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Ultrahuman Australia - Discreet Activity Tracking of the Future

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Precision engineering at the UltraFactory

Ultrahuman's integrated production facility ensures gold-standard performance testing, providing complete control over form factor and algorithmic accuracy.

Trusted by the World's #1 Ranked Cycling Team and more

UAE Team Emirates, Team ADQ, and many other high-performance teams worldwide trust Ultrahuman for its gold-standard accuracy and unmatched volume of insights.

Start Your Fitness Tracking Journey Today

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Crooze Welcome Ultrahuman to Australia

Crooze is excited to bring the Ultrahuman Ring AIR to Australia, the lightest fitness ring available on the market. This versatile and robust smart ring is perfect for those keen on tracking their sleep, fitness, or general activity without the ongoing cost of a subscription. 

How does the Ring AIR compare to the Oura Ring?

Ultrahuman Australia presents a compelling alternative to the well-known Oura Ring, it stands out particularly offering subscription-less access to your health data packaged in a precision machined titanium and tungsten reinforced casing.

  1. No subscription access to Ultrahuman App data and Insights
  2. Ultra-lightweight at 2.4g-3.8g depending on ring size
  3. Sleek class leading profile at 2.45mm thick
  4. Titanium exterior with tungsten reinforced coatings

Bio-metric Tracking

  • Skin Temperature
  • Heart Rate monitoring
  • Heart Rate Variability
  • Sleep Tracking
  • Movement Tracking
  • Recovery Tracking

App Insights

  • Sleep Index
  • Movement Index
  • Adenosine Clearance Window
  • Circadian Phase Alignment
  • Recovery Score
  • Smart Goals
  • Women's Health
  • Workout Mode
  • Integrations with HealthConnect and HealthKit

With the best smart ring now available locally, it’s a great opportunity to elevate your daily health management. Find your Ultrahuman version exclusively at Crooze.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I choose the correct ring size for me?

If you're uncertain about your Ultrahuman Ring AIR size, we recommend opting for the sizing kit, that we'll promptly dispatch, upon placing a Ring order.

The sizing kit includes high-quality plastic ring sizers ranging from sizes 5 to 14.

We recommend wearing your preferred size for at least 24 hours before finalising your decision.

Once you are happy with your sizing, contact us and let us know your order number and preferred size and we will dispatch it within a few business days.

Please note that Ultrahuman Ring AIR sizes may differ slightly from standard US ring sizes, and we don't offer half sizes.

How do I know if the ring fits properly?

The fit should be snug (not too tight or too loose).
A few simple ways to assess this — If you rotate the ring on your finger, it should not rotate freely.
To take the ring off, you must push the bottom of the ring from below and then slide it out.

Pro tip: Wear the ring overnight to ensure you’re completely comfortable with it.

What is the correct method to try the sizing kit rings?

All sizing kit rings come with their size mentioned on their surface. You should wear the rings such that the engraved size number is toward the palm of your hand.

I placed my ring order, what's next?

Upon placing your order, we will promptly process your request for a physical Ring AIR sizing kit if you have chosen to receive one.
Once you have determined your size and submitted it to us (if you haven't done so at the time of placing the order), you can expect the dispatch of your Ultrahuman Ring AIR within a few days

In what colours is the ring available?

The Ultrahuman Ring AIR is available in five colours — Raw Titanium, Aster Black, Matte Grey, Bionic Gold and Space Silver.

Usage and Wear

Can I wear the ring on a daily basis?

Unquestionably! The Ultrahuman Ring AIR has been crafted with hypoallergenic materials, ensuring its suitability for continuous, round-the-clock wear.

Can I workout wearing the Ultrahuman AIR Ring

The Ultrahuman Ring AIR is fortified with a robust Tungsten carbide coating, affording it a high degree of resilience against daily wear and tear. Despite this, we advise against wearing your ring during intense weight training sessions or while handling heavy metal objects. Even repeated contact with relatively less hard substances can potentially leave a mark on the ring.

Is the ring suitable for wearing underwater?

Indeed! The Ultrahuman Ring AIR boasts a water resistance rating that extends up to 100 meters, permitting wear during activities like swimming, showering, scuba diving and more. To maintain its optimal performance, we advise against keeping the ring submerged for periods exceeding 12 hours continuously.

Is the Ultrahuman Ring worth it

Items must be returned within 30 days after receiving your order. Items must be returned in the same condition in which they were received, be unworn/unused, have any tags still attached, and include all the original packaging.

Which finger should I wear the ring on?

Ultrahuman recommend either your index, middle, or ring finger for the Ultrahuman Ring.

How long does it take to charge?

The Ultrahuman Ring AIR requires approximately 2 hours to reach a full charge from completely flat.

Is it possible to share the ring with other family members?

Indeed, the ring can be shared with other family members, given that it is reset from the app. Please note that the ring should fit the new user properly. After resetting, the ring will require up to 7 days for recalibration before accurately tracking the new user's data.

Is there any subscription fee to access Ultrahuman Ring data?

Rest assured, there are no recurring subscription fees for accessing your data. Ring AIR is available for a simple, one-time purchase, paid upfront. This purchase gives you lifelong access to both the ring and your personal data.

Calibration and Safety

What is the calibration duration for the ring?

The Ultrahuman Ring AIR typically requires a one-time calibration period of up to 7 days. Subsequent calibrations will only be necessary if the ring undergoes a hard reset.

Is the ring EMF-safe?

The Ultrahuman Ring AIR operates as a low-power device that communicates with your smartphone using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology. It establishes a connection with the smartphone only when you open the Ultrahuman App or at regular time intervals, unlike Bluetooth headsets, earbuds, or smartwatches that maintain constant connectivity and data transmission/reception. It's important to note that Bluetooth activity for the Ultrahuman Ring AIR remains below 1% throughout the day, resulting in significantly lower EMF radiation compared to other Bluetooth wearables. Consequently, the Ultrahuman Ring AIR can be regarded as one of the safest wearable devices for fitness tracking in terms of EMF exposure.

Is the ring safe from Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)?

Absolutely! The Ultrahuman Ring AIR is designed to be ESD-safe, ensuring that you will not experience any electrostatic shocks from the ring.