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Garmin Varia Seat-Post Quarter Turn Mount Black

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Easily monitor your riding speed with this hassle-free wireless sensor. Its simple installation requires no magnets or exposed components to align, making it a breeze to set up, maintain, and transfer between bikes.

The Speed Sensor 2 conveniently attaches to either wheel's hub. You can configure the wheel size through Garmin Connect, our online community, or perform self-calibration using an Edge cycling computer or a compatible Garmin device. Once configured, you'll receive precise speed and distance data continuously, even without a head unit.

With ANT+ connectivity and Bluetooth Low Energy technology, you can seamlessly sync with Garmin Connect, various training apps, compatible devices, and fitness equipment. This ensures you get accurate data whether you're cycling indoors or outdoors, enhancing your riding experience.

Compatible Devices:

  • Approach¨ÊS60, Approach¨ S62, Approach¨ S70 - 42 mm, Approach¨ S70 - 47 mm

  • D2 Air, D2ª Air X10, D2ª Bravo, D2ª Charlie, D2ª Delta, D2ª Delta PX, D2ª Delta S, D2ª Mach 1

  • Descentª G1, Descentª G1 Solar, Descentª Mk1, Descentª Mk2, Descentª Mk2i, Descentª Mk2S

  • Edge¨ 1000, Edge¨ 1030, Edge¨ 1030 Plus, Edge¨ 1040, Edge¨ 1040 Solar, Edge¨ 130, Edge¨ 130 Plus, Edge¨ 500, Edge¨ 510, Edge¨ 520, Edge¨ 520 Plus, Edge¨ 530, Edge¨ 530 Mountain Bike Bundle, Edge¨ 540, Edge¨ 540 Solar, Edge¨ 800, Edge¨ 810, Edge¨ 820, Edge¨ 830, Edge¨ 830 Mountain Bike Bundle, Edge¨ 840, Edge¨ 840 Solar, Edge¨ Explore 2

  • Enduroª, Enduroª 2

  • epixª (Gen 2) - Sapphire Edition | 47 mm, epixª (Gen 2) - Standard Edition | 47 mm, epixª Pro (Gen 2) Ð Sapphire Edition | 42 mm, epixª Pro (Gen 2) Ð Sapphire Edition | 47 mm, epixª Pro (Gen 2) Ð Sapphire Edition | 51 mm, epixª Pro (Gen 2) Ð Standard Edition | 42 mm, epixª Pro (Gen 2) Ð Standard Edition | 47 mm, epixª Pro (Gen 2) Ð Standard Edition | 51 mm

  • eTrex¨ Touch 35

  • f_nix¨ 2, f_nix¨ 3, f_nix¨Ê3 HR, f_nixªÊ3 Sapphire with Metal Band, f_nix¨Ê5, f_nix¨ 5S, f_nix¨ 5S Plus, f_nix¨ 5X, f_nix¨ 5X Plus, f_nix¨ 6, f_nix 6 - Pro Solar Edition, f_nix¨ 6 Pro and Sapphire, f_nix¨ 6S, f_nix¨ 6S Pro and Sapphire, f_nix¨ 6S Pro Solar, f_nix 6X - Pro and Sapphire editions, fenix¨ 6X - Pro Solar Edition, f_nix¨ 7 Ð Sapphire Solar Edition, f_nix¨ 7 Ð Solar Edition, f_nix¨ 7 Ð Standard Edition, f_nix¨ 7 Pro Ð Sapphire Solar Edition, f_nix¨ 7 Pro Ð Solar Edition, f_nix¨ 7S Ð Sapphire Solar Edition, f_nix¨ 7S Ð Solar Edition, f_nix¨ 7S Ð Standard Edition, f_nix¨ 7S Pro Ð Sapphire Solar Edition, f_nix¨ 7S Pro Ð Solar Edition, f_nix¨ 7X Ð Sapphire Solar Edition, f_nix¨ 7X Ð Solar Edition, f_nix¨ 7X Pro Ð Sapphire Solar Edition, f_nix¨ 7X Pro Ð Solar Edition, f_nix¨ Chronos

  • Forerunner¨ 230, Forerunner¨ 235, Forerunner 245 Music, Forerunner¨ 255, Forerunner¨ 255 Music, Forerunner¨ 255S, Forerunner¨ 255S Music, Forerunner¨ 265, Forerunner¨ 265S, Forerunner¨ 35, Forerunner¨ 45, Forerunner¨ 45S, Forerunner¨ 55, Forerunner¨ 620, Forerunner¨ 630, Forerunner¨ 645, Forerunner¨ 645 Music, Forerunner¨ 735XT, Forerunner¨ 745, Forerunner¨ 910XT, Forerunner¨ 920XT, Forerunner¨ 935, Forerunner¨ 945, Forerunner¨ 945 LTE, Forerunner¨ 955, Forerunner¨ 955 Solar, Forerunner¨ 965

  • Foretrex¨ 701 Ballistic Edition

  • GPSMAP¨ 276Cx, GPSMAP¨ 64csx, GPSMAP¨ 64s, GPSMAP¨ 64st, GPSMAP¨ 64sx, GPSMAP¨ 65s, GPSMAP¨ 66i, GPSMAP¨ 66s, GPSMAP¨ 66st, GPSMAP¨ 67, GPSMAP¨ 67i

  • Instinct¨ Ð Esports Edition, Instinct¨ Ð Standard Edition, Instinct¨ Ð Tactical Edition, Instinct¨ 2, Instinct¨ 2 Camo Edition, Instinct¨ 2 d_zlª Edition, Instinct¨ 2 Solar, Instinct¨ 2 Solar Surf Edition, Instinct¨ 2 Solar Tactical Edition, Instinct¨ 2 Surf Edition, Instinct¨ 2S, Instinct¨ 2S Camo Edition, Instinct¨ 2S Solar, Instinct¨ 2S Solar Surf Edition, Instinct¨ 2S Surf Edition, Instinct¨ 2X Solar, Instinct¨ 2X Solar - Tactical Edition, Instinct¨ Crossover - Standard, Instinct¨ Crossover Solar, Instinct¨ Crossover Solar - Tactical Edition, Instinct¨ Solar Ð Camo Edition, Instinct¨ Solar Ð Standard Edition, Instinct¨ Solar Ð Surf Edition, Instinct¨ Solar Ð Tactical Edition

  • Legacy Hero - Captain Marvel, Legacy Hero - Darth Vader, Legacy Hero - First Avenger, Legacy Hero - Rey

  • MARQ¨ Adventurer, MARQ¨ Adventurer (Gen 2), MARQ¨ Athlete, MARQ¨ Athlete (Gen 2), MARQ¨ Aviator, MARQ¨ Aviator (Gen 2), MARQ¨ Captain, MARQ¨ Captain: American Magic, MARQ¨ Captain (Gen 2), MARQ¨ Driver, MARQ¨ Golfer, MARQ¨ Golfer (Gen 2)

  • Montana¨Ê700, Montana¨Ê700i

  • Oregon¨ 700, Oregon¨ 750t

  • quatix¨ 6 Titanium, quatix¨ 7 Ð Sapphire Edition, quatix¨ 7 - Standard Edition, quatix¨ 7X Ð Solar Edition

  • tactix¨ 7 - AMOLED Edition, tactix¨ 7 Ð Pro Ballistics Edition, tactix¨ 7 Ð Pro Edition, tactix¨ 7 Ð Standard Edition, tactix¨ Charlie, tactix¨ Delta - Sapphire Edition, tactix¨ Delta - Solar Edition, tactix¨ Delta - Solar Edition with Ballistics

  • Venu¨, Venu¨ 2, Venu¨ 2 Plus, Venu¨ 2S, Venu¨ 3, Venu¨ 3S, Venu Sq, Venu¨ Sq 2, Venu¨ Sq 2 Ð Music Edition, Venu Sq Music Edition

  • VIRB¨ 360, VIRB¨ Ultra 30 with Powered Mount

  • v’voactive¨ , v’voactive¨ 3, v’voactive¨ 3 Music, v’voactive¨ 4, v’voactive¨ 4S, v’voactive¨ 5, v’voactive¨ HR

  • v’vosmart¨

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