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Evolve Electric Skateboards

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Easy, fun and exciting way to travel wherever you want to go.

13 years in the making, Evolve has spent its hard-earned years creating and designing the ultimate electric skateboards. The renowned brand is known for its high attention to detail when it comes to performance, innovation and quality. Their goal is to give riders the absolute driving experience.

No matter your style of riding, we at Crooze are here to help you find the perfect board for you. Whether that be for street riding, carving, commuting or off-road driving - we got you covered.

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Stylish, Strong and Smart.

Chic, strong and techy. Evolve has acquired its brand recognition for its constant push of boundaries when it comes to technology and design. If you are looking for the newest of the newest when it comes to e-skateboards, Evolve is it.

Evolve recently launched a new e-board series - the Evolve Hadean series. Most powerful and swift board ever. It offers you two types of designs, Carbon and Bamboo.

The Hadean Bamboo series is designed with a Ply-Bamboo and Ply-Fiberglass deck which is extremely durable and provides riders with smooth and easy turn capabilities. While the Hadean Carbon products come with the world's first “chassis-style” deck made from the highest carbon fibre. The electric longboard is flawlessly designed with the most advanced technology to provide the ultimate riding performance.

Then there is the Evolve Stoke series. This e-longboard is inspired by a surfboard design and comes with a swallow tail, making the board more flexible, lighter and easy to handle even through the sharpest of corners. The pocket rocket sized board is the Evolve lightest e-skateboard ever! Perfect for commuting, smooth carvings or cruising down the street.

Then there is the Evolve GTR series, another excellent option if you are looking for a versatile e-board that can do a bit of everything. The all-in-one skateboard is built to provide riders with a board that is extremely comfortable, strong and durable. The ultimate combination of a carving machine and personal transport.

Both styles of e-longboards have a stylish look - the Bamboo GTR vehicle is inspired by the 1970 classic muscle car, while the Evolve Carbon GTR design has a more sophisticated and mysterious presence.

Choosing the best e-board


Choosing the best of Evolve

Check out the new Evolve Hadean series. The most high-performance and awesome board ever. It comes in two designs, Bamboo and Carbon. 

With the Carbon model being industry-leading and the world's first “chassis-style” deck made from forged carbon fibre. This electric skateboard design cooperates flawlessly with technology to provide ultimate performance.

Or maybe you are looking for a lighter board, then the Evolve Stoke board would be it for you. The pocket rocket sized cruiser is their lightest e-board to this day. It has a surf inspired design with a swallow tail that is perfect to take to uni, work, the store around the corner, or if you just want to get out and go for a good old fashion cruise and carving - this is the board for you!

The GTR series is another excellent choice of an electric longboard. This versatile skateboard provides the ultimate authentic skate feel. It is designed with focus on exceptional comfort, quality and performance. 

Not just that, they look badass. The Carbon GTR electric longboard is a stylish, sophisticated electric board. While the Bamboo GTR cruiser looks like a classic 1970 muscle car with old-school deck craftsmanship features.

When buying a motorized skateboard, it is important to understand that there is not a thing called the “best” e-board but rather the best device suited to your needs. Whether you want a board for fun or for work; Crooze can help you! We offer a diverse range of Evolve skateboards online and in our Gold Coast store to best suit you.

Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does delivery cost?

For standard shipping, it is free delivery for all orders over $99. For orders under $99, our flat rate is $9.50. If you want your e-board straight away, our fast shipping is $15.50. Our Click & Collect - Buy online and collect your board at our Gold Coast store at no cost.

How long does it take to deliver my Evolve item?

All orders are dispatched within 24 business hours from our Gold Coast Showroom. Delivery times will vary from 2-5 business days for metro areas and 7-14 business days for rural and remote areas. With fast shipping, your order is usually delivered the next business day (Metro Areas).

Can I deliver my order outside of Australia?

No, we only deliver within Australia.

How long does an electric skateboard last?

If you look after your board with good battery maintenance you can get between 350 and 1000 charge cycles. We all ride differently but in a real world test expect your battery to last between one and three years.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I maintain my board?

We recommend that you clean your Evolve from dust and dirt after each use. Especially your bearings as these play an important part in providing you with a smooth and efficient ride. Also, if you do not maintain your bearings it might reduce the performance of your battery or lead to bearing failure. We also recommend that you frequently clean and keep an eye on your motor or belt drive - to see if there is any damage. You can easily maintain your electric longboard by using a damp or dry cloth to swipe it down. Also make sure that all nuts and screws are tight!

Can you ride an Evolve in the rain?

It is not advised to ride your board in the rain. The bearings and the electronics are the most important parts of your board, and you will want to make sure that these elements are not exposed to a lot of water. Your device is low to the ground and therefore a significant chance for water to get inside the electronics which will cause major damage. Boards that have water damage are not covered by warranty.

What is the cheapest Evolve product?

You can buy an Evolve Stoke series for $1,199 which is our cheapest Evolve board.

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