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Bags and Storage

Bags and Storage

Shop storage solutions for you and your bike: Backpacks, Panniers and more.

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Smart tools for storage and roomy cycling bags for carrying everything you need. 

At Crooze you can find any type of riding equipment and essentials you need. Whether that be for smart storage of your electric skateboard, bicycle or equipment, or if you are looking for smart ways to carry more when you go riding. We want to make your cycling experience as fun and convenient as possible, providing you with the right gear and tools to do so.

At our store, you can find a wide range of bike panniers, bags, longboard displays, bicycle baskets, rear racks and so much more! All equipment is meant for easy convey and storage so you only have to worry about enjoying your ride.

Bring everything you need along with you on your next adventure with the Ortlieb Backroller Classic QL2.1 Pannier Bags. Perfect for overnight cycling trips, these two Ortlieb panniers are waterproof, designed with a strong mounting system and can carry a total weight of 40kg. 

If that is not enough carry-on space for you, then add the Ortlieb Handlebar Bag or Ortlieb Bike Frame Bag for plenty of extra storage.

Or maybe you prefer a cute and stylish front bike basket to carry your essentials, then we got just the thing - Basil Noir Carry All Front Basket. The name says it all, this bicycle basket can carry it ALL - whether it be your grocery store food, workout bag or to go on a picnic. 

The Basil casket can fit up to 15 litres of anything you need, and thanks to its easy mountain system and two handle straps, you can conveniently lift the basket and take it with you wherever you go. 

If you own an electric longboard or snowboard we got just the thing for you! The Rack-It-Up Skateboard Deck Display Rack series makes it super easy and convenient for you to store your e-board on the wall. 

Choose between a vertical or horizontal stand. These are sturdy racks made from engineered reinforced glass and can hold up to 15kg. It can be installed on any wall - wood, drywall, plaster, tile or brick. It has a strong lock-in system so you don’t have to worry about the board falling off when knocked. It is super safe and secure! 

We also have other handy equipment like a Tern Sidekick Footstand for comfortable support for any riding passenger, Turn Kanga Front Rack for carrying of heavy loads or Ortlieb’s rear bike saddle bag for a compact yet sizable storage space.

Whatever riding adventure you want to embark on or smart storage equipment you need, we got you covered! 

Come by our Gold Coast store to chat with our team or buy online. We are more than happy to help you find the best bike bag, pannier, basket and rack for you - whether it be for storage, commuting, running errands or overnight road bike trips. At Crooze you are bound to find what you need. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do panniers fit all bikes?

Most Ortlieb panniers are “universal” and will fit most tube-shaped racks.

How do panniers attach to bikes?

It is super easy! The bike panniers are designed with two top hooks and one bottom one which aligns with your bike’s rear rack. To attach it, simply lift the handle to open the hooks. First, slide the bottom hook onto the bike rack, then attach the top hook to the top of the rack. Let them snap shut and they are fitted!

To prevent the top hooks from wobbling, add the reducers which will fit tightly on your rack.

If you want to detach the bike pannier bag, you just lift the handles and the hooks will open.

How do you hang a skateboard deck on the wall?

The Rack-It-Up display is super easy to install.

Step 1: Pick screws that are suitable for your wall material (#8 x 35mm countersunk bolts are appropriate for most types of walls).

Step 2: Place the Universal Sleeve at the desirable position on the wall. Then fit the screws through the holes provided and screw them in. 

Step 3: Slide the rack arm/s into the channel provided, from top to bottom. 

Step 4: Place your electric skateboard or snowboard on the rack without worry!

How do you attach a basket to the front of a bike?

The Basil Noir bike basket can be easily mounted to your handlebar with the Basil KF handlebar holder (sold separately).