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OneWheel Electric Skateboards

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Onewheel, more than an electric skateboard, a way of life!

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It looks like a sci-fi movie or something crazy that just came from the future or another dimension, but it’s real! Onewheel is the coolest transportation you could ever experience.

Onewheel is a self-balancing and remote-less electric board that will make you call any daily journey an adventure! No matter if you are going to school or work, your commute will be so awesome.

With two different versions and lots of customisation possibilities, you can go anywhere in style. The Onewheel+ XR is for shredding. It allows you to go further and faster. With a top speed of 30kph and a maximum range of 29km, no one will stop you. XR has bigger footpads, and a wider stance.

The Pint e-board is big in fun but small in size.

But, if you are looking for something more affordable and smaller for your everyday ride adventures and journeys, the Onewheel Pint e-board is for fun! It can still go up to 26kph but its maximum range is 13km, way less than XR can reach. It has smaller footpads and a narrower stance. If you want to take it on the bus or anywhere else, the Pint e-board has an integrated Mag Handle that makes it even easier to carry.

OneWheel Pint size allows you to store it under your desk, seat it next to you on public transport, or while you’re having a coffee at your favourite Cafe. However, there are no bad decisions when choosing between XR or Pint e-board, you just need to find out which one fits your lifestyle better.

New to our collection! OneWheel Pint X and OneWheel GT

Pint X is an upgraded version of the Pint. It is powerful, compact and here to take on any adventure you through at it. Double the range, double the fun. The Pint X comes with a durable battery that can reach up to 29 kilometres per single charge. That is 2 times more range than the previous version.

This means you can go wherever you want without worrying about running out of power. The Pint X is also faster than its predecessor, which will make a huge difference on longer trips. The mini rocket comes with a powerful 750W Hypercore motor, providing you with a top speed of 29 km/h. With this additional torque and power, you are capable of facing uphills without a problem, experiencing instant acceleration out of turns, and cutting time off longer trips. Providing you with that extra power to get where you need to go fast.

OneWheel GT is the next best thing that everyone is talking about, and this is not without a reason. GT is considered to be the most cutting-edge Onewheel ever. You get more range, more power and more control. OneWheel has completely re-developed its control system so that you have the delight of experiencing higher torque, power and dynamic performance.

The battery is also enhanced, including a built-in state of the art 21700 battery that offers up to 52km range, so that you can go further than ever before. The new GT has also taken off-road riding to the next level with its treaded One Wheel Skateboard Specific Trail Slayer tire. Meaning this power jet can have no problem handling rowdier off-road terrains.

  OneWheel Pint e-Board

Want to know more about OneWheel?

Never ride something like that before? No worries! OneWheel e-board features an integrated light-bar into the front footpad for sense pad simple stop dismount technology, ride alerts, and battery monitoring that will make you learn quickly and feel confident. It also makes your board look so sick! You can also check our OneWheel Buying Guide and learn a little bit more about the boards while deciding. 

Not good enough? So download the Onewheel app and connect your smartphone device to your board to monitor and customise your riding experience. You will be able to toggle your LED lights for night cruising, check your battery status, and track riding data.

Why don’t you make it even more yours? Crooze sells a big range of colourful Onewheel bumpers, rail guards, handles, footpads, and fenders so you can mix and match to customise your board to your own taste. Easily swap out your black OneWheel XR bumpers to a warm green or a stand-out red in order to make the e-board an original like you. 

You can also find different types of chargers in our product range like the Onewheel car charger for XR, OneWheel Pint car charger, Hypercharger or Pint Home charger

Would you like another piece of advice? Play safe! Don’t forget to buy your safety gear to make sure you are riding safe and sound. We recommend you get a good helmet, knees, and elbows guards. It’s also recommended to check your state rules and restrictions before riding your e-board.

Crooze is one of the biggest Onewheel Australian retailers and we dispatch your e-board within 24 hours from our Gold Coast Showroom, so you can get riding in no time at all. Buy from a local, with secure and super-fast shipping and avoid paying expensive GST bills from other retailers.

If you buy at Crooze, you also get Australia-wide FREE shipping and great payment options. Buy now, have heaps of fun, and pay later with Afterpay or Zip Pay.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Onewheels legal in Australia?

Onewheels are only legal in Queensland and ACT on footpaths and bike lanes, however, you cannot ride over 25kph, unless you are riding on private property. It's only allowed for people over 16+ or over 12 if supervised by an adult. You are not allowed to use your mobile device, nor drink and ride. Remember to wear a helmet, lights during the night, keep to the left and give away to pedestrians. If not complying with all the rules, you can be fined a minimum of $133.

How much weight can a Onewheel hold?

Onewheel suggests a rider maximum weight of 114kg on Onewheel Pint e-board and a limit of 125Kg on Onewheel+XR. Lighter riders can also have better range performance.

Can you wash a Onewheel?

Onewheel recommends their riders keep their board sparkly clean by using a dry scrub brush to clean the footpads and tire and a damp cloth to wipe down the rails. It’s better not to wash with water, since it’s not waterproof, only water-resistant.

Is it hard to ride a Onewheel?

Riding a Onewheel looks a little bit tricky, but it's not really hard to ride it. You don't need any previous experience to do so, because Onewheel offers a self-balancing system full of sensors. Onewheel is remoteless, so all you need to do is put a bit of pressure on the front foot so you can start riding it. To turn, you just need to rotate your waist in the right direction. To slow it down, you need to lead back a little bit. If you visit the Crooze store in Gold Coast you can try a demo one for free and see how you feel about it.

Can Onewheel Pint go off-road?

Yes, you can take your Onewheel pint off-road to sand, gravel, grass, or dirt. Just be aware your Onewheel is water-resistant but not waterproof, so it would be better to avoid getting it wet.

When will OneWheel GT be available in Australia?

The new GT electric skateboard is set to arrive in Australia at the end of June this year!

When will OneWheel Pint X be available in Australia?

The new Pint X one wheel skateboard is now available in our store!

What's the difference between Onewheel+ XR and Onewheel+ GT?

The GT is said to be OneWheel’s most advanced skateboard ever. The GT, has an upgraded and completely new control system to the XR. Resulting in a motorised skateboard that offers more power, more range and better control than any other one wheel - including the XR. 

The GT can reach a top speed of 32 km/h and ride for up to 52 km before needing to charge. The XR’s top speed is close behind with 30km/h and a distance range of up to 29km - which is very impressive for an electric hoverboard.

Like the other one wheels, the GT comes with front and rear smart LED lights that adjust direction when you do so that you can ride at any time of the day. However, GT offers 300% more lumens than XR and comes with new Highbeams for better visibility.

What's the difference between Onewheel Pint and Onehweel Pint X?

The biggest difference between Pint X and Pint is their speed and range capabilities. Pint X has x2 more range than Pint - Pint’s can reach a range of up to 13km per charge while Pint X can ride for up to 29km. The X also rides faster, with a top speed of 29km/h to Pint’s 25km/h.