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Shimano Bike Cassettes and Chains

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Shimano cassette is best?

This depends on what type of riding environment you encounter. If you experience a broad variety of terrains, on and off-road, you will need a bike cassette with more gears options. While if you ride professionally or compete you don’t need that many gears, rather your main focus would be to choose a cassette that offers the smoothest gearing. 

A great option for mountain bike riding is the Shimano SLX CS-M7000 Cassette 11-40 11-Speed. For road bike riding we recommend the Shimano Tiagra/Deore CS-HG500 Cassette 11-25 10-Speed.

Are all Shimano cassettes compatible?

All Shimano cassettes, up to 10-speed, generally are compatible. They all feature the Shimano Hyperglide freehub pattern.

How do I know which Shimano cassette I have? What do Shimano cassette numbers mean? how to identify Shimano cassette?

Shimano cassettes are marked with the letters “CS” (Cassette Sprockets). When identifying the Shimano cassette, count the teeth on the largest and smallest sprocket and how many sprockets there are. For example, if the number of teeth on the small sprocket – 12, the number of teeth on the large sprocket – 27, the number of sprockets – 9, then you have a 9 speed 12-27 cassette.

Can i use sram cassette with Shimano derailleur? Are Sram and Shimano 11 speed cassettes interchangeable? are Sram and Shimano cassettes compatible?

Shimano and SRAM cassettes are compatible and interchangeable for both road and mountain bikes. The distance between the sprockets in the cassettes of these manufacturers is the same. The SRAM cassette can be used with Shimano chain and derailleur, but there may be a slight increase in drivetrain volume. Also, some delays in gear changes may become noticeable and the durability of the replaced elements may decrease.

How to remove Shimano cassette? How to fit a Shimano cassette?

To remove the cassette from the bike, first, place the Shimano cassette remover on the spline nut. Set the chain whip on a third or fourth sprocket. While holding the cassette with the chain whip, use the wrench to turn the cassette remover counterclockwise. When you loosen the lockring, you will hear a loud click when the teeth of the lockring separate, then you can remove the cassette by hand. To install the cassette, you must do all the steps in reverse order.

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