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Rocky Mountain Bike 2022

2022 Rocky Mountain Powerplay e-bikes

Inspired by the beautiful mountain tops in Vancouver, Canada, Rocky Mountain has now launched a new range of Powerplay electric mountain bikes that will be arriving this year - some are already here! Offering better handling, better battery and more advanced trail riding features than ever before. 

The brand focuses highly on building MTBs that will last the long haul, and meeting riders need when it comes to functionality, agility and performance.

Rocky Mountain eBikes are one of our favourites, and we are super excited to see these hardcore off-road bikes in action! 

You can choose between 3 types; Altitude, Instinct and Growler. Each model comes in various stylish colours and you also have the option of choosing between an alloy or carbon frame. 

Let’s have a look at what each model can do and their amazing features. 

Rocky Mountain Altitude Powerplay e-bike

The new 2022 Altitude model has taken the best of the best features from its race-winning Altitdute predecessors and added its own spin to it, making it more powerful and resilient in altitude riding conditions. 

Rocky Mountain has incorporated its new and upgraded MTB drive system - Dyname 4.0 - to the Altitude Powerplay series, giving you more torque and a higher peak power - up to 880W. With this unbelievable power, this electric motor bike is able to hit the steepest of uphill trails with confidence. It also comes with a bigger battery, providing enough juice for you to ride your favourite trail over and over again.

The 2022 motorised bike comes with a built-in display unit that lets you control and monitor your riding performance. It features useful information such as speed, range, cadence, assists levels and battery life to ensure you have enough power to get you wherever you need to go. 

Altitude is built to encourage you to ride harder and faster than before with its high quality built, including full internal cable routing, solid alloy frame, dual Fox Float suspension, Race Face Aeffect crankset, Shimano XT Trail 4 Piston brakes, and two aggressive Maxxis tires for exceptional handling and surface grip - making you ready for whatever riding situation you might encounter. 

In addition, the Powerplay 2022 series comes with a RIDE-4 adjustment system which allows you to quickly fine-tune your electric bicycle’s geometry and suspension to best fit your riding style and terrain. Challenging uphills, no problem. Uneven terrain, no problem. Rocky Mountain Altitude is made to exceed you expectations of what an eMTB can do.

Rocky Mountain Bike 2022 Altitude Powerplay

This model is expected to arrive at the start of April. We have limited stock so make sure you pre-order your favourite before it is gone. 

Models to come in 2022:

Rocky Mountain Altitude Powerplay Alloy 70 - 2022 Green Black


Sold out $11,499.00 - Buy Now

Rocky Mountain Altitude Powerplay Alloy 70 Green/Black - 2022

Rocky Mountain Altitude Powerplay Alloy 70 Green/Black - 2022


Rocky Mountain Altitude Powerplay Alloy 50 Orange/Black - 2022

Rocky Mountain Altitude Powerplay Alloy 50 Orange/Black - 2022


Rocky Mountain Altitude Powerplay Alloy 30 COIL Green/Black - 2022


Rocky Mountain Instinct Powerplay

Speed x time = Instinct.

Rocky Mountain Instinct Powerplay is an all-purpose off-road MTB that perfectly combines agility with power. So whether you want to hit more challenging climbs, technical descent or rougher terrains, the new Instinct welcomes anything you throw at it with open arms. It will empower you to go further and seek new adventures every weekend.

Rocky Mountan Bike 2022 Instinct Powerplay

This electric bike is packed with performance enhanced technology like its all-new Dyname 4.0 power drive, minimalistic Jumbotron display unit, new ergonomic remote, 4 geometry adjustment positions and more.

What sets the Instinct Powerplay apart from other models is its thoughtfully integrated new features and rider-focused design. Making it feel as natural as possible when riding. This includes a versatile geometry, next-generation Dyname 4.0 drive system, bigger battery and dialed kinematics. The Growler also offer incredible traction control with its tubeless Maxxis Rekon EXO tires, spitting dust behind you as you power through.

The hardcore mountain bicycle packs a huge 720Wh battery that gives you enough juice to get to the top, ride down, and go back up again. 

Models already available to purchase in our store:

Rocky Mountain Instinct Powerplay Alloy 70 Blue/Grey - 2022

Rocky Mountain Instinct Powerplay Alloy 70 Blue/Grey - 2022


Rocky Mountain Instinct Powerplay Alloy 50 Blue/Grey - 2022

Rocky Mountain Instinct Powerplay Alloy 50 Blue/Grey - 2022


Rocky Mountain Instinct Powerplay Alloy 30 Grey/Red - 2022

Rocky Mountain Instinct Powerplay Alloy 30 Grey/Red - 2022


Rocky Mountain Growler Powerplay

Growler Powerplay 30 is the ultimate trail growler with its high volume 27.5 inch tires, powerful drive system and 675Wh battery. Allowing you to charge hard on every time. 

Rocky Mountain Bike Growler 2022


The e-mountain bike is built solid with an Alloy frame, Race Face Ride crankset and Shimano rotors. It has a powerful Dyname 3.0 drive system with a big 672Wh battery and 27.5 inch high volume tyres. Making it possible for you to go the extra distance and not worry about any struggles you might encounter.

The dual suspension mountain bike comes with a 130 mm Suntour XCR front fork for a smoother feel on bumpier trail terrains. Combining that with its Maxxis tires, it offers incredible traction and control, and the Shimano shifters allow easy handling down more technical trails.

This 2022 model is the newest to the Growler range, and it shows with its no-nonsense attitude towards any riding condition.

Rocky Mountain has been perfecting its mountain bike range since 1981, pushing boundaries and improving their two-wheeled machines. This shows in every thoughtful detail and component they incorporate. Their high success comes from thinking from the customer’s perspective, looking at what their needs are, and building from there. This has resulted in Rocky Mountain providing riders with the next big thing in high-end performance MTB year after year. 

Browse all our 2022 Rocky Mountain MTBs here. We will be receiving limited stock so make sure you pre-order today before they are gone. 

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