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MAXXIS Tyres and Tubes

MAXXIS Tyres and Tubes

Maxxis Tyres Australia has a wide selection of tyres and tubesÊto fit your bicycle.

Shop Maxxis Bike Tyres and Tubes for your ride

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Explore new roads with confidence. Cycle faster and safer on any terrain with high-performing tyres and tubes from Maxxis. 

We understand cyclists high demand for durable, reliant and strong tyres and tubes that will enhance your riding performance as well as withstand anything terrain you throw at it.

Finding the right tyres and tubes for your ride has never been easier!

We offer you a wide variety of the world-known brand MAXXIS, making finding the proper bike tyre and tubes for your riding style super easy. Whether it is for an electric bike, commuter cyclist, or all-mountain bike adventurers, at Crooze you will find your best fit! 

The Maxxis range comes in many different sizes and models, so you are bound to find a set that fits your ride. Maxxis tyres are well-sought after for their Reliability, Safety, Quality and Performance all wrapped up in one product, offering you peace of mind every time your tyres’ hit the road!

Maxxis Tubes

What type of bike tube you need depends on your wheel size and bike valve type - Schraeder valves or Presta valves.

For plus size or fat tyre bikes, we recommend Maxxis Tube Fat/Plus 29x2.5/3.0 Schrader SV 0.8mm. This tube is built extra big, designed to be used on off-road trails that have a mixed surface terrain. Also excellent as a spare tube, as unknown, plus-size tires are more prone to punctures than traditional sized bike tires.

For riders looking to tackle rougher and more aggressive downhills trails, the Maxxis Welter Weight 700 bike inner tube is your best bet! These MTB tubes are designed to handle some heavy punishment and built to be exceptionally durable and robust. 

Another favourite of ours is MAXXIS Tube Freeride. This off-road bike tyre tube is engineered for gravel, endurance and adventure. Comes with Maxxisshield technology and diamond knurled beads for optimised puncture resistance and this at a compact, lightweight size.

Maxxis Bike Tyres

When finding the best tyre for your ride, you need to keep in mind what size your cycle tyre is and what type of terrain/riding style you will be riding on, whether it s for off-road riding, road bike riding or commuting. For off-road you want tires that are less prone to puncture but yet can handle the heavy punishment of the trail and uneven terrain. While for road bike riding, you need tires that are more compact and lightweight for minimum air resistance.

If you are looking for lightweight road bike tyres that are perfect for training or everyday use, the Maxxis Tires Re-Fuse 700 23C is what you need. The name says it all, these tyres Re-Fuses to puncture. With its Maxx Shield protection technology, it is as bulletproof as tires can be. Re-Fuse will take you through plenty of road miles while offering incredible traction and comfort. Compatible with 700C wheels.

Maxxis Mtb Tyres

Our bestselling MTB tyre is MAXXIS Tyre Crossmark. These cross country bike tyres are highly recommended for cyclists riding in dry conditions. With its fast-rolling centre ridge and raised side knobs, these tires offer incredible grip through turns and corners at high speed. Not only does the CrossMark fly on hardpack, but they are also engineered to grab wet rocks and roots due to their perfect tyre spacing. 

Another favourite is Maxxis Tyre Dissector. These MAXXIS MTB tyres were made in collaboration with Australian downhill champion Troy Brosnan, and are super versatile; they can be used as a front, rear, or pair, all depending on your preference and trail conditions. Dissector Mountain Bike Tyres are designed to minimise drag while also providing outstanding turning control.

We want to make your riding experience as smooth and comfortable as possible. That is why at Crooze you can also find a wide range of premium bicycle tyres and tubes. Whether you are looking to explore different types of off-road trails or simply want to cruise along the road. Or maybe you are looking to replace an old, worn-out pair or got a flat tyre. We got you covered!

We have everything you need to get back on the road today! 

Shop online or drop by our store on Coast Coast. Our team is happy to help you find the best models for your bicycle!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Maxxis a good brand?

Yessss. Maxxis is known for its high-quality material and innovative construction, that strives to be durable, puncture-resistant and strong. The tyres offer outstanding grips and handling on all types of terrains.

Where are Maxxis made?

The company has manufacturing facilities all around the world, including Taiwan, China, India, Vietnam and Thailand. 

What is the best Maxxis tyres?

This depends on your riding style. For e-mountain bike riders, we recommend Maxxis MTB Tyres Crossmark 29”, while for road bike riders and commuters our favourite is Maxxis Tyre Re-Fuse. If you enjoy trekking then Maxxis Tyres Overdrive 700 is your best choice.

How do I find the right Maxxis bike tyre?

You find the right size for you by looking at the sidewalls of your current tires to see what size you need. There you will find two important numbers that determine your size - its diameter and width.

The most common diameters are 26”, 27.5” and 29”.

The width size is normally shown in millimetres for road bike tyres and in inches for mountain bike tyres.

Can you use a Maxxis bike tire on an electric bike?

You can use any tyres on electric bicycles. E-bikes sold in Australia come with a speed cap of 25km/h, and are therefore classified as a regular bicycle. Meaning the tires for an eBike have the same regulations and laws as a standard bicycle. In other words, you can use the same bicycle tyres found on any traditional bicycle on an eBike.

However, it is important to keep in mind that electric motorbikes are heavier than traditional ones. So for electric mountain bikes, it is important to take into consideration when picking tyres that you choose a pair that can handle heavier punishment. 

Are Maxxis bike inner tubes good?

Maxxis is recognised world wide for their resilent and durable tyres and tubes. Their MTB tubes are designed to withstand some heavy punishing, perfect for more aggressive mountain bike riding. 

Our favourites are Maxxis Tube Welter Weight, Maxxis Bike Tube Freeride and Maxxis Bike Tyre Tube Fat/Plus.