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Ergon Grips

Ergon Grips

Confort and performance in bike grips & saddles

All-day riding comfort with Ergon saddles and grips

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Get premium saddles and grips for your electric bike from Ergon. We want you to be as comfortable as possible when riding so all you have to do when cycling is enjoy the ride!

At Crooze you can find a wide range of Ergon grips and saddles that will suit your needs. Whether that be for commuting, long-distance rides or mountain bike adventures. 

We want to make your cycling experience as fun and comfortable as possible, offering you the right gear and tools to do so.

Ergon is known for its innovation, passion, and problem-solving when it comes to the bicycle industry. This can be seen in their products with their carefully selected materials and ergonomic design. Always thinking ahead and striving to meet riders' needs.

 Ergon Grips and handelbars and saddles

All Ergon seats and handles for bikes are built durable with high-quality materials to ensure they can withstand a wide variety of riding styles as well as to enhance your riding performance. That way you can better your riding experience and ride with confidence at all times.

Check out our bestselling Ergon grip, Ergon GA3 Lock-On Grips. These MTB grips provide the best of both worlds - offering both outstanding wrist support and relife benefits. The ergonomic wing design makes sure your hand is in the correct position when riding so you don’t experience any pain or high-pressure points on your hands. The GA3 Lock-On is an improved version of its predecessor GA2, offering an enhanced pattern design that easier adapts to your hand, providing you with better steering control with less grip force. 

Another great option is Ergon GS2 Handlebar Grips. These bike grips come with a compact 2-finger barend made out of fibreglass reinforced composite, providing you with more hand space for enhanced comfort on long MTB rides. The built of the grips are designed so you get 100% contact with the handles, compared to standards grips that only offer 60%. 

Ergon has also added extra rubber on the barend to allow precise steering and control, as well as maximise its damping capabilities. The grip design is constructed to distribute pressure so you can ride for longer without any discomfort.

If you are looking to add more personality and colour to your ride, then we recommend Ergon GA2 Lock-On Bike Handle Grips. These bicycle grips do not only look cool but are super comfortable. With its super soft UV rubber compound and ergonomic shape, require less effort, better grip and minimise nerve stress and numbness in hands. Perfect for all-mountain and gravity style riders. 

Ergon grips for bikes

Looking for a saddle that is both comfortable and fits your riding style? You have come to the right place. At Crooze you can find a wide selection of Ergon bike saddles with different shapes, support and styles. 

Ergon SFC3 Saddle is one of our favourites when it comes to saddles. This bike seat has built gel pads and a relief channel that is positioned in a way that reduces numbness and improves riding comfort substantially. The wide surface of the seat offers incredible comfort as it distributes pressure on the sitting bones and reduces pressure points. So you can cycle on and on. 

The Ergon saddle is perfect for electric bicycles, indoor fitness bikes or sporty touring bikes. 

Ergon has heard your needs and designed an e-MTB saddle especially for women! As off-road riders often stay seated throughout steeper and uneven terrains, they are in need of a saddle that is slightly different. As a result, Ergon SM e-Mountain bike seat comes with a relief channel that is moved further forward than a standard bicycle seat. That way it reduces pressure on the pelvic area substantially.

 In addition, Ergon has integrated its new Orthocell inlays into the seat to ensure better distribution of pressure and a suspension feel. And to make it even more comfortable, it also comes with anti-friction side flanks that minimise friction to your thighs when pedaling, giving you better freedom to move!

Whatever riding adventure you want to embark on, we got you covered! Come by our Gold Coast store to chat with our team or simply shop online. We are more than happy to help you find the best saddles and grips for you - whether you are looking for more comfort when riding or to better your cycling performance - at Crooze you are bound to find what you need. 

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Ergon grips

Frequently Asked Questions

What size Ergon grips do I need?

Both size Small and Large come with the same “wing” size and length. However, the large-sized grip is often used by cyclists with larger hands, city riding or commuting.

While the small size grip is often preferred by cyclists with smaller hands as well as for riders wearing thick padded bike gloves or cyclists that enjoy technical rides through difficult mountain trais. 

Are Ergon grips good?

Yes! Ergon strives to constantly improve riders comfort when riding. Their bike saddles and grips are recognised for its innovative design and built which is highly focused on finding ways to relieve riders from uncomfortable pressures and pain in areas such as hands and buttocks.

What are the most comfortable Ergon grips?

This is all about preference. If you prefer handles with a wider contact area for maximum relief then we using Ergon GS2, these also come with a 2-finger barend so you can adjust your hand position to either a narrow grip or wider grips depending on what you find most comfortable. While others want the best of both worlds - a firm grip, wrist support and relief benefits - all in one grip. These are often mountain bike riders that experience steep downhills and bumpy terrain, needing both excellent grip control, anti-slip and pressure distribution. For these riders, we recommend the MTB grips Ergon GA3 Lock On.

How do you adjust Ergon grips?

The bicycle grips come with a screw clamp that makes it possible for you to easily adjust and customise the individual angle of the grips on the handlebar. This clamp prevents the wrist from kinking and falling downward.

How to install Ergon bike grips?

  1. First, make sure the clamp is firmly pushed onto the grip.
  2. Slide the bike handle grips onto the handlebar. Here it is important to make sure the handle is fully inserted onto the bar so that the clamp is flush with the end of the handlebar. 
  3. Once that is done, tighten the clamp using the backward-facing screws. 

How do you use ergonomic grips?

Ergon grips are built with a wing design and a larger contact area that works to distribute pressure on the hands, which will then offer substantial relief and reduce the chances of numbness in your hands when riding.
For more hand position options the Ergon GS2 is your best option. These handles for bikes offer maximum relief and you are able to stretch your forearms when riding.

Why are lock on grips better?

This is all about personal preference but most riders do favour lock on grips as they are easy to install and adjust. This mechanism ensures that the handles do not slip off the handlebar like other grips. When locked in, they stay secure in their position at all times. Giving riders extra confidence and security when riding. 

Our favourites are Ergon GA3 and Ergon GA2

How do I know what size Ergon saddle to get?

We recommend measuring your sit bone width. 

Small/Medium is the best fit for a sit-bone-width in between 9-12 cm. While Medium/Large is the best fit for a width between 12-16cm.

Are Ergon saddles comfortable?

Absolutely! Ergon have tested and experimented with the design of bicycle seats for years in order to provide you with the best bike saddle. They are durable, super comfortable and offer a relief channels that makes riding that much more enjoyable. 

Where are Ergon saddles made?

They are developed and made in Germany. 

What size saddle for 125mm sit bones?

We recommend choosing a Ergon seat that is 1mm wider than your sit bones. For someone with a 125mm sit bone, then you should choose a saddle that is 10mm wider, meaning a size that is atleast 135mm. 

A excellent option for wider sit bones are Ergon SM e-Mountain Bike saddle.

What is the best Ergon saddle?

Our favourite is Ergon SFC3 bike seat. With its ergonomic design, built-in gel pads and optimised relief channel, this bike saddle offers outstanding comfort and reduced numbness when riding.