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Crooze 1,200 Km Escooter Coast Run - Riding for a cause

Crooze 1,200 km Escooter Coast Run

Kenji Shimizu |

Update 2 - Day 2: We arrived at Brisbane's City Hall.

by Kenji Shimizu, Monday 31st of August, 2020.

It was a beautiful day to ride, and even though we had great - and horrifying - moments, in the end we did it! 87km completed out of the 1,200km total.

I, Kenji, can honestly say that this was my first time EVER riding a scooter. Literally, I haven't ridden any kind of scooter before (not even non-electric, push scooters). After the initial 87 km, I can say that it was not hard at all. The Zero 10X model we are using for this trip is very comfortable and oh boy... it's a total beast! The amount of power it provides when you enable the dual motor on mode 3, is insane. Steep hills are easily done with that configuration. However, I'd suggest to take care with that, as it may sometimes be too powerful (in the crowded city streets or when going downhill).

The suspension is amazing. There were moments were we had to transition between grass and pavement and road, and not always we had a smooth ramp available. During the first hour of the ride, I was a bit worried about that, but the Zero 10x took care of that like a real champ. 

Now, I'm not sure if it's my lack of experience, but I had difficulty in getting used to the brakes. Maybe I just need to get the feel of it, and try to slowly brake – and better judge when to slow down. Even at 25 km/h, if you brake it abruptly, it will end bad. At one point, going downhill, I almost lost control when braking (rear brakes). I sure learned the lesson, and will give more time to slow down before trying to stop.

The more I ride, more I can trust this e-scooter... well, we have 9 more days to fully master the Zero 10X. One thing is certain: it's going to be FUN!!!

HOT TIP: If you're looking for a great place to ride your e-bike, e-scooter (and even e-board), you may want to try the veloway between Logan and Brisbane City. It has a great space for e-ride traffic on both ways, and great views of the city. If you're used to travel between Gold Coast and Brisbane via the M1 driving a car, try something new! This veloway gives you totally different angles of the city, that you otherwise would never see.







Update 1 - Day 1: The journey begins!

by Kenji Shimizu, Monday 31st of August, 2020.

James and Kenji - Starting the Journey

In a few hours James and I will start this crazy journey to the Whitsundays on electric scooters, followed by our crew in the support car. It's an exciting day for all of us – it's actually happening!

Thanks so much for the wonderful support we received so far from our colleagues, friends, family, community and some anonymous people. As of the writing of this blog post update, Movember has received $6,130 in donations via our Movember Team page – which will be used for many initiatives to support men all around Australia, and help reduce suicide rates in our country. 

If you haven't donated yet, I'd like to ask you to consider doing so. Please check Movember to know more about what they're doing for our brothers – and if you can, please donate via our Movember Team page. Help change the face of men's mental health" rel="noopener noreferrer"> It's still a long way to our goal of $10,000, but we know that we will get there together. If there's something I know about the people of this beautiful country, is that the sense of community lives within our hearts.

We'll be posting on Instagram and Facebook during the trip, and we invite you to follow us in this journey. We hope to inspire you and your friends to get the message out there – let's get the conversation going.



Original Post

This August, James and Kenji will be embarking on the longest e-scooter ride ever in Australia. 1,200 km over 10 days to raise money for Movember – the beautiful and well-known organisation that looks after all our brothers struggling out there.

We will be leaving the Crooze HQ on the Gold coast on the 31st of August and hope to arrive in one piece in Airlie Beach, North Queensland, 10 days later. It's a big challenge for us, and we're sure our legs and backs will be filling many complaints during this journey... However, our motivation – to get people supporting this cause by donating or starting the conversation – will get us there.


"Be a man" they said.

Globally, the rate of suicide is alarmingly high, particularly in men. Men's mental health is often neglected in our society, sometimes masked by the "tough it out" pressure that we're put under.

One small thing, the first step that can help relieve a bit of the pressure is to just talk. By opening up to a good friend – or by letting your bro know that he can really count on you – we can get through some tough times together. Other times though, it's vital to seek professional help.


There will always be someone there for you – don't ever think you're alone.

If you feel like you need to talk to someone right now, please call Lifeline on 13 11 14 (available 24/7). You can also check this Movember page, full of local resources to help you, or someone you know.


The Rides: meet the Zero 10X

This 1,200 km trip wouldn't be possible without the high-performance, dual-motor drive Zero 10X e-scooter. First, it provides the power and comfort we surely will need (having front and rear spring hydraulic suspension will prove a bliss for different terrains we may encounter).

Zero 10 X e-Scooter

Second, the range of up to 110 km per charge is crucial in a long trip like this. Yes, we'll carry extra batteries because it's a 1,200 km journey, but e-scooters can't get much better than this at 110 km per charge.

And third, Zero is reliable – it is our best-selling electric scooter brand for a reason. We trust it will get us all the way to Airlie Beach, safe and sound, no dramas. If all the positive customer reviews out there won't convince you, follow us on this journey and see for yourself! 


Special Thanks

A huge thanks to Movember, for the great work that is saving our bro's lives around the globe. A huge thanks to Zero, for providing us with two 10X e-scooters, which are up for the challenge.

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