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Secure your ride with OnGuard, the Ultimate in bicycle protection! 

Known for its robust, innovative bike locks, On Guard offers a variety of models to suit any small mobile vehicle needs. From the weather-resistant U-locks that safeguard against severe conditions to flexible cable locks that provide convenience and security, OnGuardLock has your bike, scooter, skateboard, just about anything covered. 

Each lock features OnGuard's cutting-edge technology and pick-proof locking mechanisms, ensuring your ride stays where you left it.

Choose OnGuard for unbeatable security and peace of mind, available now at Crooze.

Lock Types to suit your every need

Cable Lock

On Guard Cable Locks offer flexibility and portability, making them a convenient choice for low-risk areas. These locks are easy to handle and wrap around bike frames and racks effortlessly, providing a basic deterrent against theft. They're ideal for quick stops during errands or in scenarios where you can keep an eye on your bike.

Chain Lock

OnGuard Chain Locks are designed for high-security needs, featuring robust, hardened steel chains covered with a protective nylon sleeve to prevent scratching your bike’s paint. These locks withstand attempts at cutting and leverage attacks, making them suitable for high-risk areas and longer lock-up durations.

Keyed Lock

Key Locks by On Guard use precision locking mechanisms with advanced key designs to enhance security. The keys are difficult to replicate, and the locks feature pick and drill-resistant cylinders, providing reliable security for your bike against various theft methods.

Combination (Combo) Lock

OnGuard’s Combination Locks eliminate the need for keys, which is a convenience for riders who prefer not to carry more accessories. These locks feature resettable combinations for easy keyless entry, making them practical for frequent use with the added benefit of not worrying about lost keys.

Folding Lock

OnGuard Folding Locks offer a compact and easily transportable solution while providing solid protection. These locks fold down to a manageable size, making them easy to carry when not in use, and deploy to provide a secure barrier against theft, combining portability with security.


OnGuard U-Locks provide maximum security through their sturdy, shackle design that resists cutting, prying, and jacking. Perfect for high-risk areas, these locks are made from hardened steel and often feature a double locking mechanism, ensuring that both sides of the shackle need to be cut to break the lock. Some of these locks even feature an alarm setting for audible deterrent as well.