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What is the best electric bike for women?

What is the best electric bike for women?

The most important thing when buying an electric bike is that it fits your height, shape and riding style. We all have different preferences and usages of our bicycle - either we want it for commuting, long-distance riding or off-road trail riding.

Being comfortable on the bike at all times is crucial, not only for better riding performance but also for you to be able to enjoy your ride. Therefore, we have highlighted some elements you as a female biker should look for when buying an electric bike, as well as our top pick of female bikes.

Electric bikes for women

Things to consider when buying an electric bike for women

Most e-bicycles have a unisex frame design, and it can therefore be hard to know if the eBike will fit you. However, they do offer a wider spread of sizes to make them more suitable for a broader range of people - from shorter riders to longer riders. It is therefore important to inspect the size guide before buying. 

For females, we recommend picking a bicycle with a lower frame design, as well as a saddle that is comfortable for longer rides. If you are a smaller female, a narrower handlebar might also suit you better.

These female-specific elements are important to consider when buying an electric motor bike as you want it to be as comfortable as possible.

Below you can find our pick of the best electric bikes for women.

Best commuter bike for women

Specialized Turbo Vado SL 4.0 Step-Through EQ

Why we like it:

*Low-step frame for ease of hopping on and off
*Integrated headlight
*Easy and intuitive to ride
*Mission Control App

Specialized Turbo Vado SL 4.0 Step-Through EQ

If you are looking for an electric bike to commute to work or run errands around town, the Specialized Turbo Vado SL is our top recommendation. 

This e-bike offers riders a great mix of power, range and a natural riding feel. It is part of the Specialized SL series, meaning it is super lightweight with its custom motor and aluminium frame - making it 40% lighter than the average electric bicycle. This means it is easy to carry with you up stairs, across crossings or lift onto your bike car rack.

The Specialized motor offers enough power to assist you with speed up to 45km/h and the 230Wh battery is capable of taking you on an impressive distance range of up to 130 kilometres. If that is not enough travel distance for you, you can get a Range Extender and get an extra 64km.

The Turbo Vado SL 4.0 has a handful of practical features like built-in front and rear lights and reflective graphics for excellent visibility on the road, DRYTECH fenders to avert dirt and water, and a mounted rear rack so you can easily carry an extra load. It is compatible to carry both bike panniers and bags.

The motorized bike comes with a comfortable Presta saddle and a step-through frame design that makes it easy for women to get on and off the bicycle.

Most Specialized bikes are compatible with the Specialized Mission Control App, allowing you to connect your smartphone to your electric bicycle. The app monitors your riding performance offering useful information about battery life, range, power, potential services needed and more.

Other recommended women’s models:

*Dyson Tilba e-Bike 
*SmartMotion Mid City e-Bike

    Best folding bike for women

    Dyson Adventure Folding 20inch e-Bike

    Why we like it:

    *Foldable and compact for easy storage
    *Stylish design 
    *Removable battery

      Dyson Adventure Folding 20inch e-Bike

      If you are living in a small city apartment and need to store your bicycle in tight spaces, or you enjoy travelling and like to bring your bicycle with you in your van or car, then a folding bike is what would best suit you.

      A great choice would be the Dyson Adventure eBike. This bicycle has a compact size and can be folded in mere minutes. Super easy to carry with you on the train or store in the office corner. 

      The Dyson comes with a powerful 250 watt motor and 36 voltage battery. ​​The battery can easily be removed in under 30 seconds by simply opening the hinge, folding the device and then sliding the battery out.

      Other recommended foldable eBikes for women:

      *SmartMotion E-20 Folding Frame e-Bike

        Best road bike for women

        Orbea Gain D40 e-Road Bike - 2021

        Why we like it:

        *Pedal-assist yet still a workout 
        *Aerodynamic and lightweight 
        *Enough Power concept

          Orbea Gain D40 e-Road Bike - 2021

          The Orbea Gain is made for faster rides. It is designed with an Enough Power concept that has resulted in an incredible sportive, lightweight and user-friendly road eBike. The D40 comes with a 36 voltage battery that allows you enough power when needed and reserves it for when it is not.

          The Ebikemotion X35 motor offers riders a balanced, reliable and smooth pedal assistance in levels so that you can improve your riding without making it too easy. The motor is located at the wheel axle so that you can ride without any problem when the pedal assist is off.

          The Gain is also super functional with built-in front and rear LED lights, comfortable drop handlebar, Ebikemotion iWoc ONE remote and OC monochrome display. The frame is made of hydroformed aluminium making it ultra-lightweight. The eBike also has a minimalistic and smooth design for great aerodynamic performance.

          Best touring bike for women

          Tern GSD S10 Cargo Line

          Why we like it:

          *Large mounted rear rack
          *Small and wide tires for low gravity centre
          *Capable of carrying heavy loads

            Tern GSD S10 Cargo Line

            When touring, you ride for days in a row and therefore need an electric bicycle with excellent distance range, comfortability and weight load capacity.

            As electric bikes are run by a battery, they can only offer pedal-assist for so long, no matter which e-bike you choose. 

            Our top choice for a touring bike is the Tern GSD. This eBike can carry a lot of weight yet it is still the same length as a standard bicycle, so you can fit anywhere a regular bicycle can.

            The vehicle includes pannier carrier bags and can transport up to 180kg of cargo - that equal a week’s worth of groceries or carrying up to two children. On top of all this, Tern has included a new double kickstand that is wider and constructed as a single piece to keep it balance for when you load up the bicycle.

            As it is made to carry heavyweight, it comes with a Bosch Cargo Line motor. This motor is Bosch’s highest torque motor and offers riders an impressive 85Nm and 400% assistance.

            The Tern GSD is also one of the few bicycles that are equipped with Bosch’s latest Dual-Battery technology. This battery will provide you with two 500Wh batteries and a distance range of up to 280km. This makes it possible for you to tour all day long, or commute for weeks on a single charge.

            The bicycle is perfect for female riders as it is adjustable and designed to fit a person that is between 150 - 195cm. It also comes with an industry-leading folding system, that folds the eBike to be small enough to fit in a car or tight spaces.

            Other recommended women’s models: 

            *Kalkhoff Endeavour 5.B Season Wave Frame e-Bike - 2021

              Best electric mountain bike for women

              Focus Jam² 6.8 NINE Bosch e-Mountain Bike - 2021

              Why we like it: 

              *Super lightweight
              *High-performing suspensions

                Focus Jam² 6.8 NINE Bosch e-Mountain Bike - 2021

                Perfect combination between performance and style.

                The Focus Jam is super lightweight due to its hydroformed aluminium frame. It comes with a powerful Bosch Performance CX motor and 625Wh battery that can easily climb any mountain range. The battery comes with an AIRFLOW system that cools down the battery and reduces heat produced. All the electronics are seamlessly integrated into the down tube of the bicycle and very little energy is wasted thanks to the low weight of the bike components.

                The motorized vehicle has a lower top tube design, making it easy for women to mount and dismount when needed. That way you can ride with confidence even down the roughest of off-road trails. 

                The Focus electric mountain bike’s F.O.L.D chassis is constructed specially to handle the high demands placed on e-MTBs. It therefore includes high performing rear suspension that can meet a wide range of different conditions. It also comes with aggressive and agile geometry, giving you an electric dirt bike that is super responsive on the trail.

                Other recommended MTB women’s models: 

                *Specialized Turbo Levo SL Expert Carbon
                *Focus Thron² 6.7 e-Mountain Bike - 2021

                  For more options, check out our wide range of top eBike brands here.

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