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Focus e-bike 2022

2022 Focus JAM² e-Mountain Bikes

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Focus started this year with a bang! Launching a whole new series of electric mountain bikes. The Jam2 series has taken riders’ favourite features from previous models and combined them into a new range that is tougher, more agile and powerful than ever before. 

Designed to conquer new mountains, more trails and take you on adventures like never before. The Jam2 is positioned between an enduro Focus Thron2 and Sam2, where the JAM² comes with an impressive e-drive system and a 150mm travel suspension that makes it capable of going anywhere. 

Focus ebike performance comparison

Choose between a 6 series or a 7 series JAM² Focus e-bike. Where the JAM² 6 series has a Bosch Performance Line CX drive system while the 7 series is powered by a Shimano EP8 motor. 

Both series comes with an advanced C.I.S. STEM design and 29” all-terrain wheels. The C.I.S. stem keeps all cables (shifting, brake housing, drive and drop post cables) within the stem and through the bike frame. Making the electric bicycle look clean and stylish, as well as protecting its cabling from external factors. The 29-inch MTB wheels give you greater stability and a smoother riding experience. The tires will easier roll over any type of terrain like rocks, dust and mud, making no obstacle too difficult to conquer. And they are super fast!

JAM2 6. Series

As mentioned before, it is the drive system that is the biggest differentiation between these two series. The Jam2 6 models come with Bosch’s strongest e-drive motor called Performance CX motor which generates 85Nm and offers incredible pedal support up to 25km/h. The powerful motor makes the Focus bike more nimble and agile on the trail. In addition, the e-bikes come with an e-MTB setting that makes the motor support change automatically with your riding power. 

Another highlight of the 6 series is its Flip Chip Wheel Change system. This system provides you with two-axle position options at the dropout, so you are not restricted to just one size of wheels. The “low position” is made for 27+ bike tires, while the “high position” is perfect for 29-inch wheels. The front suspension is designed to fit both sizes so you can ride with what wheel dimensions best suits you - whether it be 27+”, 29” or a mix (29”/27+). 

Now, let's have a look at some of these hardcore off-road e-mountain bikes.

Focus Jam2 6.7 NINE 29inch eBike - 2022

Focus Jam2 6.7 NINE 29inch eBike - 2022


This beast is made to conquer new mountains. With its powerful Bosch CX e-drive and 625Wh battery, this electric motor bike has no problem taking on the tougher uphill climbs and rolls effortlessly down the mountainside. The Rock Shox fork suspension handles bumps and uneven surfaces incredibly. Combining that with its durable Shimano SLX groupset and strong BR-MT520 4 piston brakes, the Jam2 6.7 NINE offer incredible handling and control.

Focus Jam2 6.8 NINE 29inch e-Bike - 2022

Focus Jam2 6.8 NINE 29inch e-Bike - 2022


Gifted with the same agile and powerful e-drive system and removable 625Wh battery as its other Jam2 6 series brothers. However, this machine incorporates the high-performing FOX Rhythm 34 fork shock and FOX DPS Performance rear suspension, making no obstacle too hard to handle on the trail. It also helps that it comes with a precise and easy-to-use Shimano XT shifting and a fully integrated cable system for a stylish look.

JAM2 7. Series

The 7 series is designed will fit different types of riders, benefitting them in different ways. The more advanced riders will appreciate the responsive feel of these motorised bikes, as it moves quickly, take on sharp corners easily and smoothly roll over a wide range of terrains. Less advanced riders will enjoy the feeling of control when riding off-road. The e-bike offers constant feedback and lets the rider drive feel confident at all times. And both levels of riders will equally love its amazing bottom-out resistance capabilities.

Hear what Focus’ engineers have to say about the new JAM2 7 series:

What makes this eMTB range stand out from others is its powerful Shimano EP8 drive system that produces 85Nm. Combining that with its 720 Wh battery and you got yourself an off-road beast! Not only that, but Focus has positioned the rear suspensions in an upper sitting on the frame providing riders with a better standover height. 

Focus has also lowered the seat tube substantially more than its predecessors, providing riders with significantly better centre gravity and bicycle handling, especially in technical terrains as the centre weight is lower. You will get an overall better downhill experience as it has a longer drop post. 

The 7 series bikes come with Anti Squat, meaning the main pivot is very close to the axle causing less pedal kickback. This means the eBike will tackle downhills outstandingly and be able to handle decent climbs, especially during technical runs where continuous traction is important. 

Focus Jam2 7

Both the 6 and 7 series has an advanced F.O.L.D. suspension kinematics that makes the eBike capable of more aggressive riding and a smoother flow on the trail. The double shock suspensions provide incredible bottom-out resistance due to its linear-progressive suspension curve. MTB riders describe it as a highly responsive and super reactive bike, which is not very common on heavier system electric bikes. 

Here is one model from the range:

Focus Jam2 7.8 29inch e-Bike - 2022

Focus Jam2 7.8 29inch e-Bike - 2022


When creating this Focus mountain bike, the brand has thought of every little detail and how it can continue to improve riders performance and handling. You can see this in their specially picked high-quality components and design. The highlight is definitely its dynamic and lightweight Shimano EP8 motor, offering the perfect power balance for its agile geometry. 

Jam2 7.8 has two motor support profiles that you can customise to your needs. That way you can easily switch via the display between a smooth and continuous profile for riding to the trails, and later switch to a more dynamic, progressive profile for your actual trail riding. You get to choose what works best for you! In addition, its 720Wh battery easily supports your super long rides. 

Focus Jam2 7.8 29inch e-Bike - 2022

This off-road MTB will completely change your riding experience, making you perform better each run. With its FLIP CHIP system, you can easily adjust your geometry to suit your riding style, whether that be more technical or aggressive style. The small adjustment available will change the whole set-up goal making it even more downhill-oriented. 

Furthermore, the C.I.S. routing offers a clean cockpit and effortless braking and shifting capabilities. And to top it all off, you can now also fit a small tool bag on the down tube so you are always prepared for what the trip might bring.

Now you know why MTB riders are so eager to get their hands on these off-road beauties. If you are one of them we have good news, some are already in our store or on pre-order. They are limited so get in now to reserve your favourite.

Not only that, but Focus Bikes has also launched a bunch of new 2022 electric bikes to their other range; Focus Thron2, Aventura2, Planet2, Jarifa2 and Sam2.

New 2022 models include:

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