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Super73 2022

New SUPER73 eBikes - 2022

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Brand new Super73 electric bikes just hit our store. They are here to make commuting that much more fun, make your ride with confidence and make new adventures easy. 

Introducing to you Super73 ZX-E which is a brand new e-bike, Super73 S2-E which is here to replace the old Super73 SG2 and Super73 RX-E which replaces Super73 RX-G. 

You are bound to have awesome fun with one of these machines! 

Let’s have a look at each model and its best features.


    The ultimate commuter. Super73 ZX-E e-bike is the larger version of the Z1 and offers more pickup. The motorised bike features a larger removable battery and a lighter aircraft-grade aluminium frame. Super73 has completely redesigned the bicycle’s seat, providing you with better ergonomics and a more upright riding position, making the ZX eBike classed as one of SUPER73’s most comfortable bicycles on the market.

    Super73 ZX-E e-Bike - Green


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    The electric commuter bike has a powerful 750W brushless hub motor capable of generating up to 1200W of peak power. Combining that with its massive 615Wh battery and you got yourself a power ride with plenty of juice. It will have no problem getting you where you need to go, even if that means tackling uphills. The removable battery is easy to attach and detach, and can be charged with any standard 110v outlet. The new eBike offers up to 48 km of range at 30km/h when using the throttle and up to 80 km of range using ECO pedal assist mode.

    Did you hear? The new 2022 Super 73 electric bike models offer both throttle operation and pedal assist. Making it easier for you to apply power when you want to and pedal assistance when you want to. 

    It looks and feels like a motorbike, but it is actually a bike!

    ZX-E features modern street bike tyres that are designed for longer commutes. The tyres are made with micro knurling to enhance the bike’s turning grip while also expanding its tyre life.

    The ZX-E electric bicycle offers different riding modes and includes a display unit that is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones via the Super73 App. The app lets you discover new routes by dropping a pin or typing in your desired destination using the convenient, turn-by-turn navigation available on the app. You can view your directions on your mobile or on the Smart LCD Display.

    SUPER73 S2-E

      Super73 S2-E is here to replace the old Super73 SG2. 

      The Super73 S2-E is the ultimate urban cruiser. The motorised bike is a top-class eBike built for urban bike adventures. The bicycle is constructed with an aircraft-grade aluminium alloy frame, a powerful 2000W hub motor and an impressive 960Wh battery, providing you with 60+ kilometres of range at 30km/h with throttle operation and 120+ kilometres of range with ECO pedal assist mode. 

      The S2-E offers smooth pedal assistance, various riding modes and has a throttle operation. In addition, the electric bike features thick, solid tyres that will provide you with excellent ground traction as well as improve your riding stability, both on and off-road.

      Super73 S2-E e-Bike - Includes THROTTLE


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      The urban joyride also comes with a fully adjustable coil spring front suspension with air assist and BDGR tyres. BDGR tires are the first tires that incorporate bicycle and motorcycle tire construction methods together in order to meet the needs of this cutting-edge vehicle. They are made to enhance traction, minimise road noise and improve stability on the road as well as during light-duty off-road riding.

      The fashionable eBike has fully integrated LED lights, including a circular front light and rear brake lights. Like all other Super73 bikes, it has a built-in Turn-by-Turn Navigation as an excellent road guiding, and is compatible with a broad variety of accessories and apparel so you can find your signature SUPER73 style.

      SUPER73 RX-E

        The Super73 RX-E e-Bike is here to replace the Super73 RX-G. The electric bike is the ultimate performance adventurer and comes with all Super73’s famous trademarks; a powerful 2000W motor, massive 960Wh battery, smart drive system and multiple riding modes to best suit your riding preference. 

        What makes the RX-E stand out from its predecessor is its upgraded brakes and fully adjustable double suspension, which makes the RX a high-performing, top-model electric bike. 

        The motorised bike is built with an aircraft-grade 6061/7005 aluminium alloy frame, which makes it lighter and more rigid than if it was made with steel, and the material is rust-resistant. The e-bike also features a smart LCD display unit with Bluetooth connectivity which makes it possible for you to pair your smartphone to the bike and for your travel routes to be displayed on both the bike unit and mobile phone. 

        Another great feature that comes with the RX-E is that you can receive over-the-air updates. This allows for the bicycle to always have the newest functionalities, latest firmware and operate at peak performance. Not only that but the RX is now available in three stylish colours; sleek black, desert sand and bright blue!

        Super73 RX-E e-Bike - blue


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        All Super 73 eBikes are designed to be personalized to your style and riding preferences. At Crooze you find a wide collection of apparel and accessories to best fit your new bike, Check it out here

        Super73 2022

        Get a spare Super73 Inner Tube. We always recommend having a spare tube laying around for your Super73, as thick tired bicycles are more susceptible to punctures than traditional sized tires.

        In addition, you can pair it with other accessories like a Quad Lock handlebar phone mount for easy attachment of your phone to the bicycle when riding. 

        Remember to always wear a helmet when riding, here are some high-protection yet stylish helmets to match your stylish bike, click here.

        Super73 is known worldwide for its one-of-a-kind motorcycle styled electric bicycles. They are easy to use with smoother pedal assistance and include cutting-edge technology - LCD display, throttle operation, smart drive, navigation and much more. And these three new powerful bikes do not disappoint! These high-performing eBikes are made to run smoother, go further and look awesome. Perfect for all-day cruising, light off-road riding or commuting. 

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