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If anything breaks, wears out or you just want an upgrade, Shimano is here to the rescue.

This brand has every bike component you could possibly need. It offers a wide range of high performing bike parts for both the brake system and the driving system. 

Easily swap out your broken or worn bike chain with either an Ultegra 11 speed Shimano chain or a Deore 10 speed chain for precise and smooth shifting. Or upgrade your crankset to a Shimano FC-TY for a crankset that is lightweight with excellent chain line control and shifting precision. 

Crooze also offers a wide range of Shimano cassette models from Shimano Tourney, Deore, Acera to Shimano XTR. Each model is made for different terrains and speed specs - anywhere from 7 speed to 12 speed cassette. Providing you with faster and smoother shifting during high pedal force. Along with top efficiency and acceleration performance on every ride. 

We also offer high performing Shimano disc brake rotors that give you incredible stopping power. The brakes are built to handle most conditions so that you can ride with confidence down the steepest of hills. Try out the Shimano SM 6-Bolt Disc Rotor which is designed with an anti-loosen plate, making it easy and secure to install. Built with focus on strength and reliability.


If you are looking for reliable and easy shifting levers

The Shimano Altus shift/brake lever set is your best bet. These levers are compact, strong and durable. Perfect for off-road e-mountain bikes as it provides quick and simple shifting, along with responsive and instant braking performance. Giving riders incredible control of the bicycle even under the toughest of conditions.

Or for more versatile riding, try the Shimano SL M315 Rapidfire which comes with a slim main lever body, light shifting operation and wide compatibility. 

Shimano prides themselves on bringing the best to the broadest type of riders, and that is why you are certain to find a pedal that suits your riding style. If you are a commuter or city rider then the Shimano PD-ED500 would be the perfect choice for you. It is designed for frequent and easy mounting and dismounting. 

Or if you are new to the clipping in and out system and want something beginner-friendly, then we recommend trying the Shimano SPD. This pedal pair comes with a larger cleat entry and lighter spring tension, making on and off mounting of your electric bike super easier for everyone. 


New to our store

Shimano cycling shoes and eyewear. The new Shimano shoes have an SPD system that performs both on and off the bicycle, it’s the mountain bike shoes you were looking for. It works as a power transfer system providing you with extra pedal boost as well as enhancing your riding control. It gives you better pedal efficiency, stability and confidence when riding. Perfect for the rowdier off-road trails. We have both womens shoes and mens shoes - Shimano AM503 Womans MTB Shoes and Shimano AM503 MTB Shoes.

When it comes to cycling sunglasses, Shimano has outdone themselves. The eyewear combines the latest technology with style, turning them into amazing versatile riding glasses. Choose between the Shimano Equinox, Technium and Aerolite cycling sunglasses. It will widen your world with its exceptional clarity and panoramic view.


We will get you on the road again in no time!

We offer everything you need to make every ride count. No longer worry about components breaking or not being strong enough. Instead, you can focus on what really matters - the ride ahead. 

We are an official Australian Shimano retail store and our team will be more than happy to help you to find the best electric bike parts for your needs. Whatever type of electric bike parts or accessories you are after - whether it be for an electric mountain bike, road bike or city commuter bike - Crooze is here to help! 

We offer a wide range of components online or you can come visit our store in Gold Coast!

If you do not know how to replace and fit your new parts, our Gold Coast store WorkShop is more than happy to help you out. We strive to offer you the best service for your e-bikes or any other bike. Bring it to our store and talk to one of our mechanics. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a special chain for electric bike?

As the e-bikes generate more power than a standard bicycle, it puts more pressure on the crankset and chain. Meaning, the components need to be strong and durable. Therefore we do recommend choosing a bicycle chain that is made for eBikes or tougher conditions. 

Like the Shimano Tourney CN-HG40 Chain 6/7/8 Speed or Shimano Steps CN-HG71 Chain 6/7/8-Speed.

What is the best Shimano bike chain for electric mountain bike?

The Shimano Ultegra/Deore XT CN-HG701 with Quick Link Sil-Tec is a durable 11-speed chain that is perfect for off-road MTB riders. With Quick Link Sil technology, the roller and pins link plates gets a special surface treatment that will give the chain 50% improved durability when compared to a standard HG701-11 speed chain. It is specially designed for electric bicycles but can be used by any looking for hard wearing. Perfect for a variety of riding styles.

What is the best Shimano chain?

Our best seller is the Shimano Deore CN-HG54 Chain 10-Speed. This is a super narrow MTB chain with mud-shedding design.

What are Shimano SPD pedals?

SPD is a system that works both on and of the bicycle. The SPD eliminates the toe-clips design and instead integrates the outsole and pedal into one single power transfer system. The technology is constructed to make pedalling more efficient for a broader range of shoes and pedal models, and the bike cleats are designed to make walking more comfortable.
Due to the SPD system, you can now pedal with more comfort, efficiency and stability. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How to change Shimano brake pads?

First, start by mounting your bicycle onto a repair stand. Then unscrew the wheel from the bike. Some Shimano caliper models has a retaining pin that is used to secure the pads. If that is the case, you need to remove it. After this, you can take out the brake pads from the bottom of the caliper. Now you are ready to put the new brake pads in. Simply line them up to fit, and use a bit of force to get them clicked in. If it has a retaining pin, you put this in after securing the pads.

How to tighten Shimano brakes?

You can adjust your brakes by simple tightening or loosening the barrel adjuster. The barrel adjuster is the metal cup that is located on the side of your brake levers. Simply turn it clockwise to increase tension of the brake cable or turn it the other way to decrease tension.

How to adjust Shimano rear derailleur?

Shift your chain into the biggest chainring and smallest sprocket, then loosen the cable clamp bolt (where the cable attaches to the derailleur). Leave the derailleur in the smallest spocket and adjust the high limit screw. The high limit screw dictates how far towards the frame you can move the derailleur. Turning the screw clockwise moves the jockey wheel closer to the spokes while turning it anti-clockwise will shift it closer to the frame. 

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