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Bike Racks for Car Buying Guide

Bike Racks for Car Buying Guide

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Take your bike with you wherever you go.

No longer feel constricted to your local area, bring your bike on your next hiking expedition or beach vacation. The devices will securely and easily transport your e-bike without having to lift the heavy bicycles onto the car roof or try squeezing it into the trunk.

Choosing the right car bike carrier can be difficult. Which bike rack is the best? Which car holder will fit my car? Will it damage my vehicle, and how do I fasten it? These are some of the many frequently asked questions we encounter from our buyers. Luckily we have put together answers for you to help find the best fit for your car.

There are many types of bike carriers available on the market, some of the most popular types are tow ball bike racks, hitch-mounted racks, rear trunk racks and roof racks. These are all designed to fit different cars or different user needs and preferences.

First, let’s have a look at the most important question; What kind of bike rack should I get for my car? This relies upon what kind of car you have. When you have a tow ball on at the back of your vehicle the recommended bike mount carrier might be either a towbar carrier or trunk bike strap holder. If you do not have a tow ball, the best option would be either a hitch mount bike carrier or a rear trunk holder.

What is the best bike rack for a car?

There are many good high-quality car-bike holders. The most popular and well-known brands are Thule and Buzzrack. These brands have been in the business for years and know what they are doing when designing these bike carriers - a strong focus on making them strong, user-friendly, reliable and durable.

Bike rack holders come in many forms depending on how many bicycles you want to transport and what type of bikes they are. You can choose between carrying just one bicycle or up to four at the same time. The type of rear back car holder you choose also depends on what type of bike you are taking with you, whether it is a road bike, electric bike, mountain bike or commuter bike.

For example, Buzzrack is made to carry heavier bicycles such as an MTB or e-bike. Both Buzzrack e-Scorpion and e-hornet Hitch Mount Bike Rack series are extremely versatile bike mounts and designed specifically to hold heavier loads while still being durable, secure and easy to use.

Car Bike Racks for 4 bikes

While the Buzzrack Buffalo Dual Arm Tow Ball Bike Carrier series is the most user-friendly bike carrier. Super easy to install, lightweight and takes up less space and width at the back of the car. The unique conic system is compatible with all ISO 50mm diameter tow balls. Simple to handle and exceptionally secure.

When choosing a bike rack for your car it is all about preference - whether you are looking for convenience, carrying max amount or what will fit your type of bicycle best. Most models are designed so that you can also access the rear back door or trunk even when the device is mounted, and most are also foldable making it easy to store when not in use.

Bike car rack for 2 bikes

How secure are they? And will it damage my car? The mounted bike carriers are created to be an extremely sturdy and secure way of transporting your bicycles on the back of your car. The hitch mount and towball bike racks are able to carry two bikes or more at the same time, while a trunk mount bike holder will normally be able to hold one or two bicycles.

When it comes to worrying about damaging the car, most bike carriers have advanced and specialised designs created to not damage your car on the go. However, tow bar and hitch mount carriers are made to stick out from the car, and consequently the chances for damages to the vehicle are minimal.

On the other hand, the rear trunk bike holders may have the potential to cause harm to your automobile, as it is positioned against the car's paint and straps that hook onto the sides of the trunk door. Meaning that the bike holder is constantly in contact with your vehicle, and may rub towards it and cause scratches. However, these days the designs have advanced and newer versions, like the Buzzrack Beetle, are built to stick out from the car, erasing those risks of damages.

Fastening the device to your car

As we have established, there is a bike carrier to fit every car. But the type of car you have will determine what type of bike car rack you can fit on, and how you would go about installing it:

  • A tow bar bicycle rack is a simple and speedy option for a car rack. Basically lift the vehicle bicycle rack onto the tow ball. Then, contort and attach the locking instrument at the bottom part of the rack, next to the tow ball. Simple as that. Then you easily lift and strap on the bike and hit the road.
  • With the strap trunk bike holder, it will take a bit more time and effort. You should first release the handles to unfurl the arms. Change the arms at an appropriate position and afterward tighten the bolt once more. Lift the trunk bike holder onto the back of the vehicle, then, at that point connect the upper hocks on the highest point of the back trunk door while attaining the position of the rack. Attach side clasps and lower claps to the vehicle’s trunk door. Then, at this point tighten each tie to ensure the bicycle transporter is stable and secure.
  • A Hitch mount bike rack conveniently fits your car by sliding the hitch-mount rack into the receiver hitch at the rear of the vehicle. Attach the bicycle carrier with the hitch pin, and afterward tighten the handle knobs to secure the device’s position. Then, at that point unfurl the arms, and you are set to lift and strap up the bicycle!

Remember, when fitting the bicycle carrier to follow the road rules. Like, not covering the number plate or any car lights. For more information about road standards and how to fit the bike carrier correctly, click here.

Bike Rack Prices

Last but not least, let’s look at prices. Obviously, the price will vary and mostly depends on the size of your carrier. The trunk-mounted bike carriers and dual-arm tow balls are smaller and lighter than a full-sized tow bar bike rack, and therefore often a bit cheaper. Buzzrack Mozzquito Trunk Mounted Bike Carrier for around $160, and a dual-arm towbar Thule bike rack costs around $200. While a four platform tow bar bike rack or hitch mount bike carrier will cost anything from $500 to $1,500.

Now you know the most important information about choosing the right bike rack for your car. Today most bicycle carriers are designed to be user-friendly, secure and non-damaging to the car. You are now no longer limited to your area, but able to explore those hidden tracks further away. So choose yours today and make sure your bike, electric bicycle and even the kids bikes are travelling safe and sound.

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