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Exposure Lights

Exposure Lights

No more darkness during your night adventures

Light up the road ahead with Exposure Lights

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Having the right equipment when riding will make a world of difference! 

Get a set of Exposure Lights to light up the road ahead. 

Exposure Lights are well-known in Australia and fit a wide variety of bicycles and electric bikes. They are recognised for their bright lumen, durability and effectiveness in all types of riding conditions. 

Bike lights are not only effective by lighting up the road ahead but also play an important part in increasing your visibility on the road for other vehicles and riders.

At Crooze you can find a wide range of Exposure Lights that are bound to enhance your riding experience and performance, both night and day. Whether that be for off-road mountain bike riding, road bike cycling, night cruising or commuting - at Crooze you will find a set that fits your needs! 

 Exposure Lights For Riding

See further, go further.

For off-road trail riders, you need a bike light that is powerful and strong enough to light up the edges of the trail. You get all this with Exposure Lights Maxx-D MK13 Mountain Bike Lights. This light also offers a far-reach beam and comes with Rexflec technology where the beam automatically adjusts to the terrain in front of you. So when you ride fast and hard the light will be more powerful, while when riding slower, like on uphill climbs, the light will dim. 

Maxx-D MK 13 is perfect for aggressive trail riding and technical terrain due to its strong beam, high-performing lens and Reflex Technology.

Another great Exposure MTB lights are Six Pack Mk11. These are the brightest bike lights yet produced by Exposure Lights. These have an open and deep-reaching beam for intense shredding. It comes with a high capacity battery that generates enough power to last the duration of the longest endurance rides. 

With the OMS feature, you can optimise the light’s runtime - choosing between a runtime of 2 to 36 hours. In addition, the Exposure Six Pack Mk11 features intelligent thermal management, keeping the light temperature perfectly balanced so the light is as efficient as possible - providing you with maximum output and battery capacity. 

Clearer vision

For urban commuters and road bike cyclists, the Exposure Lights Trace MK2 and TraceR light set are what you need! This front and rear bike light set is super lightweight and built with high-quality material for long-lasting. 

Perfect for daytime visibility, the Trace Mk 2 has been upgraded and now offers a 10% increase in power. Both Trace & TraceR feature various light modes and run time, and has a 360 ̊ side illumination and visibility. The light set also comes with a DayBright pulse pattern that is visible from over a kilometre away. Making this a desirable package.

If you prefer a bike helmet light, then Exposure Lights Axis Mk8 is your best choice. This bike headlight offers up to 1,250 lumens, which is more than enough beam far down the trail. In addition, the helmet light comes with a TAP technology that makes it super easy to swap light modes - simply tap the body of the light or the helmet to change lighting mode. 

Whatever riding style you enjoy there is an Exposure Bike Light for you.

We at Crooze are happy to help you find the best bike lights for your needs - whether it be for early morning or late evening commuting, long-distance road bike rides through various light conditions or off-road MTB riding. 

We got you covered! 

Crooze offers a diverse range of the best bike lights online, or stop by our Gold Coast store. We are an official Exposure Light retailer and our team will be more than happy to help you to find a bicycle light that will fit your riding situation.

We care about your safety! Grab an Exposure Light today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use Exposure Lights?

On the side of the light, there is a table that shows you the different programs and modes available to choose from. Once you know which program you wish to ride with you hold down the button at the back, until the light flashes, in order to activate the light. Then you push the button until you come to your preferred program. That’s it! Now your preferred program will be locked in and you are ready to ride.

Where are Exposure Lights made?

Exposure bike lights are designed and manufactured in the UK.

What is the best bike lights in the Exposure Lights range?

This depends on your type of riding style. For road bike riding and commuting, we recommend the Exposure Lights Trace MK2 and TraceR light set. This light has a long reach, 360 ̊ side visibility and a DayLight pattern that is visible from over a kilometre away.

Meanwhile, mountain bike riders need a bike light that is even more powerful so that it can both light up the trail ahead and the edges of the trail. The best Exposure MTB lights are Six Pack Mk11. These are the brightest cycling lights yet produced by Exposure Lights. It has an open and deep-reaching light for intense and technical trail riding. Exposure Six Pack also comes with a high capacity battery that produces enough power to last the duration of the longest endurance rides. 

How do I know when my Exposure Light is fully charged?

The LED on the headlight will flash green when you put it for charging, but it does not change when it is fully charged. 

However, it takes a little under 2.5 hours to charge it from flat to fully charge via a standard USB charger.

How do you charge an Exposure Light?

The bicycle lights come with USB ports so you can charge them with a USB cable.

What are the cheapest Exposure bike headlights?

The cheapest headlights are Exposure Lights Axis Mk8. The cheapest rear bike light is Exposure TraceR

We also offer a front and rear light set at a budget-friendly price - Trace Mk2 & TraceR Light set.