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Abus Locks

Abus Locks

Keep your ride secure with Abus locks. Backed by Crooze product expertise and our commitment to 100% customer satisfaction, we have a range of locks to perfectly suit your application.

Find the best Abus Lock for your bike

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Our store has everything you need to achieve the freedom to explore. Whether that be on the road riding, mountain biking, or commuting - we got you covered!

At Crooze you can find a wide range of Abus bike locks so that you no longer have to worry about leaving your bicycle to stop for a coffee or park it for the day.

Get the most out of your ride and go wherever you need to with Abus bike lock. No matter what type of bicycle you ride - whether it be a road bike, mountain bike or electric bike - Crooze has a security lock to suit you!


Feel secure with ABUS locks

When choosing the best bike lock for you it is all about preference. Some people find a U-lock the most secure due to its stiff shape, while others lean more toward a flexible O-lock as they find these more convenient and durable. It also depends on whether you want one with a key or combinations.

If you are looking for a U-lock, our most popular are the Abus U-Bolt 402 SH34 and Abus U-Bolt Ultimate 402 USH. They both come with a high-quality German engineered key locking system that is incredibly tough and durable. With over eleven millimetres of hardened unique steel and a stand-out colouring, it will make it clear to any bicycle thief that they have no chance here.

Or if you are looking for a smaller, more convenient Abus bike lock then we recommend checking out the Abus Steel-O-Flex Tresor 6615C. It is a combination bike lock with a strong cable O shape. The 15mm steel sleeves that cover the steel cable make it twice as difficult for thieves, and the mechanism of the Steel-O-Flex is effectively designed to protect against tampering thanks to its special touch protection.

The best locks for our little one's bikes. 

For entry-level and children’s bicycles, we recommend using the Abus Coil Cable Numero 5510. This long-lasting padlock with 2-component numbering rollers and unique number embossing. It is also visible in the dark due to its dark-touch features.

The cheapest high-quality lock at Crooze is the Abus Chain Lock 1200 WEB. This combination latch is practical for everyday use and designed for low theft areas. It is 4mm thick and made of hardened steel. The chain is enclosed in a textile sleeve to protect against scratches to your bicycle paintwork.

The smallest and most convenient to carry with you is either an Abus Special Combiflex latch or Abus Bordo 6000 Plus Folding Bike Lock. The Special Combiflex is a bike cable lock that is shaped as an attractive mobile phone case. The cable can reach as long as 65cm and automatically rolls up after use. It has a smart combination setting and only weighs 54g.

The Abus Bordo offers ease of use as well as outstanding protection against theft. It has a folding mechanism where six 5mm steel bars are connected with special rivets and fold together like a yardstick. The ultra-sturdiness of the bars and body is matched by the flexibility of the folding system, and the high-quality cylinder offers high levels of protection, especially against picking. It has a soft casing so as not to damage the bicycle paint.

If you own an expensive bicycle like an electric bike we highly recommend getting a top-of-the-class bike lock with an alarm. The Abus U-Bolt SmartX 770A combines innovative technology with maximum mechanical security to provide you with the most secure bike lock in its class. It has a SmartX cylinder and easily connects to your smartphone so you can use it as your key. With the proven 100dB alarm, this U-bolt offers maximum security for high-quality load-carrying bicycles and e-bikes.

AbusU-Bolt440 Lock

So many options!

We are happy to help you find the best bicycle lock for you - whether you prefer a combination padlock, U lock, or O lock - we got you covered! Crooze has a diverse range of Abus locks online, or stop by our Gold Coast store.

We are an official Abus Gold Coast retailer and our team will be more than happy to help you to find an Abus padlock suited for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Abus locks good?

Abus is a well-known brand in the biking industry due to its high performing bicycle locks. They are made of steel, and some have an extra sleeve attached, for exceptional protection against theft. The level of security all depends on the type of padlock you choose - whether it be an O shaped, a U lock, chain or cable. They are made for different situations and each bolt has a different level of strength to fit that situation.

How to use Abus combination lock?

Simply, align your chosen opening numbers and pull out the lock post.

What is the cheapest Abus bike lock?

The Abus Chain Lock 1200 WEB Combination Lock is the cheapest at a price of $24.99. This shackle is perfect for everyday use but we do only recommend using it in low risk theft areas. It is made of hardened steel and comes with a textile sleeve for added protection against scratches on the bike.

What is the best Abus lock?

The bicycle bolt with the highest security is the Abus U-Bolt SmartX 770A, as this lock comes with an alarm that will easily scare away potential thieves. It is highly recommended if you own an expensive electric bike or road bike. The Abus padlock combines innovative technology with the best mechanical security. It connects to your smartphone so that you can use your phone as a key.

How to reset Abus combination lock?

To change the opening combination bike lock to your own secret one, follow these steps: 

STEP 1 - Open the lock by aligning your opening number combination and pull out the Lock Post.
STEP 2 - Rotate the Reset Button 90° clockwise. The lock is now in “reset mode”.
STEP 3 - You can now turn the numbers to set your secret combination code, whether it be your birthday or home address.
STEP 4 - After setting your chosen combination, rotate the Reset Button 90° counterclockwise until it comes to a stop and is back to its original position.
STEP 5 - Make sure your new combination works before using it. Simply, insert the Lock Post into the Locking Port without turning any of the numbers. Then pull out the Lock Post, and if that works, you are ready to go.