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Father's Day Gifts Ideas

17 Father's Day Gifts Ideas 2021

Father’s Day is coming up soon, and we have put together some stellar gift ideas for you. Whether your husband or dad is an adventure biker, fun seeker or the best daddy in the world, we got the perfect present for him! 

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1 - Electric Mountain bike - Specialized Turbo Levo SL Comp

If your dad loves to go off-road mountain biking and thrive on riding in challenging conditions, then the Specialized Turbo Levo SL Comp e-mountain bike would be a great gift. It is one of the cheapest e-bikes in the Turbo Levo SL series and is well-known for its super lightweight but yet resilient and strong body frame. 

This e-bike loves to get airborne with its 17.35kg and customised lightweight motor. It generates an impressive 240W pedal assistance motor power and is incredibly responsive to its environment. Combining that with its 29-inch Eliminator/Butcher tires it offers exceptional grip and stability while riding.

Perfect for the more technically challenging treks. Also comes with a durable 320Wh battery that offers endless power - or at least it feels like it. 

The price is now down by 10%, so enjoy it!

Specialized Turbo Levo SL Comp

2- City E-Bike - Orbea VIBE H30 e-Bike - 2021

Does your dad commute daily to work? Then he needs the best of the best when it comes to comfort and usability on the road. The Orbea VIBE H30 e-bike would be the perfect one.

A sleek, reliable, lightweight and easy to use electric bike. Comfortable and fun to ride, and has an electronic system that is seamlessly integrated into the body. This motorized bike is made for the fast-paced, on-the-go city lifestyle.

It is one of the best cost benefits city bikes we sell!

3 - Bike Rack for Car

Take your father on an amazing mountain bike adventure. Either to Nerang National Park, QLD, Mt Buller, VIC or Mount Tamborine QLD. What better way to celebrate Father’s Day than to explore the many mountain trails Australia has to offer? 

Bring your bike with you by simply attaching the bike carrier to your car, add the bike and off you go!

You can choose between a towbar bike rack carrier, hitch mount bike rack, car roof rack, trunk-mounted bike carrier and dual-arm tow ball bike carrier. If unsure which will fit your car or how to mount it, check out our ‘Bike Racks for Car Buying Guide’ or give us a call. 

Our favourites are the Thule car racks and Buzzrack. As they are known to be highly reliable and efficient to install. 

Bike Rack for car

4- Segway Ninebot Kickscooter E25 e-Scooter

If a bicycle is too big and your dad needs something smaller and convenient for work, then we would recommend getting the Ninebot Segway Kickscooter. It weighs only 14.4 kg! 

This electric scooter is made from aviation-grade 6 aluminium and has a 1.3 strength unit per density - meaning it is incredibly strong even though it is so lightweight.

Comes with a powerful 300W motor power that allows you to climb up to 15% gradient uphill slopes without a problem. It has rear lights, electronic brakes, IP rating of IPX4 and strong front shock absorbers. You can easily unfold the e-scooter to store under the work desk or carry it onto the bus.

Now only $999!


5 - Electric Skateboard

Or if you think your dad would prefer commuting using an electric skateboard we offer a wide range of top-notch skateboards that will fit any riding style. Either get an all-terrain off-road e-board or a fast-paced carving machine.

We offer industry leading brands such as Evolve Skateboards, Exway, dOt, and Tranzite. From this bunch, you are bound to find something your dad likes (maybe something you would like as well). 


If you are looking for more budget-friendly presents, then we got some great ideas for you here too.

6 - Quad Lock Bike Mount

Simple, cheap and super convenient present! Easily and securely attach and detach your phone from your bike with the Quad Lock phone holder. The patented dual-stage lock is strong enough to take up to 80kg (yes, this has been tested). Handles bumps like a champ and sits sturdily even during the toughest of conditions. 

Compatible with iPhone and Samsung Galaxy, and is made for all types of rides whether it is mountain biking, commuting or road cycling.

We offer FREE shipping on Quad Lock products over $29.90 for a limited amount of time!

7 - Bike Lights 

We all want your dad to stay safe while riding. Therefore a smart and useful gift would be to give him a bike light. You can now get single lights or buy them as a combo set. We have lowered our prices on a range of Exposure Lights, Lezyne or Serfas lights.

Lezyne e-Bike Micro Pro 800XL / Strip Pair is down to only $139 - that is 23% OFF! These bicycle lights have powerful 800 lumens, 8 different modes and can last up to 87 hours. The rear light has an impressive 270° visibility angle, making it easy for other vehicles to spot.

The perfect combo light set for riding in both day and night time.

8 - GPS 

Get your dad a GPS today! What dad does not love technology and digital devices? Plus it comes with extra features to help improve performance.

Garmin has a range of different GPS and GPS bundles that are bound to fit your dad’s riding style. The Garmin Edge series has important functions such as navigation and performance insights - tracking endurance, intensity and thresholds. It also notifies users when they need to eat or drink, how cool is that!

9 - Helmet

All dads need a helmet to keep them safe!

If he is a mountain bike enthusiast then he definitely needs the Troy Lee Design A3 AS MIPS Helmet. It is one of the most comfortable MTB helmets out there. The helmet is fully encapsulated, lightweight and made even safer with MIPS technology - which helps reduce rotational force to the brain on impact. Offer maximum coverage and extra confidence when riding down even the toughest of dirt hills.

Or if your dad is an everyday cycling commuter he needs something comfortable and with great ventilation. We recommend trying out the Giro Fixture Helmet and Specialized Align II MIPS Helmet. These sit snug but comfortable on your head, has a sleek look and best of all super budget-friendly!

But, if your dad is a fun dad and you usually go for family rides, you should have a look at Nutcase range. The funniest and cutest helmets for your dad, your mum and you!

Nutcase Helmets

10 - Bottle + bottle holder

If you are looking to spend less but want to give your old man a just as awesome gift. Then simply buy him a cool drinking bottle from Camelbak, and combine it with a Specialised Rib Cage Bottle. This gift is sure-fire to be used!

11 - Hydration Packs

But if he goes for longer rides and just a bottle is not enough, then your dad will love this! A simple way to always stay hydrated on the road. Camelbak offers a great range of hydration packs. Choose between 1.5L, 2L or 3L.

For those who don’t know what a hydration pack is, it is a backpack with an integrated water reservoir and connecting tube for easy hand-free access to water while riding. Perfect for fast speed rides or off-road, bumpy trails.


12 - Troy Lee Designs Apparel

Troy Lee Design offers high-quality t-shirts and jerseys that are lightweight, breathable and super soft on the skin. Our best seller is the Troy Lee Designs Sprint Jersey. Comes in two different paint stripe designs looking super cool.

Combine it with the TLD Sprint Shorts or Pants (depending on the weather). Incredibly comfortable and long-lasting. Your dad will be able to embark on any ride he wants and in any weather conditions with these awesome designs!

13 - Protective gear

For added protection going down the steepest of slopes on the mountain bike, buy your dad the Troy Lee Designs Raid Knee Guard and Wrist Guard. These protective gears are extremely durable and lightweight. The knee guards have side padded abrasion resistance for protection against the bicycle frame, and the TLD Wrist Guard has a vented design for great breathability. Both are easy to slip on and come with an adjustable tightening strap.

In addition, add some gloves to the Father’s Day basket for extra hand protection and grip. The new LoDown Gloves from Specialized are highly recommended as they are made to fit like a second skin, and provides riders with the ultimate control down the most challenging of trails. 

14 - Child Bike Seats

For loving fathers and husbands who enjoy bringing their children on the ride, the Thule Yepp Nexxt Child Seat or Thule RideAlong Child Bike Seat will be the perfect present.

Thule is industry-leaders in the bike child carrier category, and offer high-quality, safe and secure bike seats. They are easy to fit on the e-bike and come in different colours.

A fun way to share the ride with your kids!

15 - Shotgun Kids MTB Seat + Handlebar Combo

Or maybe your dad is more into the off-road, mountain bike scene and wants to bring the little one along. Then the Shotgun Kids MTB seat combo is the setup he needs. Not only will he get the kids seat and handlebar but also a best in class ‘shred til bed’ stem-cap and custom mudguard. The kids bike seat is made for children 2-5 years. It has a rubber layer to protect from damaging the bike and adjustable angle and width to fit both normal bicycles and electric bicycles.

Shotgun Kids seat

16 - Storage and bags

If your dad likes to go on longer overnight stays with his bike, or maybe he just doesn’t like to carry a heavy backpack? Then a Pannier Bag or Frame Pack Bag is their solution. 

Ortlieb Pannier Bag is an excellent option as it is easy to fit on the bike, 100% waterproof and can carry up to 2x20 litres.

17 - Headphones

Buy a pair of Aftershokz Aeropex Wireless Bluetooth Headphones for your father’s special day. The Aaropex is an open ear headset design that sits outside the ears for the ultimate hearing of both the music and what is going on around you.

The headset is the lightest and most organically built headphones on the market. An improved version from its predecessors by rotating the transducer by 30° and offering a PremiumPitch 2.0+ which means less vibration and more bass. It is amazing, it has improved its overall sound quality by 50%!

Comes with a wireless microphone and multi-point pairing (with other Bluetooth v5.0 compatible devices).

At Crooze you are sure to find something your father would love for his special day.

Check out our website for more ideas, or come by our Gold Coast Store. We are happy to help you! 

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