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10 Accessories Every Bike Rider Needs

Top 10 Bike Accessories

Amanda Botton |

When riding a bike you need to make sure you are ready for everything! From protective gear to the right clothing.

We have put together everything you need in order to optimise your riding experience. You will be ready to hit the road or slopes in no time! So check out some of our recommended bike accessories and have the best and safest ride.

1 - Helmet

The most important accessory to have when riding is a helmet. However, finding the right helmet can be hard if you don’t know what to look for. There are a few critical points to consider when buying a helmet.

One, it should fit snugly but comfortable on your head for the absolute best protection.

Two, buy a helmet that is built for your riding style - whether that be mountain biking, road riding or commuting. This is because each helmet will include different features to help optimise its usefulness. For example, if you like to go on rough, off-road mountain bike trails you might need a full head MTB helmet or a half-head helmet, while long-distance road bikers would want their helmet to be lightweight, comfortable and with plenty of ventilation.

Nutcase Helmets

The third thing to look for is a roadworthy safety certificate or some advanced impact technology. You identify this by the sticker on the inside of the helmet. An advanced shock protection innovation recommended for your helmet is MIPS.

MIPS stands for Multi-directional Impact Protection System. It is a slip-plane technology that is located inside the helmet, built to reduce rotation forces to the brain when you encounter impact. This technology is not standard for all helmets but recommended as it is proven to make a difference.

Another safety measure, just introduced to the market, is the RECCO reflector. This invention has a chip integrated into the helmet so that the rescue services can easily search and find lost riders. Especially handy if you are into off-the-grid mountain bike riding. This technology can be found in the POC Tectal helmet.

Some other recommended, well-known helmet brands are Giro, Troy Lee Design, Nutcase, Specialized, FOX, and Pro-Tec.

2 - Bike lights

When riding on the road it is extremely important to have bicycle lights. It does not matter if it is day or night, we still strongly recommend always using it. Not only does it allow you to see ahead but also alert other riders and vehicles that you are there.

Exposure Lights, Serfas, Shred Lights and Lezyne have a wide range of both front lights and rear lights. You can buy them separately or in a combo set.

They provide exceptional visibility range and allow different light mode settings including Daytime Flash or Low Flash. You can choose which strength of light you prefer, anything from 75 lumens to 1000 lumens and it will last from 2 hours to 90 hours.

The new taillights from Lezyne come with innovative custom-programmed “Alert” technology and automatic braking sensors. Meaning, when braking, the bike light will shine solid like the brake lights on a car. When the rider has fully stopped, the LED light will produce an unmistakable flash light to alert others of you stopping. Once the rider starts riding again, the rear bicycle light will resume its standard mode setting.

3 - Cleaning products 

Maintaining and servicing your electric bike is very important in order to keep your motorized bike in top shape and expand its longevity.

One thing you need on your maintenance list is a Chain Lube. This is a wax emulsion that you put on your bike chain to reduce dry irritation, friction and chain suck.

Another thing to add to your list is some cleaning products like bike polish. Maxima has a great range including the Maxima SC1 Bike Polish. This product is designed to restore your eBikes shine and make them look new.

The SC1 formula provides a durable layer that repels dirt, mud and debris. Also, add chain and brake cleaner to your maintenance list.

4 - Tube sealant 

Tube sealant is always handy to have available if you ever encounter a rapture in your bicycle tire. Slime and Stand are excellent brands in this category. They both offer sealants for tube and tubeless tires. Designed to instantly seal punctures caused to the eBike and also very long-lasting.

5 - GPS 

If you are one of those people who like to go on hardcore, off-road adventures into the forest or desert, it is recommended to bring with you a GPS. It will help substantially with finding your way but also providing useful insight to improving your performance. It is the perfect riding partner.

A dominant brand in the market is Garmin. Try out their Garmin Edge GPS which offers everything you need in one bundle - Heart Rate Monitor, Cadence Sensor and Speed Sensor. It gives you important information about your performance - endurance, intensity and threshold. It will tell you when to eat or hydrate, and monitor how your body is handling different environments.

6 - Quad Lock Bike Phone mount + phone case

Instead of a GPS, your smartphone can be just as handy to bring along on a ride with you.  For less hardcore cycling trips, you can simply use alternative riding monitor apps such as the Specialized Mission Control or Map My Ride.

With the Quad Lock Bike mount you can easily attach your phone to your ride. The dual-stage lock makes it quick and easy to safely secure your phone on the bike’s handlebar. Simply put on the phone case - which also adds extra impact protection - and secure it to the Quad Lock bike phone holder. And you are ready to go!

7 - Bags and storage

The freedom of going the distance. You can now easily store essentials in bags specially made for bicycles. Either bring with you accessories you need for work or carry an overnight bag on your bicycle with the new pannier bags and seat pack saddles. Simple to fit on the eBike and can store up to 40 litres.


A recommended brand is Ortlieb which has a reputation for being indestructible and is waterproof.

8 - Bike Locks

If you are travelling in the city or urban places you will need a bike lock to securely leave your electric bicycle.

What to look for in an e-bike lock? It is recommended to buy high-quality locks from trusted brands. It is cheaper to buy a slightly more expensive lock than to have to replace the whole electric bike. The bicycle lock itself needs to have a thick rounded shackle made of hard steel and a resilient locking cylinder to make it impossible to break.

Check out some recommended bike locks here.

9 - Tools & Pumps  

We highly recommend that you always bring with you a multipurpose tool when riding. You never know what is going to happen - you might need to adjust the seat height or unscrew the wheels. Better safe than sorry!

Also, it is important to regularly check tire pressure and keep the appropriate air-fill. Buy a bike pump to always have it available. The most common punctures on a bicycle are not from sharp obstacles but damages to the tires done by low air. As this will cause the bicycle tire to grind against the wheel.

10 - Hydration Pack

Be prepared when riding. Bring with you enough food and water to last for hours. Camelbak has a wide range of lightweight backpacks designed specially for bike riders. Choose between 1.5, 2 or 3 litres.


It comes with an integrated water reservoir and water tube for quick and easy access to water anytime - especially convenient for high-intensity rides such as e-mountain bike riding. Your stuff will also be safe with its safe zip pockets.

Having all this is bound to make your riding experience that much better!

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