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Bike Drivetrain Components

Shop Drivetrain components for your bike: Cassettes, Chains, Cranks and more.

Enhance your Cycling Performance with the Best Bike Drivetrain Components

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At Crooze you can find a wide range of bicycle components for all types of bikes from entry-level to professional, and even for electric bikes and e-MTB. We have world-leading brands like Shimano and SRAM, which are recognised worldwide for their high-performing and durable bicycle parts. 

The bike drivetrain is a crucial part of the bicycle, including key components such as the cranks, chain, chainrings, derailleur and cassette. With such an important part of your performance, it is vital that you choose the best and most suitable drivetrain for your ride. 

The SRAM and Shimano drivetrain range are great examples of exceptional quality and performance that are made to fit all types of bikes. Their components are not just the most efficient on the market but also incredibly strong and durable. So, whether you are looking to explore the rougher off-road trails, commuting or more speed SRAM and Shimano drivetrain are your perfect choice. 

You can find a wide selection of SRAM and Shimano drivetrain set at Crooze – discover Deore, Ultegra, XTR, Alivio, Tourney and many other popular spare parts for your gravel, MTB or road bike in Australia. 

 Bike drivetrain and components

Premium drivetrain for all riding conditions

The bike’s drivetrain is undoubtedly one of the most important parts of your bicycle, helping to convert the power you put into pedalling into propelling the bike forward on the road or trail. It is also a very complex area as it contains a range of different components - cranks, cassette, chain and derailleur. 

For the ultimate output, it is best to combine components of the same brands, for example, combine an SRAM chain with a drivetrain of the same brand. This is because when working with speed systems from other brands, performance may decrease. 

If you are looking for a new crankset we recommend Shimano FC-TY501. This set is incredibly lightweight and offers reliable, precise DUAL SIS shifting. It is compatible with a wide range of parts including 6, 7 and 8-speed. Perfect for versatile performance, whether it be road riding, city cruising or commuting. Our best Shimano drivetrain available! 

Or maybe it is time to swap out your derailleur? Then we suggest you get the SRAM RD X01 rear derailleur. This component offers the very best in chain management with its Type-3 Roller Bearing Clutch, providing you with faster shifting capabilities as well as eliminating chain slap and derailleur bounce. All this without affecting its precision and performance. It also comes with Cage Lock technology making installation easier and quicker.

The chain may seem to be a small part of your bike, but it is definitely a key component, so you need a quality chain to get the best performance out of your bike. Our best sellers are Shimano Deore 10 speed chain and SRAM PC1031 10 speed chain. These chains are made from the highest quality materials and include advanced technology, so they will last longer, require less force, offer more precise gearing and smooth shifting for many years to come. 

A great cassette option for aggressive off-road MTB riding is Shimano XTR CS-M9101 10-Speed Cassette. This MTB drivetrain part is extremely lightweight due to its BEAM SPIDER construction and offers a wide range of gear steps that are excellent for mountain bike drivetrains. The BEAM SPIDER construction is made to increase acceleration by lowering its weight and inertia. The bike cassette also comes with Shimano’s new MICRO SPLINE freehub and HYPERGLIDE+ tooth technology that optimise riders' shifting performance and cadence control across various mountain terrains. You can’t go wrong by adding Shimano’s XTR cassette. This bike drivetrain Shimano part will make you hit the mountain trails with confidence. 

While if you enjoy road riding SRAM PG1170 is your best option and our best seller! This 11-speed cassette offers a wide selection of gear options and undeniably performance advantage. The cassette is made for high shifting performance and comes with a quieter cassette/chain combination. With its semi-spider design, it is the perfect mix of strength, efficiency and lightweight - perfect for road bike riding. The SRAM PG1170 cassette is the final piece in the drivetrain puzzle and provides you with ultra-fast, ultra-quiet shifting that will always put you in the right gear. 

Shimano bike parts

All you cycling needs in one place at Crooze

Looking to upgrade your bicycle? Or maybe in need of replacing a worn-out bike part? We got you covered! Crooze is your one-stop shop for everything bicycle. We got a wide selection of components for all types of bikes - whether it's a commuter bike, city bike, off-road mountain bike or anything in between. Not only that, we also got everything from cycling clothes, protective gear, bike helmets and cleaning products to new e-bikes and electric mountain bikes. 

Crooze is an official Bicycle Retail Store on the Gold Coast and we strive to offer you the best service. If you want to know more about our products, reach out to our experienced team of cycling enthusiasts and they will be able to answer anything you might want to know and more! Our mechanics are also here to assist you with any fitting of new parts or repairs. Simply stop by our Gold Coast store WorkShop and talk to a member of the team.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the components of biking?

A bicycle drivetrain consists of key components such as the crankset, bracket, chain, chainrings, derailleur and cassette. 

Other important components of a bike are its frame, fork, seat post, saddle, headset, stem, handlebars, brakes, levers, wheels and tyres.

How do you replace a drivetrain on a bike?

First, remove the chain from the crankset and rear derailleur. Then remove the rear wheel from the frame and aslo unscrew the crankset from the bike frame. After, you simply install the new crankset by screwing it onto the frame. 

For the rear wheel, you unscrew the front bolt keeping the cassette discs in place. Then remove the cassette from the wheel by sliding it off. Then put a small amount of grease on the freehub body. Then you can install the new cassette and tighten it down. 

Then, fit the new chain, with the right length, onto the rear derailleur and crankset teeth.

What is a groupset on a bike?

A bike's groupset is a range of different moving components on your bicycle that drive or stop the wheels. The groupset includes a cassette, chainset, chain, shifters, brakes, cables, derailleur and bottom bracket.

Which parts of a bicycle are wheel and axle pulleys and gears?

The gears and chains on a bicycle are the pulleys. The third part of this drive train is the wheel and axle, which works to transfer force between each other.

A wheel-and-axle is a wheel that rotates on an axle. It is located at the front and rear wheel.

SRAM vs Shimano drivetrain

Both brands are known worldwide for their high-quality materials, durability, performance and advanced technology.

Shimano has been manufacturing bicycle parts for 100 years, while SRAM is a much younger competitor, having been operating since 1987.
Shimano is double the size of SRAM and is considered the top contender for road bike components. Meanwhile, SRAM components are preferred when it comes to fitting mountain bikes.