Quad Locks so desirable is its strong and secure mounting system. The patented dual-stage lock sits securely on the bike frame, making it handle bumps and jumps confidently even under the toughest conditions. The device makes mounting and dismounting your smartphone super easy, so you don’t miss out on phone calls or the opportunity to take that perfect photo. The phone mount also has an aerodynamic profile design for smoother airflow and a head-up position for a better viewing angle.

We offer now Free Shipping Australia wide for almost all Quad Lock products. 

4 - Heart Rate Monitor

Is your mum an enthusiast runner or cyclist? Then she would really benefit from a Wahoo TICKR Heart Rate Monitor Gen 2. Comes in two stylish colours: black and white.

The TICKR heart rate monitor from Wahoo accurately tracks your heart rate and calorie burn during any workout or activity. It has a new design which makes it one of the lightest and slimmest heart monitors on the market. The device is equipped with ANT+ and Bluetooth technology, making it easy and reliable to connect to users’ favourite workout apps and training devices. The new strap designs and sensors ensure a more secure fit and connection, so the workout can be optimised, measured and shared.

5 - Smartwatch

Another great device that everyone just absolutely loves is the Amazfit Band 5 smartwatch. This watch makes staying active that much more fun!

The Band 5 watch from Amazfit offers 11 different sports modes, 24-hour heart rate monitoring and 12 days of battery life. It comes with an OxygenBeats feature that measures the blood oxygen levels straight from the wrist. This makes it easy to keep an eye on your oxygen saturation and better understand your body’s status. 

Not only that but the smart watch lets women easily keep track of their menstruation cycles and ovulation periods. And with a 5 ATM waterproof rating, users can were it while swimming.

Amazfit Band 5 Smartwatch

Over $100

6 - Bike Shoes

To all women out there who have been struggling to find mountain bike shoes that fit, Shimano has the answer. Shimano AM503 MTB shoes are specially designed for women, providing female riders with the perfect fit and comfort both on and off the bike.

The mountain bike shoes feature an SPD system that performs both on and off the bicycle. The system works as a power transfer system providing you with an extra pedal boost as well as enhanced riding control. Combine that with its improved sole grip, the AM503 Shimano shoes will give you better pedal efficiency, stability and confidence when riding. Perfect for the rougher off-road trails.

7 - Bike Basket

The Basil Noir Carry All Front Basket is a stylish choice for a bicycle basket!

The Basil basket is easy to attach and remove from the bike’s handlebar, and the basket can carry up to 5 litres of everything you need to bring along, whether it be for running errands, going to the gym, shopping for groceries, or simply enjoying a day out on your bike.

This front basket has a pull cord and inner pocket that makes sure the contents stay securely in place at all times when riding.

Basil Noir Front Bike Basket

8 - Bicycle Trailer 

For all sporty mothers with young children, the Thule Coaster Bike Trailer is what she needs. This bike trailer is super adaptable - can easily transform into a trailer that attaches to the bike or conversed into a walking stroller - it is her choice. It comes with two comfortable seats and harnesses, suitable for two little ones.

9 - Headphones

For all busy mums that are always on the go, the Shokz OpenMove Wireless Headphone is the best gift idea for her.

The OpenMove headphones come with bone conduction technology and an open-ear design that creates a listening experience like no other. Built with complete versatility in mind, these headphones offer more accessibility for more people.

OpenMove earphone is powered by PremiumPitch 2.0 technology and features the latest Bluetooth 5, ensuring better transmission, top music quality and greater convenience of use. They are designed to fit comfortably above the ears, making it possible to listen to music safely on the go, whether it be by car, cycle or walking.

10 - Sunglasses 

Our best selling cycling sunglasses are the Shimano Aerolite P Sunglasses.

These Shimano sunglasses have a wide, rimless lens that offers riders a breathtaking panoramic view. The lens hugs the face and offers exceptional clarity and a smooth aero profile. The frame is a Grilamid TR90, which makes it super lightweight, strong and durable. The hydrophobic coating enhances its water repellency, keeping the cycling glasses cleaner, and the anti-scratch treatment will make them last that much longer!


For all husbands and partners that wish to do something EXTRA special this year, we got just the thing. She will absolutely love these gifts:


For more ideas see our Mother’s Day Collection, where you can find the best gift ideas for all amazing mothers out there.

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