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Race Face

Race Face

Kit up with the best Race Face parts. Rely on Crooze's product expertise and commitment to 100% customer satisfaction to equip you with your perfect pair of Race Face pedals.

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Our store has a wide range of high-performing Race Face pedals to fit your regular bike or electric bike.

The brand was created by a group of die-hard mountain bike enthusiasts that were determined to do things differently. After discovering their MTB gear could no longer keep up with their riding, they decided to make their own. Their equipment has been tested and perfected on the beautiful mountain trails in Vancouver for years now.

The bike pedals are created with a clipless design, making mounting and dismounting your e-bike incredibly easy. Instead of a clip-on platform, Race Face is made with pins that give riders incredible foot grip.

Finding the right equipment has never been easier. At Crooze you can find a wide variety of bike essentials like road bike pedals, MTB pedals, and more. We offer the best brands on the market, such as the Canadian brand Race Face.

Everything you need to hit the trails today and continue exploring!

A favourite amongst fellow mountain bicycle riders is the Race Face Chester Pedals. The mountain bike pedal is constructed with a slim yet durable nylon composite body, and comes with treads and 8 replaceable hexagonal traction pins (per side) for excellent foot grip and control on the bicycle.

These rock stars are made to endure the ride, with their serviceable sealed cro-mo axle rolls formed from chromoly steel. The pedal is super slim and lightweight. And to top it all off, they are very affordable!

If you are looking for even lighter clipless pedals we would recommend checking out the Race Face Atlas Pedal. These footpads are more than just a sturdy platform to handle hard landings and sailing over berms, the Atlas has for a long time now been the brand's top contender.

That is due to many beneficial features like being super lightweight, strong, slim, concave, rebuildable - made especially to get lost in the mountains. These platforms are forged from super strong 6061-T1 aluminium and offer plenty of foot width to stand on. The Atlas also comes with 20 hex-head threaded pins for amazing traction on the go.

Another excellent choice is the Race Face Aeffect Pedal. The Aeffect comes with a shorter platform size which reduces its weight, making it the perfect option for off-road trail bikes. The body is made of strong 6061 aluminium, and has a chromoly axle and bottom hex traction pins to allow you to hit the rougher mountain paths.

We at Crooze offer a diverse range of Race Face bicycle pedals both online and in our Gold Coast store to best suit your riding style. Whatever type of bike or eBike you have, we are here to help! Whether it be for all-terrain riding or road riding - Crooze got you covered!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Race Face a good brand?

The brand is created by enthusiastic mountain bike riders, who started the company because they wanted MTB riding gear that could keep up in any terrain and condition. The equipments have been tested and perfected on the hardcore mountain trails in Vancouver, and they strive to give you gear that can keep up with your riding. Compatible with both standard and electric bikes.

How to choose bicycle pedals?

First you need to decide what it will be used for. Whether it be road riding, commuting or downhill mountain biking. Then, choose if you want a clipless or flat pedal. For road biking, a clipless pedal would be good, as you ride for longer distances. While for mountain biking, a flat pedal might be better as you more likely prefer to have your feet free for any situation you might encounter - a fall or needing to stop at an obstacle. Last, you need to pick comfortable shoes that are compatible with the pedals for best riding control.

What are the best mountain biking flat pedals?

Race Face Chester and Race Face Aeffect pedals are our top recommendations for off-road mountain bike pedals. These flat platforms come with a durable nylon body, cro-mo axle rolls and hexagonal traction pins which gives riders excellent foot grip and control on the bicycle.

What should I look for in a flat bike pedal?

When it comes to performance, traction is an important feature to consider when buying flat footpads. You should also look at the weight, shape, size and how many pins they have as these elements impact your level of foot grip.

How to install Race Face pedals?

Very easy! Simply position the pedal into the crank arm hole and screw it on. To make sure it sits secure, use a wrench to tighten it.

How to remove bike pedals?

It is quite easy. Simply use a hex key or pedal wrench to unscrew the pedals from the crank arms.

How much does a Race Face bike pedal cost?

This depends on the size, weight and material of the Race Face foot platform. The price varies between $80 to $180.

What are the cheapest Race Face pedals?

The cheapest option is the Race Face Chester Pedal for $79.99.