POC Helmets and Eyewear

POC Helmets and Eyewear

POC cycle helmets are cleverly built to keep the head and neck secure. Shop now at Crooze and get free shipping on orders over $99.

POC - Worn by Olympian athletes worldwide.

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The Best Bike Helmets for Protection and Performance

High-performing, reliable and stylish bicycle helmets with advanced protection technology. With POC helmets you no longer have to compromise between protection, performance and style.

Having the appropriate protective gear when riding is just as important as the bicycle itself. At Crooze you can find a bicycle helmet for any cycling style, whether it be for commuting, mountain bike riding or road bike riding. 

We care about your safety! 


Worn by many Olympic athletes, POC strives to optimise every single detail about their helmets so you can perform at your best. The brand is a leading manufacturer in cycling helmets and sports gear, with a desire to “protect lives and reduce the consequences of accidents” no matter the type of riding you do. The brand is known for exploring new technologies and ideas as well as breaking with convention in order to build the best of the best when it comes to protection.

Riding in confidence with POC

If you are looking for the perfect commuter helmet that is super comfortable, lightweight and stylish but not at the expense of protection, then POC Ventral Air Spin helmet is your go-to! 

Ideal for the hotter days, the Ventral comes with an excellent cooling system that spans over the whole head due to its internal channels and ports. Making it also a good fit for commuting but also long-distance road bike riding. The helmet is well known amongst cyclists and won the Design and Innovation Award in 2019. Comes in radiant red colour that will make you stand out! 

Looking for the best mountain bike off-road helmet, we are here to help! At Crooze you can find the best ones - whether it be for off-road adventures or pushing yourself on more technical, rocky trails. 

The POC Tectal Race Spin Mountain Bike Helmet is an all-around versatile MTB helmet with its enhanced EPS liner and aramid penetration reinforcement that strengthen its structural shell, resulting in better head protection. Comfortable for all-day trail riding due to its silicone pad technology system, SPIN (Shearing Pad Inside) and adjustable visor. The POC MTB helmet is incredibly lightweight yet has all the trail protection you need to stay safe on the trek!

POC helmet

If you are in need of a road bike helmet that does not make you choose between aerodynamic performance, weight, ventilation and safety, then you have to get POC Octal Helmet. Evolution in protection, Octal is designed with fewer but larger air holes that will provide you with amazing airflow on the hottest and longest of rides. 

The cycle helmets have a minimalistic style focusing all their efforts on performance and protection coverage. The EPS liner within the shell is thicker in the zones where you are most likely to occur an impact. Providing an impact barrier where it is most needed. The shell is constructed with a wraparound design that offers better stiffness, enhancing its strength at a low weight. 

POC also produces a range of high-performing cycling sunglasses and goggles that fit various riding situations - whether it be a sunny, cloudy or rainy day. Our best sellers are POC Aspire Sunglasses and POC Ora DH Goggles. The cycling glasses offer incredible field view, clarity, colour and contrasts. Designed to be compatible with POC helmets.

Look fashionable while commuting to work, or stay safe on the trail. We at Crooze are here to help you find the best fit got you. We offer a broad range of the best bike helmets Australia has to offer - no matter what type of riding style you enjoy!

So, stop by or store or browse our wide collection of POC bike helmets online. 

We offer flexible payments with Afterpay and Zip Pay, FREE shipping on online orders over $99 and you can visit us in our Gold Coast Store to be taken care of by our highly qualified team, that will make sure you are having the best and safest experience on the road.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does POC helmet mean?

It is short for Piece Of Cake. 

Who make POC helmets?

It is run by a Swedish company, and their products are munfactured in China. They also design a range of sunglasses, goggles, apparel and snowboard gear. 

Check out POC sunglasses here.

Check out POC goggles range here.

What size helmet do I need for my new POC helmet?

To find your size, you can measure the circumference of your head by using a measuring tape. Guiding around the widest area of the head.

How do I know that the helmet fit?

It is important that it sits snuggly but comfortable on the head. Meaning there should be no pressure points that hurt, so tight but not too tight. The helmet should also not move when you shake your head side to side. POC helmets and goggles are designed to fit together seamlessly. However, we do recommend trying them together before buying to make sure they fit together comfortably. 

What is SPIN?

SPIN is POC's own silicone pad technology system. It stand for Shearing Pad Inside, and uses innoventive materials and composition strategy to meet POC’s whole helmet idea. Offering top-class fit, comfort and performance.

How do I care for a helmet?

We recommend storing your cycle helmet in a temperature-regulated place with not much moisture. With some helmets, you receive a soft helmet bag that your protective headshell can be stored in. 

If your helmet is dirty from an off-road ride or just dusty from a commute, you simply use water and a soft cloth to clean the shell. We discourage using any harsh chemicals (can use a mild soap if necessary). When using other cleaning chemicals is can damage the protective capabilities of the bike helmet and nullify any warranty claim. 

What is the best POC helmet?

This depends on what type of riding you enjoy doing. For mountain bike riding we highly recommend the POC Tectal Race Spin MTB helmet. While for road bike riding we recommend the POC Octal or POC Ventral Air Spin Helmet.

What is the cheapest POC bike helmet?

The cheapest option is the POC Octal. This is a perfect bicycle helmet for long-distant road bike riders with its large vents, lightweight, low air restriction and high protection coverage.