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A joy to own and ride.

Best Urban GoCycle Australia

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Smooth, convenient and efficient; GoCycle electric bikes are the way of the future, and owning one will change your daily life!

GoCycle focus all their attention on ride quality, always striving to improving and upgrading in order to provide you with the best electric bike experience.

GoCycle eBikes are incredibly reliable and easy to ride during different occasions; whether it be for commuting, city riding or weekend cruising.

Foldable, portable and lightweight. These electric motor bikes can easily be folded into a compact package, making them perfect for transit and storage in tight city living spaces, campervans or boats.

The light chassis makes it easy to lift and manoeuvre. The smooth curves of the bike frame are comfortable to hold and the centralised weight reduces strain.

These GoCycle folding bikes can easily match up to any of the non-folding commuter bikes when it comes to power, range and handling.

Every feature integrated into these motorised bikes are designed to Fit You. By incorporating an automotive-inspired adjustable driving position you get the most comfortable upright riding position while the smooth and powerful motor offer easy handling, and the a large battery provide plenty of range.

Lightweight and stowable, no other electric bike has the versatile dynamics of Gocycle.

Now let’s have a look at some of our favourite rides!

Gocycle G4 Folding e-Bike. This bicycle is a top-of-the-class electric folding bike with a beautiful design, easy handling and amazing riding quality. It is powered by a brand-new G4drive motor that offers excellent pedal assistance, smooth acceleration and runs super quiet! The G4drive gives you more torque and low-speed acceleration capability.

You get all this and more in one compact package.

The G4’s easy handling is further enhanced with a new lighter carbon fibre mid-frame that forms the G4’s monocoque chassis. This solid frame gives you a sturdier bicycle body and has the important job of connecting the hydroformed aluminium front frame and Gocycle’s unique magnesium Cleandrive.

The G4 bicycle also features new MotoGP-inspired treaded tyres with silica compound for a smoother riding experience and better surface grip. They have a wider construction and higher air volume which ensures a comfortable ride across various surfaces.

Seamlessly integrated into the bike frame is a large (and removable) lithium-ion battery that allows you to travel up to 65 km per single charge, and once out of power, it can be quickly re-charged within 3.5 hours, so you can hit the road again in no time.

Another great option from our collection is the Gocycle GX Folding Electric Bike. The GX features Gocycle’s world speed record-holding PitstopWheels. Six bolts fasten the wheels to the hubs like a car for a faster fold than the GS and G3 models, making the GX foldable in less than 10 seconds and the fastest-folding model in the Gocycle range, and probably the fastest folding mechanism on an eBike today!

It is the ideal companion for taking onto the bus, train or into your office on your daily commute.

Lightweight by design, these award-winning electric two-wheel bicycles perfectly combine instant acceleration, portability and style for a no-effort, no-emission, low-cost commute.

GoCycle’s mission is to create the world’s best urban electric bikes.

These Bikes are bound to meet your everyday needs and are exactly what you’d expect from a company founded by a former McLaren cars engineer.

At Crooze you can also find a wide range of GoCycle accessories to make your ride even more adaptable. Check out the convenient GoCycle Travel Case designed to store, transport and protect your bicycle when travelling or not in use. The Gocycle Light Kit is perfect for late-night commuters. The LED lights are connected to and powered by your internal eBike battery, lighting up both your front and rear lights.

For convenient transport of gear, essentials or carrying groceries, get the GoCycle Front Pannier. This bicycle bag can carry up to 24 litres and comes with rear and side pockets to suit any occasion. In addition, the internal support structure ensures that it stays safe and securely attachment to your eBike as well as handle stability when fully loaded.

Front and rear mudguards are available to protect you against water when riding in the rain, and their beautiful yet minimalistic design makes them seamlessly fit your Go Cycle.

So, if you are looking for the best electric bikes in Australia, Crooze it’s the place for you to find your perfect one!

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We also provide a bike repair service in our Gold Coast Workshop to make sure you are having the best and safest experience with your new baby.

Not sure what electric bike to get? Have a look at our Electric Bike Buying Guide to help you understand and decide what eBike is best for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth buying a GoCycle?

Absolutely! These bicycles are considered to be one of the best electric folding bikes on the market with its beautiful design, easy handling and amazing riding quality. They offer excellent pedal-assistance, on-demand power and run super quiet!

How fast is GoCycle?

All electric road bikes in Australia are capped at a speed limit of 25km/h.

Who designed the GoCycle?

The company was founded by Richard Thorpe. He is a design engineer with over 25 years of experience. He has worked at high prestigious motor companies like McLaren Cars, Ferrari and Bentley.

How much does a GoCycle cost?

Price varies depending on the model but generally costs between $7,000 to $4,999.

Where are GoCycle bikes made?

They are designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom.