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Bike & Racing Goggles

Bike & Racing Goggles

Shop Goggle at Crooze and experience definition and subtlety never before viewed through the lens of a goggle.

Top-Performing Bike and Racing Goggles

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Finding the right equipment has never been easier. At Crooze you can find a wide range of bike and racing goggles from premium brands like POC, Fox Racing and 100%.

A good-quality pair of bike goggles are important to have when riding in order to protect your eyes from the environment - keeping dirt, rocks and the sun away from your eyes when going off-road bike riding.

Looking for replacement lenses or lens protection? Check out our range of lenses and lens accessories here!

Choose the best racing goggles at Crooze!

100 Percent has a wide range of high-performing goggles for bike riding. Our best sellers are Racecraft 2, Accuri 2, Strata 2 and Armega. They come in many cool and stylish colours!

Our collection also have MTB goggles for young riders; 100 Percent Accuri 2 Youth Goggles.

Our best-seller in the 100% range is 100 Percent Racecraft 2 Goggle in the colour black and yellow. These mountain bike goggles take every benefit from its previous models and made it better. The bicycle goggles are refined for today’s demands of the fastest racers in the world, providing a superior vision system with an expansive field of view and unmatched comfort.

Racecraft 2 has a 9-point lens retention system that secures the lens in the frame, Ultra-thick triple-layer face foam to soak up sweat, anti-fog coating on the lens for clearer vision and a 45 mm wide silicone lined strap for maximum grip. Whatever you throw at it, these 100 mountain bike goggles are ready for it!

Whatever type of bike riding glasses you are after we got you covered!

We offer a diverse range of bike racing goggles, whatever type of bike or e-bike equipment you are after, we are here to help! Whether it be for off-the-grid riding, technical trail riding or all-terrain - Crooze has got you covered!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do bike goggles fit all helmets?

Most MTB goggles on the market today are designed to be versatile and fit most helmets. However, there are some cases where they might not. Thus, if unsure we recommend trying them on your helmet before buying.

What are the best motorbike goggles Australia?

Our best-selling cycling safety glasses are 100% Racecraft 2. These MTB goggles have advanced riding features such as an anti-fog coated polycarbonate lens for a clearer vision, a thick triple-layer face foam that soaks up sweat, a wider view field, an improved fitment and seal, and dual-injected, wide outriggers for a balanced fit.

How do you wear goggles on a mountain bike?

The safest and best way to wear your eye gear is to fit your bicycle helmet on first and then strap your goggles on over the helmet.

Some helmets come with a clasp at the back of the head so you can secure your goggles and prevent them from sliding off.

Which goggles are best for racing?

POC ORA Clarity is an excellent choice for downhill and enduro riders. The glasses feature a lens that heightens the contrast of greens and browns, which are typically associated with trail environments. It sports a wide-field view, allowing you to see more in all directions, thereby offering better safety. The bicycle riding glasses also have no vent foam, which means they offer maximum ventilation.

Do racing goggles make a difference?

Yes, they do! They are made to give you a clearer view of the road ahead without fogging or sliding off ─ even during the most intense rides.

How to clean bike goggles?

The lens of your goggles is treated with an anti-fogging coating that works to optimise your vision and reduce fogging. This finish can be quite delicate and you need to take care when cleaning them. We recommend not using any chemicals. Instead, we suggest you soak your glasses in lightly soaped water. Once they are submerged, gently work the soapy water through the side goggle foam. For further cleaning, you can use a microfibre cloth or your goggle bag.

If there is mud on your lens, let the water soak the mud until it falls off.