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Camelbak Backpacks & Drink Bottles

Camelbak Backpacks & Drink Bottles

The global pioneer in hydration solutions for outdoor activities and sports. Camelbak is supported by Crooze product expertise and commitment to 100% customer satisfaction.

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Our store has all the equipment and essentials you need to experience the ultimate biking adventure; whether that be for road riding, mountain biking, or commuting - we got you covered!

At Crooze you can find a wide range of Camelbak Hydration Packs and Camelbak Water Bottles that will help you stay hydrated during your ride, hike, or run.

To get the most out of your bicycle ride it is important to stay hydrated at all times, and this is why they are bound to become your best riding companion and the best hands free hydration you could get. 

Camelbak hydration packs

The brand has designed its hydration packs for women and men, and they come in different sizes and colours.

If you are looking to go on a long ride and need room for food and other riding equipment, the Camelbak M.U.L.E Pro 14 will be perfect for you. The M.U.L.E is able to carry up to 3 litres of water with its built-in Crux water bladder.

That is the largest water volume in the Camelbak hydration range. Comes with an Air Support back panel and 3D Vent Mesh offering you maximum ventilation keeping you cool during high-intensity rides.

It also has an extra pocket specifically for an e-bike battery, a built-in hook to carry your and refined external organisation. In addition, each Pro 14 pack is compatible with the Impact Protector. This kit bag is designed to carry what you need, anytime you need it.

Or try the Camelbak Rogue Light 2L. This is a versatile hydration pack that can be used as both a cycling and hiking backpack. The Rogue is everything you want in a carry-on pack; comfortable, durable, and super lightweight.

The minimal design also comes with an air support light back panel and ventilation harness for incredible cooling and breathability. It can carry a total of 7 litres including 2 litres of water in the Crux Reservoir, which is easy to disconnect and refill.

The lightest and easiest hydration pack in the range is the Camelbak Hydrobal Light. Sits snuggly on the back, making it perfect for any high-intensity sports or activity. Made from super-light materials, only weighing 150 grams and easy to clean.

Hydrobal is a minimalistic bag equipped with a reliable 1.5 liter Cruz reservoir which offers riders 20% more water per sip. It comes with zipping pockets for the safe storage of your essentials. Also includes reflective to ensure you stay visible on the road. Like the other two Camelbak bags, the Hydrobak has an air mesh back panel and ventilated harness for a breathable and comfortable fit.

Whatever sport you are into there is a Camelbak backpack for you.

If 1.5, 2 or 3 litres of water is still not enough, you can also buy a water bottle to carry with you, either the Podium Drink Bottle 700mL or 600ml. The Camelbak Drink Bottle comes with a new design and improved cleanability.

We are happy to help you find the best electric bike hydration backpack for you - whether it be for road bike riding on a sunny day or off-road mountain bike riding through the roughest of terrains. We got you covered! We offer a diverse range of Camelbak hydration packs online or stop by our Gold Coast store.

We are an official Camelbak Gold Coast retailer and our team will be more than happy to help you to find a travel backpack suited for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Camelbak a good brand?

YES. When designing these packs, Camelbak has carefully chosen durable and strong material that will last, as well a picking fabrics that are breathable and comfortable for all day activities.

Where are Camelbak bags made?

Camelbak manufactures its products in its wholly-owned ISO-certified factories. Products are manufactured in both the United States and China.

How do Camelbak work?

Camelbak is well known for their innovative built in water storage. The water reservoir is inserted in a hydration sleeve inside the pack and you access the drinking water via the tube that goes from the bladder through the shoulder straps so it hands over your shoulder. Making it super convenient to stay hydrated.

How should a Camelbak fit?

The pack should fit tight yet comfortably on your back. 

It should fit tight enough that it does not move around when exercising but loose enough that you can move comfortably. 

How do you drink from a Camelbak backpack?

These hydration pack comes with a water bladder that is inserted inside the bicycle backpack. The water bladder has a tube that goes from the bladder and over you shoulder. That way you can easy accessible water at all times when exercising. Simply reach for the tube and drink simultaneously as you pedal or run. 

Is a hydration pack worth it?

These hydration pack comes with a water bladder that is inserted inside the bicycle backpack. The water bladder has a tube that goes from the bladder and over your shoulder. That way you can easily access water at all times when exercising. Simply reach for the tube and drink simultaneously as you pedal or run. 

Which hydration pack is the best?

This depends on what exercise you are doing. If you are going for a long cycling trip of hiking, you need a bigger travel backpack. We then recommend Camelbak M.U.L.E Pro. This pack offers 3L water and has plenty of extra space for food and other essentials. 

If you are going on a shorter cycle or hike we recommend Camelbak Rouge Light or Camelbak Hydrobak Light

For runners who only need to bring along water, we suggest using Camelbak Thermobak or Camelbak Womens Circuit Vest.

Can you put ice in a Camelbak hiking backpack?

Yes. The hydration backpack is designed to keep the water in the reservoir bladder cold for quite a while, and if you put ice the cold water will last even longer. 

How do you clean a Camelbak hydration pack?

First you soak it in cool or warm water with some mild soap. After, you rinse it thoroughly with cool water. This step is very important, as if you don’t rinse it properly you can create some suds the next time you sweat with your pack on. After you have rinsed it, you hang it up to air dry.

Can you freeze water backpack?

Yes. You can freeze the bladder half full with water for colder liquid on the go. 

Also, you can freeze the bladder in the freezer to prevent any mold from growing inside of it.

Who owns Camelbak?

Own by an American company called Vista Outdoor. They design, manufacture and market outdoor sports and recreation products all over the world.

How to clean a Camelbak straw?

Own by an American com

Detach the straw from the water bladder. Then remove the bite valve from the cap. You can wash the items by hand in warm, soapy water or in the dishwasher.

We don't recommend using a bottle brush through the bite valve slit as it can tear the silicone.

Are Camelbak bottles recyclable?

The Camelbak eddy+ Drink Bottle is made with Tritan Renew plastic, a 50% recycled material.

How to replace Camelbak bite valve?

This is super simple. 

  1. First, pull off the Valve from the hose. 
  2. Then pull the Bite Valve from the Valve. 
  3. Then put the new Bite Valve onto the valve. Make sure it sits nice and tight so water does not leak out from the sides. 
  4. Last you push the valve back into the hose. Then you are ready to go!

How to set up Camelbak?

The backpack is already set up when you receive it. All you have to do is pull out the water reservoir and fill it with water. Then slide it back into its pocket, put the pocket cover back on and you are ready to go. The hose you can fasten on the clip located on the shoulder straps, so it stays secure when riding.