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OneWheel Buying Guide

OneWheel Buying Guide

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How does a OneWheel skateboard work and how hard is it to ride a OneWheel?

The new revolution of skateboarding. When looking at a one wheel skateboard it looks cool but a bit alien, and most might wonder how in the world someone is able to ride them? And how do these new skateboards even work?

A OneWheel skateboard is a self-balancing skateboard powered by an electric motor. Basically, an electric skateboard only with one wheel. Contrary to an electric unicycle, the rider's body and feet are typically slant at a horizontal angle to the direction one is travelling and the wheels.

onewheel buying guide

The popularity of these one wheel hoverboards have skyrocketed in recent years. It was first invented in 2014 by CEO and founder of Future Motion Inc., Kyle Doerksen. The first-ever OneWheel was launched in 2015, followed by the OneWheel+ in 2017, the OneWheel+ XR in 2018 and the OneWheel Pint in 2019.

So, how does it work? How is anyone able to balance on this electric longboard? The OneWheel has built-in motion sensors that make it easy to power up the skateboard and get going. Simply, step on the skateboard deck, lean forward and allow the e-board to take control. The more pressure you put forward, the more power the board generates, and the faster you go. Very similar working mechanism to a Mini Segway, but again, your body is facing another direction on the OneWheel.

By combining the sensor technology with the thick Vega tire and the correct voltage, the electric skateboard will offer you incredible stabilisation ability and confidence when riding in any terrain. It might feel strange in the beginning but riders quickly get a hang of it. When asking customers what they think about the unique OneWheel skateboard, they say it is a great mix between a personal transportation tool and a fun toy.

One customer said, “Feels like freedom coupled with the excitement of speed”.

And another one emphasised the fun time “Riding this amazing toy is so much fun. Takes a little practice, but you’ll find it hard to get off and put it away once you’re up and riding!”

In a performance review done by Tech Gear Lab, the single wheel skateboard ranked well when compared to other electric skateboards.

Today, OneWheel has two different types of single wheel e-skateboards available - the OneWheel+ Pint and the OneWheel XR. The Pint is designed to offer users that extra excitement when riding, while the XR is specially built for shredding. The XR is a fair bit more expensive but that is because it is more - more powerful, bigger in size and made for tougher riding terrains.

OneWheel Pint

This motorized skateboard is lighter, smaller and more portable than any other OneWheel.  At just 69cm and 10.4kg, the OneWheel Pint has no trouble transporting you to work, university or just cruising along the streets. This pint-sized skateboard comes with an outfitted Maghandle, so you can easily carry it with you wherever you go.

Onewheel Pint

The cruiser board is a perfect beginner skateboard to introduce you to the one-wheel. With its Simplestop dismount technology, riders can learn to ride this fun machine in no time. Simple lean forward for instant acceleration and ease up for braking. The pint-size comes with a 750W hub motor and NMC battery, making it possible to travel a distance of up to 13km and a top speed of 25km/h.

This e-board is nothing like you have experienced before. If you are looking for your first one wheel skateboard, some added excitement and a fun commuter companion, this is the skateboard for you.

OneWheel+ XR

The OneWheel+ XR is the new and improved version of its predecessors. It has more speed, more distance range and more digital custom shaping settings. This beast comes with a powerful brushless 750W Hypercore hub motor and an NMC battery, which makes the e-board able to go a distance of up to 29km, easily climb steep hills and reach a top speed of 30km/h.

This electric hoverboard also comes with hypercharge ability, making it possible to fully charge your e-board within an hour. The stand-deck is wider for better grip and balance, and the tire profile is squarer and bigger making it the ultimate carving machine and incredible for high-speed riding. It also has integrated footpad sensors to communicate effortlessly with the e-skateboard.

Unlike the Pint, the XR comes with a remote, offering 6 shaping presets and the ability for custom shaping. This makes it possible for you to shape your motorised skateboard to suit your riding style.

What are Digital Shaping Modes?

By connecting your smartphone with the OneWheel app, you are able to customise your electric skateboard’s riding quality and feel using the Digital Shaping function. With this innovative feature, riders can change the board’s top speed, steering and responsiveness to best suit their skill level and riding conditions.

Onewheel Pint and + XR both display a number of options for pre-set Digital Shaping settings. Onewheel+ XR additionally has a Custom Shaping setting, offering riders the ability to adjust sliders controlling Carvability, Aggressiveness and Stance Profile to customise their own Shaping setting. The Digital Shaping settings for Onewheel Pint are Pacific, Skyline, Redwood and Elevated.While Onewheel+ XR includes Delirium, Mission, Cruz, Elevated, Delirium, Sequoia and Custom Shaping.

Onewheel App


Make it yours - Added features

In addition to the cutting edge technology, the OneWheels are now able to swap out, change or upgrade its features. OneWheel has designed the e-boards so that you can customise almost every aspect of it to best suit your style. Change the colour of your bumper, fender, rail guards, maghandle or plugs to any colour you like. You can stand out with blazing red or camouflage with nature with the dark olive colours.

Onewheel Customized

Both skateboard models come with a broad range of additional elements that riders can purchase to customise their board to their liking.

Easily swap out your damaged or new bumper impact absorbers. The bumper is important to enhance the board’s durability and strength as the device is made from polyethylene and will protect your e-board from major damages. Along with the OneWheel Fenders which are easily attached to the skateboard deck, it will prepare you and the skateboard for any riding condition. Or change out the whole foot deck with OneWheel’s XR Surestance Footpad Set or OnWheel Pint Footpad Set. It is an awesome way to style your skateboard and keep it cool.

How to maintain the hoverboard?

In order to keep your electric skateboard in top shape, it is recommended to regularly clean the skateboard by using a dry scrub brush on the foot-deck and tire, and a damp cloth to wipe down the skateboard rails. As this device is not waterproof only water-resistant, it is not advised to subject the e-board to water.

The One Wheel is definitely a joyride. With its unique finish and riding form, the single wheel electric skateboard is nothing like you have ever experienced before. Freedom and fun mixed with speed and adrenaline. Everything you want in a skateboard!

If this got you excited to try it out, check out the OneWheel skateboards.


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