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Bike Tyres and Tubes

Browse our large range of high-quality tyres, tubes and wheels for your e-bike, e-scooter or e-board

Finding the proper bike tyre, wheels and tubes for your ride

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Explore new roads. Cycle faster and safer on any terrain with high-performing tyres, tubes, and wheels from world-leading brands. 

Finding the proper bike tyre, wheels, and tubes for your ride - whether it is a standard bicycle, electric bike, skateboard, or scooter - is incredibly important in order to optimise your riding performance and prevent flat tires. 

At Crooze you can find a wide range of world-known brands like Schwalbe, MAXXIS, Pirelli, and Evolve. Whether you are looking to explore different types of off-road trails or simply want to cruise along the road - Crooze will supply you with whatever gear you need! 

Each item comes in a wide range of sizes and models, so you are bound to find a set that fits your ride.

Finding the right tyres, tubes and wheels for you is not always easy? Don’t worry, we are here to help!


Our top brands for bicycle tubes are MAXXIS, Pirelli, and Schwalbe. These brands are known for their excellent performance, durability, and quality. 

What type of bike tube you need depends on your wheel size and bike valve type - Presta valves or Schraeder valves. 

If you are looking for a lightweight cycling tube that is perfect for everyday use or as a spare tube, the Pirelli RoadTUBE is perfect for you. The RoadTUBE takes advantage of the practicality and reliability of the butyl in a modern and advanced application that focuses on performance and lightness. Compatible with 700C wheels. 

For riders looking to tackle rougher and more aggressive downhills trails, the Maxxis Welter Weight Tubes are your best bet! These MTB tubes are designed to handle some heavy punishment. Constructed to be incredibly durable and robust.

Another excellent choice is the Pirelli Cinturato SmarTUBE. These bike inner tubes are designed for gravel, adventure, and endurance. Comes with TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) technology and a unique formulation that delivers the best performances for those who are looking for superior puncture resistance with low weight and compact size.

For a fat tyre bike like the Super73 ZG Series e-bike, we recommend using Super73 SG2/RX Inner Tube. For these types of electric bicycles, it is always handy to have a spare lying around as fat tired bikes are more prone to punctures than traditional sized bike tires. 


When finding the best tyre for your ride - it is the same as finding the best tube - you have to consider what size you need and what type of terrain/riding style you will be riding on - whether it is off-road riding, road bike riding or commuting. For off-road you want tires that can handle uneven surfaces and the demands of rocky trails. While for road riding, you want something lighter and thinner for less air resistance. 

Our bestselling off-road tires are MAXXIS Tyre Dissector. These MAXXIS MTB tyres are super versatile and was built in collaboration with Australian Downhill racer Troy Brosnan. They seek to minimise drag while also providing amazing turning control.

Another great option is the Pirelli Scorpion which are high-performing mountain bike tyres that come in different terrain categorised to best fit your riding style - whether you like to ride on soft, mixed, or hard terrain. 

The MAXXIS Tyres Re-Fuse 700 X 23C are our most popular road bike tyres. Offering incredible traction, durability, and plenty of road miles in any condition. It features Maxx Shield protection technology that helps provide a tyre that Re-Fuses to puncture. It is as bulletproof as a tire can be. 

For city riding and commuting, we recommend using a Schwalbe Big Ben Plus Reflective Sidewall E-50 Tyre. These Schwalbe tyres come with 3 mm robust GreenGuard protection and reinforced sidewalls which makes them a reliable companion in the busy city and beyond. Comes in different sizes, from 20” to 28” sizes. ECE-R75 approved, comfortable, and resilient. The perfect choice for every kind of E-Bike.

If an electric scooter is your choice of transportation, then eScooter 8.5 x 2.0 inch Solid Rubber Honeycomb Tyre is what you need! Made from solid high-quality rubber that is incredibly resistant to wear and puncture-proof. The unique honeycomb shape is designed so you don’t have to worry about needing to inflate your tire. It also offers impressive road grip and shock absorbing ability. It fits all 8.5 inch scooter wheels.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find the right bike tyre?

You find the right size for you by looking at the sidewalls of your current tires to see what size you need. There you will find two important numbers that determine your size - its diameter and width.

The most common diameters are 26”, 27.5” and 29”.
The width size is normally shown in millimetres for road bike tyres and in inches for mountain bike tyres.

Can you put any tyres on an ebike?

Yes, you can put any tyres on electric bicycles. E-bikes sold in Australia come with a speed cap of 25km/h, and therefore classified as a regular bicycle. Meaning the tires for an eBike have the same regulations and laws as a standard bicycle. In other words, you can use the same bike tyres found on any traditional bicycle on an eBike.

However, it is important to keep in mind that electric motor bikes are heavier than traditional ones. So for electric mountain bikes, it is important to take into consideration when picking tyres that you choose a pair that can handle heavier punishment. 

How long does an e-bike tyre last?

Bicycle tyres can last anywhere from 1,000km to 10,000km. This all depends on what type of surface you ride on, in what conditions you ride in, the weight of the motorised bike + rider, tyre brand and model. With such a wide variance, we recommend you regularly check your tyre for wear and tear, and replace them when appropriate.

How to avoid flat tyres on an e-bike?

Here are 5 tips:

  1. Keep your air pressure high at all times
  2. Do not ride with a worn down rubber tire 
  3. Upgrade to a new one when needed
  4. Use anti-flat material in your inner tubes
  5. For road cycles, avoid riding on the side of the road on uneven surface

Are bike tyres and tubes the same size?

When choosing a tube for your tires, your diameter measurement needs to be the same, but the width measurement does not. As bike inner tubes stretch, they normally come in a wide range of widths and sizes. ... Some tires have dimensions in millimetres, but the basic measurement structure is still the same: Diameter x Width.

How do I know my bike tube size?

You will find the size written on the sidewall of your tire. It will state both your wheel diameter and width size for which they will work. For example, 29 x 1.95-2.125", which indicates that the tube is compatible with 29-inch tires with 1.95 to 2.125 inches width.

What is the difference between Presta and Schraeder valves?

Schraeder valves are often referred to as ‘the same as on my car’. The Schraeder valves are the bulkier looking with a wider circumference top. It is often found on entry-level MTB.

On the other hand, Presta valves are much thinner than Schraeder valves, and come with a top that needs to be unscrewed before one can inflate the tube. Unlike a Schrader, the Presta does not use a check valve, meaning it instead seals entirely based on pressure in the tube or tire. Often found on high-end good quality bike wheels. Keep in mind that the Presta valves do vary in length, so if you have a deeper set of wheels, a longer valve might be needed.