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Secure your bike with premium bicycle locks Australia

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Securely and confidently lock your bike anywhere with a premium e-bike lock. Our store offers a broad range of various locking mechanisms for your bicycle, so you can leave it anywhere you like, whether to go to work, do your weekly shopping or sit down at a cafe.

Each model is constructed with high-quality materials and innovative locking technologies that are designed to optimise your security. Our collection includes well-known brands like Abus and Vallkree.

Choose the best bike lock for you!

What bicycle lock to get for your ride depends on your preference. You can choose between designs like u-bolt, steel-o-flex, combiflex or a folding bike lock. You can also choose if you want to lock it with a key or number combination.

If you are looking for the best bike lock for electric bike, we recommend our best-seller Abus U-Lock Bike Ultimate 420 USH. With a 13mm solid round bracket, aggressive colouring, high-quality locking cycling and made of specially hardened steel, this U-lock shackle will deter any potential thieves just by looking at it.

At the same time, the Ultimate 420 is so compact that you can easily stow it away. It fits in your backpack and bag and is therefore always with you when you need to secure your bicycle.

Another favourite is the Abus U-bolt 402 SH34. This bolt is a high-quality German designed lock that is as strong and resilient as you could hope for. You can confidently lock up your bike anywhere with 402 SH34 ABUS bike lock thanks to the double locking and 230mm x 10mm hardened shackle which gives your bike a high level of protection.

The innovative structure of the shackle body sheathing allows for optimum handling, while the high-quality locking cylinder is resistant to lock picking or manipulation.

If you prefer a more flexible lock we suggest getting a steel-o-flex e-bike lock. Our top choice is the Abus Steel-O-Flex Tresor 6615C Combination Bike Lock. This is a great lock if you don’t want to have to search for a key every time you lock and unlock your bicycle. The Steel-O-Flex Tresorflex 6615C is simply a case of: select the numerical code you want, set the number reel and secure your bicycle. The digits are clearly visible so you are still able to set the right combination for unlocking even at night.

This clever cable lock is packed with ABUS’ best qualities including a 15mm steel shell that covers the steel chain, making it twice as difficult for thieves to break. In addition, the mechanism is effectively equipped to protect against tampering thanks to its special touch protection.

The bike cable lock is the lightest in the Steel-O-Flex lineup, and also includes a Snap Cage bracket that is both universally mountable, and simple and convenient for everyday use.

If you prefer a compact combiflex lock, then you will like the Abus Special Combiflex 2501 Bike Chain Lock. This mechanism comes with a flexible cable that stretches for 65cm, which is plenty of range to wrap it around your bicycle securely. It comes in an attractive mobile phone format and an easy-to-remember 3 digit locking system. After use, the cable automatically rolls up so you can quickly store it away in your backpack.

For the smallest and most compact locking design, we recommend a folding lock - Abus Bordo Lite 6055. This device is super portable and lightweight with a total weight of 440 grams.

The BORDO Lite 6055 is similar to other BORDO models in that its mechanical properties guarantee a high level of security, flexibility and compactness. The BORDO Lite folding lock is the flyweight in the Abus family and offers amazing security in a compact package.

Whatever locking mechanism you are looking for you are bound to find it at Crooze. We offer a wide range of high-quality locks that will deter any thieves so you can leave your bike with peace in mind.

Shop a new electric bike lock system online or stop by our store on Gold Coast. Whatever type of bike or e-bike equipment you are after, we are here to help!

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