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Krush Bike Washes

Krush Bike Washes

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Krush. To Impress, You Need To Stay Fresh.

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Cleaning your bike is a great way to show it some love and make sure it stays in tip-top condition. Krush is the ultimate bike care brand, helping you achieve a much smoother ride with a properly cleaned bike.

The Premium Bike Care Brand - Krush. Their mission is to keep you rolling with premium products, accessories and knowledge every step of your bike journey.

The best wash your bike will receive.

An eco-friendly alternative to bucket washing, the KRUSH Foaming Rapid Wash is specially formulated to be used in place of a bucket wash. The same high-strength biodegradable formula as KRUSH Premium Bike Wash ensures it will cut through dirt, mud and road grime with ease while safe to use on alloy, carbon, rubber, metal and all bike surfaces - just top up the bottle with 100ml of KRUSH Foaming Bike Wash and water. Krush Foaming Rapid Wash is a unique, low-foam wash that cuts through dirt and mud, perfect for getting your bike clean after the ride.

Made from natural cleaning agents and formulated to safely clean all bike components. Safe to use in direct sunlight and won't strip anodising or fade paintwork, making it ideal for daily maintenance or full cleans with KRUSH Foaming Bike Wash.

If you’re a rider who loves the thrill of being at the front of the pack and doesn’t want to sacrifice speed, then the Krush Illuminate Waterless Wash+Wax is for you. With its advanced polymer wax formula with nano-ceramic (SiO2) technology, this wash+wax maintains lips, spokes, and graphics. It even protects your bike in between washes! Plus there is no water needed, and you can use it on all bike parts including wheels, brakes and parts with moving parts. Now that's impressive!

Krush will have your bike looking good as new. 

Krush Premium Bike Wash Pouch is an easy-to-use cleaner designed to work on any metal or plastic part of your bike. It is highly concentrated liquid gel wash and biodegradable which is suitable for alloy, carbon, rubber, metal and plastic surfaces. Build in degreasing agent for great results on drivetrain, chain, sprockets, and derailleur. The deep cleansing suds lift dirt and grease from hard to reach places so you can get 100% clean bike components for a completely clean bike.

Krush is a high quality bike wash that's designed to clean your whole bike and equipment. Whether you're racing, touring or enjoying a daily commuter, Krush is the perfect alternative to expensive car washes, with a powerful degreasing agent that lifts dirt and grease from drivetrains, chains and sprockets.

No one wants to spend their time and energy worrying about their bike. You deserve a vehicle that runs smoothly and without fail every ride. Krush Rotor Revive Bike Spray will help you achieve this by constantly keeping your brake pads clean and effectively lubricating your brake components, allowing for easy use of your brakes in any situation!

You want a superior braking experience out of your bike, even on those days when it seems like the world is trying to beat you up. Add the Krush Rotor Revive to your take-alongs and make sure your brakes stay performing at their best!

 Krush Rapid Wash

Krush takes clean to a whole new level. 

Because we care about your health and hygiene, keeping your bike and gear sanitised will keep you healthier too! Krush San-X is a spray-on sanitiser and disinfectant that’s great for sanitising, deodorising and sterilising your ride and kit with the active ingredient Benzalkonium Chloride Note: Due to strong odour of Benzalkonium Chloride, use in well-ventilated area or outdoors. Keep out of reach of children.

The Krush San-X will help to relieve skin irritations caused by moisture and friction. Krush San-X is safe to use on finished leathers, textiles, vinyls (including car interiors), rubber, plastics, gasket seals and painted surfaces such as engines etc.

Whether you're an avid mechanic or just a weekend bike fanatic, the Krush Two Prong Brush will make cleaning your bike much easier. With a twin brush design and an adaptable head, the brush can be changed to reach at those tricky spots. It's perfect for spokes, discs, shocks, cranks, and linkages.

Keep your bike running smoothly with Krush Ultra Drivetrain Degreaser. This powerful degreaser safely removes dirt, grime, and chain contamination to unclog your drivetrain to reduce friction. It is formulated with a special power solvent that breaks down carbon deposits, removing contaminants without damaging your bikes finish. Safe on all bike surfaces and 100% biodegradable, this cleaner is built for long-lasting performance.

Clean your drivetrain with Krush Ultra Drivetrain Degreaser. This all-purpose degreaser cleans and degreases bikes, chains, drivetrains and more.

Krush is so much more than just a bike wash. These rich, foaming cleansers are enriched with organic oils, deep cleaning enzymes, and natural extracts that help restore paint and complexions to their former glory.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I wash my bike after every ride?

You should clean your bike every few rides, especially after any rides in which you get caught in the rain. The good news is that it's a piece of cake with modern bikes and tools.

How do I dry my bike after washing it?

To ensure that the chain is dry, run it through a clean, dry rag. The rest of the bike can air dry; however, hand-drying the bike with a towel allows you to catch any soap that was not rinsed off.

Does rain ruin a bike?

Consider the state of your car or even your clothing after being caught in the rain. Even if they appear clean on the surface, they attract dirt, oil, or road spray. Rain will damage the moving parts of your bicycle, including the gearing and brakes, if not handled carefully.

How often should I wash my bike?

We recommend cleaning your road bike once a month (or every 20 to 25 rides) and cleaning your mountain or 'cross bike more frequently.

Is it ok to leave my bike in the rain?

Rain on its own will not harm your bike, but allowing it to sit in it for days will. Standing water on the bike will corrode it, and frequent use will help dry out those difficult-to-reach places where water likes to pool.

Can you clean your bike too much?

You can never clean a bike too thoroughly. When riding on road salt, which is bad for the drivetrain, make sure to clean the bike more frequently in the winter. If the drivetrain gets muddy on any bike, I would definitely clean it. Mud can obstruct shifting and braking.