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Thule Bike Child Seats


If you are looking to share your riding experience with the little ones

Thule has made this possible with its broad range of options - from child bike seats to bike trailers and strollers.

The Thule child seats come in different sizes and are made for both small children and bigger children.

If your kid is just over 9 months old, the Thule Yepp Nexxt Mini is what we would recommend you to use. This one comes in two versions, either as a rear-mounted or front-mounted child bike seat. It uses a magnetic child safety buckle which offers a comfortable and secure fit for your child.

If your child is a bit older, then the Thule Yepp Nexxt Maxi would be an excellent choice. 

Thule Trailers


For the longer rides, a bike trailer for kids would be more comfortable for your child.

Offering excellent protection against any weather conditions you might encounter. The Thule Chariot Sport is a highly recommended bicycle stroller as it comes with a climate control cockpit offering sunshades and removable windows.

In addition, the amazing bonus with the Thule strollers is that you can not only use it to attach it to your bicycle but you can now convert it into a high-performing jogging buggy with the Thule Chariot Jogging Kit. Giving you perfect flexibility for your fitness routine. Compatible with Thule Chariot Cross, Sport, Lite, and Cab.

Thule also offers a protective rain cover for your bicycle trailer. Quick and simple to attach, and provides maximum weather protection for your child. Making it possible to ride in any weather conditions!

Thule Bike Car Racks


If you are looking to explore the far-away trails

and need a simple, convenient way of transporting your bike(s) you have come to the right place. We will supply you with the best bike racks for cars. Whether you need a car bike carrier for your SUV, a hatch hitch mount bike rack or a tow bar bike rack. Having a bike rack for your car will make your life so much easier. It gives you the freedom to explore all the different trails and treks available to you. Also, it opens up the possibility of sharing the adventure with others as platforms can carry not just one, but two, three, and even four bikes in one go.

Thule bike racks are specially made for transporting heavier electric and/or mountain bikes. It has a high load capacity, extra long wheel trays (up to 1300 mm wheelbase), and a large distance between each wheel holder. Making it the most convenient option for mounting sturdy, all-wheel size bikes. Thule offers a wide range of tow ball car bike racks such as Thule VeloSpace XT and Thule VeloCompact. These car bike holders are quick to install and can carry up to two and three eBikes. Thule racks are super easy to move about with their folded-up capability, and the platform comes with adjustable buckles and long straps making it easy to fasten your wheels. It also ensures that you can smoothly access the trunk even with bikes mounted, thanks to the smart foot pedal tilt.

Thule Bike Car Racks


We want to make mounting your bicycle as easy as possible with no heavy lifting.

Therefore, check out the Thule Foldable Loading Ramp for a simple way to load your heavy mountain or electric bike onto your platform without hurting your back. All you need to do is roll it up onto the holder. The loading ramp can also be stored within the bike carrier making it convenient to access.

If you don’t have the possibility of mounting the rack to the rear of your car, then the Thule FastRide or Thule ProRide bike roof racks are perfect for you. Sleek and versatile mounted bike rack that offers convenient and secure transport for bikes. Or if you are looking for something smaller and lighter, the Thule dual-arm tow bar carriers are for you. They are one of the easiest and quickest bicycle holders to install on your car. Super solid, secure, and reliable. Which is exactly what you are looking for in a car bike holder.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which car bike rack would fit my vehicle?

This depends on what type of car you drive. If your vehicle bears a tow ball at the rear you can pick any bike holder you want. If you don’t have a tow ball, the best option would be a hitch mount bicycle holder or a trunk carrier.

What is the best Thule bike rack for my car?

This depends on what type of car you have, how many bicycles you want to carry - 1, 2, 3 or 4 - and what your preference is. Do you want it to be lightweight or compact? Do you want a bike roof rack, a hitch-mount or a tow bar carrier? If a towbar hold is what you prefer, the best choice would be the Thule EasyFold XT tow bar bike rack. For a smaller, more compact option, we suggest you try the Thule Xpress dual-arm bike carrier. For vehicles without a towball, we recommend our best-sellers Thule T2 Pro XTR hitch bike racks or Fast Ride Thule Roof racks.

What is the best Thule child bike seat?

Our top recommended bicycle child seats are either the rear-mounted Thule Yepp Nexxt Maxi or the front-mounted Thule Yepp Mini, depending on the age and size of your child

What is the best Thule bike trailer?

The Thule Chariot Trailer range is the most popular amongst our customers. It is an excellent all-around child carrier. You can attach it to your bike or push it along on your runs. It is super comfortable with a reclining seat, padded seats and ventilation. It offers easy and quick conversion between activities.

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