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Christmas gift ideas

11 Christmas Gift Ideas 2021 - Gifts under $90, Gifts over $90

Christmas is right around the corner, and we at Crooze have gathered some awesome Christmas gift ideas that you can give this year - either to a friend, colleague, client or loved one. 


If you are looking for something practical but under $90, we have the perfect gift ideas for you. Below, you can find five products that your friend or loved one might need. They are not only super cool but also affordable.

1 - Bike helmets

Why not purchase a new bicycle helmet? That is something every rider needs, and sometimes forget to renew once in a while. The Specialized Align II MIPS Helmet and Giro Fixture Helmet are our best selling e-bike helmets, and the best thing is that they are under $80. 

The Specialized bike helmet is lightweight, aerodynamic and comes with great ventilation. It is the perfect road bike helmet as it minimises airflow restrictions so you can go as fast as possible. It has certified protection, a No. 1 fit system and an easy-to-adjust Headset dial for a comfortable and snug fit. The helmet is the perfect Christmas gift as it has a clean aesthetic with multiple colour options, so you can choose a colour - white and black, can’t go wrong there, or be a bit bold and choose a purple or yellow colour. It comes with the industry-leading slip-plane technology - Multidirectional Impact Protection System (MIPS). This feature is built into the helmet and works to minimise the rotational forces to the head caused by certain angled impacts. 

Specialized Helmet

If your friend or family member is more of a mountain bike enthusiast, the Giro Fixture Helmet is the perfect gift as it is one of the best performance value mountain bike helmets on the market. It has a compact design that is suitable for nearly any ride, especially when there is dirt under tread. It includes important riding features such as in-mould construction and Roc Loc Sport dial system, which will offer you the agility to ride everything from truck road adventures to adrenaline-filled single-track trails. It also comes with wind tunnel ventilation for amazing airflow and a removable visor for protection against sun and dirt. Giro has a clean and smooth design that will keep you feeling good kilometre after kilometre.

Or buy your child one of Nutcase’s colourful and fun design helmets. Get a cow, the space or a bright pink helmet!

Nutcase kids helmets

2 - Bike Phone Holders

Quad Lock is known for their innovative bike phone mount design. It is the lightest, strongest and most secure phone holder on the market. Simply attach the Quad Lock Bike Handlebar/Stem Mount Pro to your bicycle’s handlebar and pair it with the Quad Lock phone case. It comes with an exclusive dual click-on system that makes it easy for riders to secure their phone. Simply twist and lock your phone to the quad lock bike mount to view apps such as GoogleMaps, Strava or Spotify while riding. Detach your phone just as quickly, so you don’t miss out on a phone call or the opportunity to take that perfect photo. 

The lock has been tested to handle up to 80kg! 

All together - phone case plus bike mount - it is under $70!

3 - Hydration Backpacks

Buy your partner or friend an all-around sport and adventure backpack. 

Camelbak offers a great range of hydration packs. Choose between 1.5L, 2L or 3L. With its integrated water reservoir and connecting tube, you get easy hand-free access to water at all times. So whether your friend likes to go cycling, hiking or running, this hydration pack will be their new best friend.

Our top picks:

Camelbak Hydrobak Light 1.5L
Camelbak Rogue Light 2L

4 - Sunglasses

New to our store is the sunglasses from Shimano. You can get the Shimano Technium Sunglasses for only $80.99. The cycling glasses have full UV protection, and come with a dedicated RIDESCAPE lens for amazing contrast and clarity. It includes a view angle vision, anti-scratch cover and impact resistance. They are perfect for off-road riders as they offer a wide view, clearer details and more protection.

5 - Goggles

For hardcore rider friends, the 100% Accuri 2 Googles are what they need! Delivering utmost protection, visibility and comfort with an ever wider field of view than ever before. It comes with an anti-fog lens so riders can keep pushing boundaries.

100% Goggle

OVER $90

If you are willing to spend a little more on someone special, we have put together 4 awesome Christmas presents ideas for you. 

6 - Headphones

Why not give your sibling or parents a pair of Aftershokz headphones?
AfterShokz creates award-winning headphones that provide on-the-go people with a safer option for listening to music. The wireless headphones come with open-ear bone conduction that fits securely on the head and provide surrounding awareness -- so users can listen to music while being aware of what is going on around them. 

Aftershokz offers a wide range of high-performing wireless headphones. A great gift would be the Aftershokz Air or Aftershokz Openmove. Not too expensive, yet a valuable and convenient gift.

7 - Pannier bags 

Do you have a friend that likes to go on long overnight bike rides? Or maybe your parents or siblings ride to work every day? Then a Pannier Bag or Frame Pack Bag is a great present for them. A recommended brand is Ortlieb which has a reputation for being indestructible.

The Ortelia Back-Roller Pannier Bags are super easy to fit on the bike, 100% waterproof and can carry up to 2x20 litres. That is more than enough weight to carry grocery bags, work essentials or overnight necessities.

Ortlieb Bags

8 - Electric scooter for kids

Your kids are going to love the Globber ONE Kids e-scooter. Or maybe you are going for the best uncle/auntie of the year, then this ride is bound to give you some big brownie points. Designed with kids in mind, the electric scooter comes with a reliable motor and battery, as well as a quality double-braking system for safe riding. But the best part of the eScooter is its three wheels with built-in LED lights that light up the ride with three different colours. It is so much fun, and THE favourite gift - just ask any kid! 

Now both you and your child can go e-riding together!

Made for kids over six years old. 

9 - Electric scooter for adults 

At Crooze you can get a range of high-performing e-scooter for under $2,000: 

Machine Transporter 1000 e-Scooter

InMotion LeMotion S1 Electric Scooter

Benelle S-Series S500 Electric Scooter


    These eScooters have superior build quality, unrivalled stability and enough power and battery to get you where you need to go. Perfect gift for someone that commutes, as well as a fun weekend explorer.

    10 -Electric skateboards

    If you have a teenager in the house, an electric skateboard is bound to be a hit. 

    Evolve offer a wide range of electric longboards - for both street carving and all-terrain. The boards are smooth, grippy and obtain sensational power. They are super comfortable to ride, incredibly responsive, and capable of climbing the steepest of hills (up to 30% gradient). The board can be used for both fun and as a personal transportation method.

    Either get an Evolve Hadean or an Evolve GTR.

    OneWheel XR e-board

    A bit more expensive, but the OneWheel+ XR is our most asked after electric skateboard. Limited stock before Christmas so make sure you don’t miss out. 

    The OneWheel XR takes advantage of its extended range battery and motor power, going the extra distance. It also comes with a bigger tire for more rugged terrain. I know it looks hard balancing on one wheel, but the one wheel electric longboard comes with balancing technology and footpad sensors, making communication with the e-board effortless.

    Customers describe it as a sense of fun and freedom coupled with the excitement of speed. 

    If your loved one already has a OneWheel, you can buy him or her some cool accessories to go with it. Fender, Charge plug, handle, bumpers or rail guards - you can buy them in any colour they like. Fun way to spice up their ride! 

    Remember, if you buy a OneWheel board you get 10% off any XR accessories! 

    11 - E-bikes 

    Treat your partner with an electric bike this Christmas. 

    SmartMotion E-20 Folding Frame e-Bike is the ideal city road bike for your loved one. It rides smoothly through busy streets and urban landscapes, and the motorised bike can fold up into a fraction of its size - perfect to store in small spaces and car trunks. 

    SmartMotion E-Bike

    Read more here.

    Christmas is coming in fast, so get ready. At Crooze you are sure to find something your family or friends would love for the holiday.

    Check out our website for more Christmas gift ideas, or come by our Gold Coast Store. We are happy to help you! 

    We are running a few sales leading up to Christmas, so sign up to our newsletter to always know when the best deals are.

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