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Schwalbe Bike Tubes

100% recyclable. 100% quality tubes.

Schwalbe ─ high-performing bike tyres and tube for all rides

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Need a new bike tyre for your ride, or do you wish to upgrade your old ones to a better quality tyre? Or maybe you are looking for a spare tyre in case you puncture it or a spare bike tube? Then you have come to the right place! At Crooze you can find a wide range of Schwalbe bike tyres and tubes, whether it be for your standard bike, electric bike, mountain bike or commuter bike!

Schwalbe is known worldwide for offering top-class bike tyres and tubes made using advanced raw materials for the world’s best quality.

Durable and Resilient Tyres

One of our best seller is the Schwalbe Rapid Rob Active Line Bicycle Tyres. These are top-choice cross-country trail tyres with outstanding tread construction for excellent surface grip and K-Guard puncture protection so you can ride with confidence. The unique XC tread makes the tyres super lightweight, offering little rolling resistance so you can ride smoother.

Available for both 26” and 27.5” wheels.

Another high-performing tyre is the Schwalbe Smart Sam Addix Performance Line Tyres. These Schwalbe MTB tyres are excellent for a wide range of surfaces, both on and off-road. So if you like to switch between road and trail terrain, these are the perfect choice for you!

Schwalbe Smart Sam tyres come with an up-to-date, innovative off-road design that is unique due to its dense centre lugs. The centre lugs are made to offer comfortable rolling, reduce vibration and add a longer lifespan to your tyres. Smart Sam also features outer edge blocks that ensure safer and better grip on a wide variety of terrains.

These Schwalbe tyres come with Addix Compound. This innovation makes the tires incredibly resilient and durable, both when it comes to grip, wear and rolling resistance. The unique compound gives the tire a whole new level of performance and quality.

It is definitely a favourite amongst our customers with its excellent all-round properties!

For road bikes and commuter bikes, we recommend Schwalbe Big Ben Plus Reflective Sidewall E-50 Road Bike Tyres. These bike tires have a large volume for ultimate suspension performance, as well as reinforced sidewalls and 3mm thick GreenGuard Addix protection, making the tyres a resilient and reliable companion in the busy city and beyond. It will fit any kind of bike or electric bike.

The tyre offers low rolling resistance, excellent comfort and amazing grip on paths and roads. It also includes a reflective strip for road visibility.

Compatible with 29” wheels.

Robust and Strong Bike Tubes

The Schwalbe AV13 Inner Bike Tube, is a MTB tube with a 40mm Schrader Valve. These are super air-tight with its unique rubber mixture, meaning you keep the air in and don’t have to inflate your cycle tyre as frequently.

The Schwalbe MTB tubes have gone through extensive quality controls and each tube is examined 2x at the manufacturer to make sure that they are completely air-tight.

Another best seller is the Schwalbe AV07 Bike Inner Tube. Available both as a Schrader and Presta Valve. The AV7 bicycle tubes are constructed to hold air pressure considerably longer than other models in the same class. They stand out by the fact that each individual tube is inflated and inserted into a mould that offers incredible air retention and even, thick walls. The AV7 are stored under pressure for a whole day in order to test its air-tightness capability.

At Crooze you can find everything you need in one place. We strive to provide you with cycling tyres and tubes that will enhance your riding experience so you can focus on what really matters - the road ahead.

We are an official Schwalbe Australia retail store and our team will be more than happy to help you to find the best electric bike tyres and tubes for your needs. Whatever parts or components you are after - we at Crooze got you covered!

Shop online or stop by our store in Bundall, Gold Coast.

If you do not know how to replace or fit your new bike tube and tyre, our Gold Coast store WorkShop is more than happy to help you out. We strive to offer you the best service for your e-bike or any other bike. Bring it to our store and talk to one of our mechanics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Schwalbe tire good?

Yes! Schwalbe pride itself on making good quality and durable tyres and tubes. They are known worldwide and are often the top choice for cycling athletes. Schwalbe carefully picks advanced raw materials for their tires and tubes so you get the best quality and performance.

How long do Schwalbe bike tires last?

Normally, they last between 2000 to 5000 km. However, this varies depending on the model.

Where are Schwalbe tires from?

They are manufactured in Indonesia.

What are the best road bike tyres?

Our best seller is the Schwalbe Big Ben Plus. These tires come with high-performing features such as GreenGuard Addix protection and reinforced sidewalls, offering excellent puncture resistance, low rolling resistance and great road grip.&

What are the best mountain bike tyres?

Schwalbe Rapid Rob Active is a top choice for cross-country trail riding with its amazing tread design and K-Guard puncture protection.

What are the best bike tubes?

Our best seller is Schwalbe Tube AV13. This mountain bike tube has a 40mm Schrader Valve and is incredibly air-tight!