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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Shimano brakes good?

Shimano manufactures some of the best brakes available, with a track record of success in both on and off-road disciplines.

Which brakes are better: Shimano or SRAM?

Some argue that SRAM brakes are more difficult to bleed, but Shimano brakes require more frequent bleeds. Many people prefer Shimano brakes because they use mineral oil rather than dot fluid, which is corrosive and can damage your bike's paint and components.

What kind of bike brakes is the best?

Disc brakes are one of the most powerful types of bike brakes on the market. Despite being invented after the rim brake, they are widely regarded as the best brakes in cycling due to their increased responsiveness and consistent performance in all weather conditions.

Why is Shimano so popular?

Shimano is without a doubt the most effective and constantly innovative gear manufacturer. They have an incredible reputation for quality and efficiency across their entire range and are used on more than 70% of bikes manufactured worldwide.

What brakes do professional cyclists use?

Disc brakes are the better option for most cyclists, from commuters and families to elite racers and off-road adventure riders, because they are more powerful, have more modulation, and perform consistently well in all weather conditions.

Is Shimano a good brand?

Shimano groupsets and parts are always well-made, usually well-regarded, and often reasonably priced as one of the "big three" drivetrain component manufacturers. If you're looking for the most recent Shimano product news and reviews, this is the place to be.