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Tern eBikes

Tern eBikes

Conquer hills and headwindÑwithout breaking a sweat.

Tern - the ultimate cargo e-bike

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Tern is here to defy your expectations of what an electric bike can do. These e-bikes are easy to handle, and incredibly comfortable - all this in a compact, stylish bicycle.

Whatever type of bicycle experience you are after, you are bound to find it at Crooze. 

We offer a broad collection of Tern electric bikes and accessories that are made to fit all types of riders - whether it be for trekking, commuting or cruising along. 

We at super excited to help you find the perfect eBike for you! An electric bike is a great tool to get around, run errands or take on overnight trips. Tern also gets the benefit of being able to carry heavy loads, whether it be essentials for work, grocery bags or overnight gear for camping.

Not only that but it is super easy to maneuver so you can fly through traffic and arrive at your destination feeling excited - not exhausted! 

Choose between a range of different cargo bikes

They are designed to fit all types of riders. With a Tern bike, there are no limits, you can go wherever you want!

The newest to our store is Tern GSD S10 LX Cargo Line. These bicycles have the most eye-catching colour of all the Tern bicycles with their bright blue or yellow frame. And the machine is here to replace your car with its 200kg maximum carrying weight.

This means you can carry a whole lot of weight - so give your partner a lift to work or enjoy the ride with your two children as passengers. Even with the strength of the Hulk, it does not affect the agility of the bicycle capabilities - it has the same length and stability as a standard bike. 

The GSD Cargo

This model has a top of the class Bosch Cargo Line motor that can generate up to 85 Nm of torque, offering riders 400% pedalling support for hilly roads and providing you with a natural, smooth riding feel. Combining that with its Bosch dual battery system and you can ride all day long! 

tern GSD cargo bike

Another amazing option is one of the Tern HSD eBikes. Choose between a Tern HSD S+, HSD P9 or an HSD S8i eBike. These motorised bikes are powerful but smaller. They are designed to be super easy to handle, incredibly comfortable to ride and, like all Tern electric motor bikes, capable of carrying a fair bit of weight - all this in a smaller size than a regular bike. 

The HSDhas a convenient step-through frame for easy mountain and dismounting, a suspension fork for smooth rolling even on uneven surfaces and automatic shifting so you can simply enjoy the ride. 

In addition, the HSD eBike series comes with a flat fold mechanism that makes it possible for you to transform your electric bicycle into a flat package in mere seconds. That way you can fit it in a station wagon, SUV or a bus’ storage compartment.

Even though it has a compact size, the HSD is still a mid-sized cargo cycle that is able to carry some heavy loads. With a maximum gross weight capacity of 170kg and a large rear rack, this beast can carry up to a week’s worth of groceries and a weekend’s worth of camping gear. It even comes with a dedicated trailer mount, so adding extra cargo is not a problem.

Did you know that you can park the HSD vertically? This is true. The HSD flips up for convenient vertical parking. That way you can bring it inside your apartment or workplace — it only needs a wee bit of floor space.

Vektron S10 Performance Folding

If you are looking for a fully folding eBike for your tiny apartment or to go on trains, in cars or in tight storage spaces, then the Tern Vektron S10 Performance Folding e-bike is what you need! In test after test, the Vektron has been picked as the best folding electric bike on the market.

It comes with a powerful Bosch Performance motor, 440Wh battery and an improved frame that is compatible with a wide range of accessories that will carry all your equipment and essentials. The frame is built stiff and steady for a stable riding feel, even when the bicycle is fully loaded. The Tern folding bike is perfect for commuting as it flattens hills and shortens the distance to wherever you need to go. 

Once you have chosen the best electric bike for you, you need some gear to go with it. We recommend pairing your GSD bicycle with a Tern GSD Cargo Hold Pannier. These bags can hold more than 100 litres, perfect for carrying weekly groceries, camping gear and your children's sporting gear or musical instruments. You can carry all this while your child sits in the back.

Speaking of sharing the ride with your kid. With Tern Captains Chair, you can now let your child or partner ride in the back. It is compatible with both GSD and HSD bikes. To make it even more comfortable for your backseat passenger, pair it with the Sidekick Joyride Bars.

We also have front racks and baskets for even more storage space on the bicycle. Check out the Tern Hauler Bike Rack, Terna Kanga Front Rack and Tern Market Bike Basket

Tern Quick Haul E-bike

Tern is definitely your go-to bicycle for trekking or cargo riding. They perfectly combine power, range, comfort and usability into one bicycle. Built for getting around easily and efficiently.

Whatever style of electric bike you are after, we at Crooze are here to help! We offer a wide range of Tern bikes that are bound to meet all your expectations. Shop online or visit our Gold Coast store - our team is happy to help you out! 

We offer flexible payment with Afterpay, and FREE shipping Australia wide on orders over $99. So what are you waiting for? Buy a Tern e-bike and get on the road today! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tern a good bike?

These electric bikes are made with high-quality components and lightweight yet strong materials. They are perfect for long-distance rides or daily commuting. They are known for their heavy loading capacity, where some models can carry up to 200kg. Making it possible for riders to transport two children plus groceries, or carry your partner or heavy camping gear. Even with all this weight the motorised bike still offers riders stable steering and easy maneuvering on the road.

Where are Tern bikes made?

The company is based in Taiwan but also has offices in the UK, China, US and Finland. They are selling their products to over 60 countries. 

How much is a Tern bike?

The price ranges from $5,400 to $8,500.

What is the best Tern electric bike?

Our best seller is Tern HSD S+. This bicycle is mighty but mini. Even though it is more compact, this bike can carry some serious weight. With a powerful Bosch motor, Bosch battery pack and XL-sized Atlas rear rack this cargo bike can carry up to 170kg without a problem or affecting its riding stability. 

What is the cheapest Tern e-bike?

How much does a Tern bicycle weight?

This varies depending on the model, but it can weigh from 22kg to 34kg. 

How long can you go on a Tern electric bicycle?

This depends on the mode, but their range is between 42km to 118km. 

The HSD S+ eBike has the longest range per charge.

However, with the Tern GSD S10 LX Cargo Line, you can add a Bosch Dual Battery System (sold separately) for an extra 102-206km.