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Cycling Shoes

Cycling Shoes

Find the best cycling shoes here. Shop high quality premium brands like Shimano and Specialized.

High-quality and Durable Cycling Shoes Australia ─ For All Types of Riding Styles!

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At Crooze you can find a wide range of good-quality cycling shoes with innovative riding features and technology. Whether you are looking for road bike shoes that are lightweight and aerodynamic or mountain bike shoes for the rowdier off-road terrains, at Crooze you are bound to find a pair that suits you and your riding style!

Our collection includes premium brands like Shimano and Specialized. These brands are known worldwide for their high-performing cycling gear, and their shoes have gone through extensive research and testing in order to give you the best cycling shoes on the market.

Now let’s look at some of our favourites.

Cycling shoes made for every kind of ride. 

The best road cycling shoes in our collection are Specialized Torch 1.0 Road Shoes. These bike shoes have the best combination of technology, performance and designs. Torch 1.0 Road includes multiple innovative features such as Body Geometry construction and ergonomic foot sole for improved pedal power and efficiency, and enhanced hip, knee and foot alignment to reduce chances of injuries.

The men cycling shoes also come with an efficient Boa L6 dial that makes it quick and easy to step into and allows for on-the-go micro-adjustments.

Torch 1.0 are super lightweight and comfortable on the foot with just the right amount of stiffness. It also comes with a synthetic upper for a supple feel over the feet.

All this combined makes Torch 1.0 the ultimate road bike shoe pair. And this at a budget-friendly price!

Mountain bike riding shoes.

The best mountain bike shoes in our collection are Shimano XC502 SPD shoes. These cross-country shoes are incredibly versatile with exceptional performance for a wider range of riders. They are made of durable materials and includes high-performing features such as a fibreglass midsole for astonishing power transfer and a ULTREAD outsole rubber for top-level grip.

The XC502 Shimano cycling shoes are super lightweight and offer a comfortable fit due to its TPU/Mesh cover upper, wrap-around upper structure, BOA L6 dial and synthetic leather material. They are made to fit like a glove!

Adding in the low stack midsole height and SPD system, and you got yourself a cleat bike pair that offers incredible pedal efficiency, stability and power transfer.

The adjustable spokes can be easily swapped out to suit any riding conditions, making this pair perfect for the tougher off-road trails.

Finding a better all-around MTB shoe pair like XC502 will be hard!

If you are a woman struggling to find a pair that fit your foot shape? We got just the shoes! Shimano has now developed cycling shoes made specifically for women. Check out the Shimano AM403 Cycling Shoes Women. These cleats include a High Volume Last design for extra toe space and all-day comfort.

The Shimano shoes are designed with a pedal channel that creates a flat and stable shoe platform, so you can comfortably use them on and off the bike.

The unique SPD power transfer system gives you extra pedal boost as well as improve you riding control. And the raised, padded ankle sides and robust toe cap offer added protection against tree branches, rocks and other elements on the track.

The AM503 flat pedal MTB shoes are incredibly versatile, combining a stylish look with essential trail protection. Perfect for hitting all types of off-road trails.

Shimano Cycling Shoe

Specialized cycling shoes.

Brand new to our collection is the Specialized S-Works Torch Road Shoes. These road shoes are revolutionary in the road bike community and include the latest innovation when it comes to cycling footwear.

Using Body Geometry together with biomimicry, data science and obsessive craftsmanship, Specialized has engineered a shoe so thoughtfully constructed that you’ll forget you’re even wearing them.

Specialized undergone extensive research and used 100,000-foot scans to completely reconstructed the S-Works Torch’s upper for a better performance and fit. This includes placing the BOA dial cable further down and angled, so that your heel does not lift and you get optimised power transfer.

In addition, the engineering team has adjusted the BOA cable to eliminate pinching and uncomfortable pressure points.

High-quality and adaptive materials were chosen for the bike cleats to allow natural movement of the foot as well as to keep the foot secured for optimal efficiency and exceptional power delivery.

The shoes are 20-gram lighter and includes an internal I-Beam for extra stiffness and strength.

The Specialized cycling shoes come with an asymmetric heel cup that gives more room for the Achilles heel. This also enhance its natural knee alignment support and improves foot comfort.

The cleats shoes are available in a WIDE FIT size for wider feet, where the base plate is 4mm wider than the standard width.

Read more about these new high-performing Specialized shoes in our article here.

So, if you are in the market for a new pair of cycle shoes, you have come to the right place! Our collection includes a wide range of high-quality bike shoes made to fit find a wide variety of foot shapes and sizes. So whether you are looking for a pair for commuting, road racing or off-road trail riding, we got you covered!

Buy online or stop by our store on Gold Coast, Australia. Our team is more than happy to help you find the perfect pair for you and your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are white cycling shoes a bad idea?

This depends on what type of riding you do. If you enjoy taking your bicycle out for a ride on the road on a sunny day, then a pair of white shoes are no problem. Plus, they will look great with any outfit you might wear!

However, if you are going off-road riding, white shoes might not be the best choice as they are bound to get dirty.

Do all cycling shoes fit all pedals?

No, they don’t. Some bicycle shoes only fit two-bolt pedal systems while others are designed to only fit three-bolt pedal systems. We recommend looking carefully at the product description before purchasing to ensure your cleats and pedals are compatible.

Are cycling shoes necessary?

I think all cyclists will agree that investing in a pair of bike cleats is a good idea. However, you do not have to in order to ride a bike.

There are benefits of wearing bike cleats when riding. These shoes are specifically made for cycling and therefore come with important riding features such as a clip-in system for a smoother and more efficient pedal transfer. They are also designed to be lightweight and sit snug on your feet at all times.

Are cycling shoes worth it?

Yes, definitely. Bicycle shoes are proven to improve pedal power and efficiency. In addition, they help improve hip, knee and foot alignments to reduce the risk of injuries.

Can you put cycling shoes in the washing machine?

We recommend handwashing your cycling shoes in order for them to last longer.

Do cycling shoes come with cleats?

Generally, the cleats are included with the pedals, not the shoes.

Do cycling shoes stretch?

Yes, they might stretch a little. We, therefore, recommend buying them snug but not so tight that they are uncomfortable.

How to choose cycling shoes?

Find a pair that is made for your riding style and conditions. If you enjoy long-distance rides on the road, a lightweight road pair would be what you need. While if you are looking to hit the off-road trails you need tougher shoes that can handle those environments.

The most important thing is that the shoes fit comfortably on and don’t have any uncomfortable pressure points.