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Justin Barcia becomes the first rider in 25 years to win 3 consecutive season openers - using Troy Lee Designs - TLDMOTO

Troy Lee Designs

A love for riding and racing that shows

TLD designs the gear that some of the best motocross athletes wear. Not only that, they have a big presence in the biking and motocross world through sponsorships and other community driven programs. Proof of that is Justin Barcia, who became the first rider in 25 years to win 3 consecutive Supercross season openers. Troy Lee Designs is proud of that partnership!

Troy Lee Designs has a range of youth cycling helmets and other gear.

Troy Lee Designs

Protective Gear for all ages

The new generation of bike athletes can rest assured: TLD has a range of protective gear for kids, including bike helmets designed specifically for them. Troy Lee started as a teenager, and he understands that safety is important when riding your bike – especially adventure riding like Motocross, Enduro, Free Style and Mountain Biking. For that reason, Troy Lee Designs is always improving the technology behind their products.

Troy Lee has the respect of the best mountain bikers in the world.

Troy Lee Designs

It all started with bike helmet art

If you're a fan of MTB or Motocross, sure you heard of Troy Lee Designs. TLD is one of the best brands for bike and moto protective gear – and why not say, the most stylish. As the name suggests, Troy Lee started as an artist that painted on many things, but most importantly, bike helmets. Today he's the legend behind many of the most advanced cycling helmets in the world.

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