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2022 New Arrivals

What’s New in 2022. E-Bikes

The new year is coming on fast and you know what they say, out with the old and in with the new. But what is hitting the store in 2022 and what should you get? 

We have gathered everything you have to look forward to in 2022 when it comes to electric bikes, skateboards and bike accessories. Some are even already available in our store! Others are yet to come.

Let’s take a look!

2022 Rocky Mountain Powerplay e-MTBs

Rocky Mountain has some new super hardcore electric mountain bikes coming our way. 

Choose between the Altitude Powerplay, Instinct Powerplay or a Growler Powerplay.

Building on the success of its previous Powerplay models, Rocky Mountain has completely re-developed its new range, continuing to push the limits of high-performing e-MTB bikes.

Their goal with this new range was to design an off-road bike that feels as natural as possible. 

Speed x time = Instinct; is the best way to describe the new Instinct Powerplay e-Bike. It offers the best combination of trail agility and high power, and stands out from other electric trail bikes due to its thoughtfully integrated new features and rider-focused design - including its dialed kinematics, flexible geometry and next-generation Dyname 4.0 drive system. These are without a doubt, built for exploration, bigger rides and never-ending fun!

When it comes to the Growler, the name says it all, it is the ultimate trail growler. Perfect for the rockiest of terrains with its solid Alloy frame, high volume 27.5 inch tires and strong Suntour XCR front fork. This hardtail will have you charging hard on the trails every time.

Designed for Enduro. The Altitude Powerplay is made for long-distance rides with its 722Wh high capacity battery, offering plenty of charge so you get plenty of time on the trail. The 2022 model has snatched the best features from its race-winning Altitude platform and integrated the new Dyname 4.0 MTB drive system to create a groundbreaking electric mountain bike for riders all around the world. The drive produces super high torque making going up and down the mountain more fun than ever.

The Altitude and Instinct Alloy 70 are already available in our store, the rest you can now Pre-Order here.

Focus Bikes

Another highly well-known MTB brand to launch its new models in 2022 is Focus. You will see the Jam², Jarifa², Aventura², Sam², Planet² and Thron² range coming our store soon. If you can’t wait, we have good news, the Focus Aventura² 6.6 and Sam² 6.8 are already here! 

Focus Ebikes

This new Focus bicycles has paired its solid frame with a powerful Bosch Powertube battery and the strongest ever made Bosch e-drive - the Performance CX e-drive (Gen. 4). If you include the down-oriented shock suspensions and its F.O.L.D. chassis, you got yourself a well-balanced, super agility and dynamic ride that is bound to awaken your inner explorer!

2022 is looking good already! 

dOt e-boards

In 2022, new enhanced dOt skateboards will arrive. The biggest difference from last years models is its bigger and better battery. What this means for you is that you get so much more time on your board per charge. The new Gen ll extended range battery will get you further than ever before; the Cruiser will be able to travel up to 48 km, Compact up to 32km and the Transport will crush them all with 64 KILOMETRES. On top of that, the new dOt electric skateboards will also have regenerative braking, which will help extend your distance range even further. 

To top it all off, the 2022 e-boards will have less than 99Wh per battery, making it possible for you to bring them with you as carry-on on airplanes! 

Dyson Hard Tail eBikes

dOt is not the only one with upgrades. Dyson has followed the trend and enlarged their battery pack on their Dyson Hard Tail MTB range. Moving on from an 11ah and 15ah battery capacity to a 14ah and 17.5ah battery, meaning more trail and longer riding hours! These are expected to hit the market in early March, but you can already pre-order them now! 

Click here to explore the new Dyson range.

NEW Clothing Spring Collections 

Both Troy Lee Designs and FOX Racing will launch their new spring collection next year. Offering cyclist a wide range of clothing and gear, including jerseys, pants, bike helmets, protective gear and so much more. 

Troy Lee Designs 2022 apparel will feature its latest advanced riding technology and new graphic design options. True to its brand, this collection will be colourful and stylish as always! According to Moto Online, this latest collection is inspired and created “‘For the World’s Fastest Racers’, including Justin Barcia, Michael Mosiman and Pierce Brown of the TLD Red Bull GasGas Factory Racing team, as well as the likes of Cole Seely” they said. The collection’s goal has been to cover riders of all types and capabilities.

FOX Racing’s spring collection will include new bicycle helmets, jerseys, jackets and other essential riding gear you will need on the go. Their apparel is made from high-quality materials and designed to withstand any outdoor conditions you might encounter on your next adventure.

The New and Biggest to Ever Hit the Onewheel Community

A couple of months ago, OneWheel hit us with a big surprise. announced a big surprise for us. If you are a OneWheel enthusiast you probably already know what it is. But for those who don’t, OneWheel has announced that they will be dropping two brand new OneWheels early next year in America - the OneWheel+ Pint X and OneWheel GT.

Onewheel GT

We are hoping they will arrive in Australia not long after! 

They are without a doubt the most anticipated electric one wheels to come in 2022. Unfortunately, they are yet to be launched in Australia. We believe, and cross our fingers, that it will arrive in the fall next year. 

OneWheel describes their new GT as their most advanced skateboard EVER, and PINT X to be a better, enhanced model of the OneWheel Pint

OneWheel+ GT is the e-board most asked about and not without reason. This board will have more power, more range and more control than any of its previous models. OneWheel has completely remodelled the control system and designed an electric skateboard that generates higher voltage so that you can enjoy more drive force and torque as well as better performance at all speed levels. 

The board crushes its predecessors when it comes to speed and range, offering up to 32km/h and 52km distance range outperforming the OneWheel XR, which has a top speed of 30 km/h and a distance range of 29 km. 

Not only that, the GT will be the first OneWheel to ever offer a OneWheel-specific Trail Slayer GT tread tire which makes it possible for you to shred both on the pavement and off-road. Providing you with excellent traction and carve-ability.

The second new OneWheel hoverboard to hit the market is the Pint X. What sets it apart from its previous model is its rocket speedy 750W Hypercore hub motor, offering a top speed of 29km/h, and its twice as much range capabilities - travelling a distance of 29km per charge. That is freedom at its best! 

This little mini rocket is only 27 inches from tip to tip, making it convenient wherever you go - store it under your desk, in the closet or bring it along on the bus. 

This will be a popular choice as it will be the perfect mix of practicality, performance and affordability. 

Wow, all this cool stuff to look forward to. Can’t wait for 2022 to be here!!

Want to know more about the new 2022 OneWheels? Click here

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