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Bike Grips

For increased comfort without compromising control, our range of versatile bike grips have you covered.

Bike Grips. Hold On Tight!

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You've got a bike. You love it. But something's missing.

That's right: you can't get the proper grip on your handlebars. You need some comfort, but you'll have to sacrifice your clutch control.

Or maybe not! With our range of versatile bike grips, we've got you covered. We've got grips that will keep your hands in place while giving you the softness and comfort you need to keep going strong all day long.

You Can’t Let Go Of These Grips

Looking for a lock-on grip that's durable, comfortable, and easy to install? You're in luck! We've got the DEITY Knuckleduster Lock on Bike Grip.

It features DEITY TRC rubber compound for exceptional durability, so you can rest assured that your grip will be around for many years to come. The tapered inner sleeve ensures perfect contact with the handlebar, while the single clamp design with forward-facing bolts means you'll get a tight fit every time. 

The half-waffle recessed design provides extra comfort and control without any hot spots—you won't feel like you're holding onto an ice cube when you ride!

If you're looking for a grip that provides unrivaled cushioning without compromising responsiveness, then Deity Lockjaw Bike Grips are the grips for you.

The recessed half-waffle design on the underside of the grip adds control without creating hot spots. The transitions create a friction-free feeling throughout the grip, which means your hand won't slip once it's in place. Finally, the launch Pad surface on the inner underbelly of the grip provides a smooth, grippy cushioned area for your thumb to rest on.

Deity Bike Grips

Deity Lockjaw Bike Grips: You won't believe how great they feel!

They say the best path to a happy life is to ride as often as possible.

If you're like us, you know there's no better way to make that happen than with the right grip. And the right grip is Getta Grip Lock On Grips.

These grips have the ideal balance of tackiness, durability, and cushioning to keep you in the saddle and smiling.

If you want to be the best, you have to look the part.

Let's face it: your hands are the most important part of your bike. They're what keep you on track and in control. And they deserve some love.

That's why Race has designed the Love Handle Grips with a super-tacky silicone compound that will give you that grippy feel right where you need it while keeping your hands comfortable enough for hours of riding.

Plus, these grips have channels on the palms and a diamond pattern for the fingers so that you always stay firmly planted in place—no matter how rough things get out there.

Ergon GA3 Lock On Grips are the perfect solution for riders who want to enjoy their ride and keep their hands comfortable.

The Ergon GA3 Lock On Grips have a soft grip that gets even softer over time, making them incredibly comfortable. They also have a two-size design so that you can choose the grip that's right for you, whether you want to feel more in control or just want your hands to be as relaxed as possible.

The ergonomically optimized shape of these grips is designed specifically for the human hand, so it will feel like an extension of your arm when you're riding—not like an awkward piece of equipment. And the textures on the grips are adapted to match your grip zones in order to provide maximum comfort and safety during your ride.

The Ergon GE1 EVO Grips are a pair of grips that have been designed to be used by cyclists. They are ergonomic, which means they are shaped to fit the hand and wrist, giving you a more comfortable experience when riding your bike. The precision of these grips is also outstanding; they will not slip when you are trying to make a turn or go up a hill.

The maximum grip provided by these grips will reduce the risk of arm pump or numbness in your hands while riding. You will be able to maintain control over your bike at all times because of this feature. The optimal pressure distribution ensures that there is no unnecessary pressure on any one part of your body during long rides, so you can enjoy every minute without worrying about discomfort or fatigue!

These grips are made out of carbon fiber which makes them very lightweight but still durable enough for everyday use!

Our range of grips is made with a particular material that keeps your hands comfortable while allowing you to feel the road. This makes them ideal for long rides, where you want to be able to stay focused on your surroundings without worrying about uncomfortable sensations in your hands.

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Ergon Bike Grips

Frequently Asked Questions

What do bike grips do?

Lock-on grips are made up of a rigid interior and an outer layer of rubber compound. They attach to handlebars with a locking collar, which is a metal ring-shaped clamp on one or both ends of the handlebars that is secured with an Allen bolt, locking them in place and preventing them from sliding around.

Are thin or thick grips better?

There is no correct or incorrect answer here. Many riders prefer the feel of a super-thin grip, while others prefer chunkier rubber under their mitts. Some manufacturers have begun experimenting with slightly fatter grips in order to provide more support and less arm pump.

Is it easy to change bike grips?

They're easily customisable to add a personal touch to your bike, or you may want to replace them if they become worn after extended use. The steps appear simple (slide off the old grip, slide on the new grip), but they are frequently difficult to execute.

Do grips make you stronger?

A strong grip on which to rely will help you improve your training results by increasing strength.

Are bike grips important?

Handlebar grips have a significant impact on your bike's comfort and handling. After all, they are one of only three places on the bike where your body makes contact. Your grips have an impact on your ability to steer, shift, and brake. Riding with the incorrect grips can cause hand numbness, blistering, cramping, and fatigue.

How long do bike grips last?

Bike grips can last up to a year.