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Buzzrack – Bike Racks for Cars

Buzzrack – Bike Racks for Cars

Shop Bike Car Racks and safely transport your new eBike. 1, 2 and 3 platform tow ball, hitch mount and accessories.

Bring your e-bike with you on your next adventure!

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Getting a bike rack for your car gives you so much more freedom to explore the many hidden trails and treks that Australia has to offer. 

But which car rack should I get for my vehicle? Don’t worry, we are here to help!

Crooze offers a wide range of high-quality Buzzrack bike carriers that is suitable for all types of cars. Whether you need a bike rack hitch for a smaller car without a tow ball, a convenient bike roof rack or a towbar bike rack for an SUV -- we got you covered.

With Buzzrack you can bring your friends and family members along with you on your next bicycle adventure. You can choose a car bike stand that can carry one, two, three or even four bikes in one go. If a platform rack is not for you, Buzzrack also offers a range of dual-arm bike towbar racks and trunk mounted bike racks.

Our best selling tow ball bike rack is Buzzrack Buzzybee 4 Platform. This bicycle stand is a compact, solid and incredible light for being a four platform - only weighing 15.5kg. Its key features are, one; how easy it is to assemble, two; how steady and secure it sits on the car, and three; its 7 pin lighting system. A convenient and easiest option for mounting sturdy, all size bicycles.

Buzzrack Car Rack

If you are looking for a hitch mount bike carrier rack, then your best bet is Buzzrack Eazzy 3 Platform Bicycle Rack. This platform is fully foldable for excellent storage ability, easy lifting and fitting. This device is highly recommended if you have a carbon frame bike as it does not put pressure on the wheel tubes. 

The Eazzy is fitted on your vehicle in a folded state, which leaves you with more space to work on the hitch mount fitting system. The steady rack also features a tilting mechanism for better balanced, even when you have a full load. 

For a car without a hitch or tow ball, a Buzzrack Mozzquito 3 bike trunk rack dual-arm is what you need. This alternative is super easy to mount, holds up to three bicycles and is easily adjusted to fit most cars, all this at a budget-friendly price. Crooze also has a number of other high-end trunk racks for rear hatches available, such as the Pilot and Beetle

If you want to make fitting it as easy as possible, then get the Buzzrack E-Ramp Kit. No more heavy lifting! 

Making transportation easier

The loading ramp is the most convenient way for you to load your heavy mountain bike or an electric one onto your car rack without straining your own back. All you need to do is roll it up onto the holder. The loading ramp can also be stored within the bike carrier making it convenient to access.

If you are looking for a lighter option, check out the Buzzrack Moose Bike Rack Car. Moose is a compact, reliable and incredibly lightweight arm bike holder that can fit any 50mm tow balls. The favourable design and good quality make sure your bicycle is in good hands when traveling.

We want to make bicycle transportation as secure and easy as possible. With our wide range of bike rack for car, you are bound to find one that fits your vehicle and holds as many bicycles as you wish to carry!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best Buzzrack trunk mount bike rack?

Buzzrack Beetle 3. Super compact, lightweight and designed to fit most cars. Beetle is definitely a favourite when it comes to trunk bike carrier racks.

What is the best Buzzrack towbar bike rack?

A winner amongst our customers is the Buzzrack Buzzybee 4 Tow Ball Bike Rack. This car bike rack can carry up to 4 bicycles yet the rack itself only weighs 15.5kg. The wheel-holder fits all sizes of wheels, even smaller kids bicycles.

What is the cheapest Buzzrack?

Buzzrack Mozzquito 3 Bike Trunk Rack is the cheapest. It is super easy to install, comes with soft rubber straps and can carry up to three bicycles.

What is the best Buzzrack hitch rack?

Our best seller is the Buzzrack e-Scorpion 2 Bike Stand. Capable of carrying two heavy bicycles like mountain bikes or electric bikes. It is also fully foldable for easy storage when not in use, or to store in the car.

What is the easiest Buzzrack to mount to a car?

All Buzzracks are fairly easy to install. But the easiest option is a tow bar bike rack, like Buzzybee or Eazzy. You simply have to place it on the tow ball and then fasten your e-bike.

How much weight can a Buzzrack bicycle rack carry?

That depends on the model and type. It can be anywhere between 15kg to 60kg. 

Can you fit a Buzzrack bike rack to a caravan / motorhome?

No, Buzzrack bike carriers are not sutiable for caravans or motorhomes.