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Help to Reduce Carbon Emissions and Restore Our Ecosystem!

Help to Reduce Carbon Emissions and Restore Our Ecosystem!

Amanda Botton |

This month Crooze will plant a Tree for every order you make! 

Crooze cares about the environment and understands that we need to take action now before it's too late. That is why we have partnered up with SeaTrees. Helping them plant a million trees in Indonesia in order to help restore our ecosystem and support Indonesian communities.

Planting a Tree program


To figure out how we can most effectively reduce emissions, we need to first understand where our emissions come from.

Did you know that 92% of the world’s population breathes contaminated air and that the world in total emits around 50 billion tonnes of greenhouse gases a year?

Did you also know that the third-largest source of gas emissions in the world is Transportation, where road transport is the biggest contender with 11.9% of total global gas emissions! 

Crooze is acknowledging these high numbers and always encourages people to therefore swap out their cars for an electric bike or a standard bike. 

How does this project works? 

For every order you make at Crooze we will plant a Mangrove tree in Indonesia for you. The Mangrove Trees are planted in the sea because 'blue-carbon' coastal ecosystems - like mangrove forests - are 5-10x more effective than a rainforest at removing CO2 from the air.


SeaTree is a non-government organisation that works toward protecting and restoring the planet’s health. They are passionate about slowing down climate change and ocean acidification and encourage each one of us to rise to fight these threats.

SeaTree works with local communities on Biak Island, Indonesia. This means that when you make an order at Crooze you will not only contribute to giving our planet breathable air by planting a tree but you will also provide sustainable employment for two villages on Biak Island. You will contribute to creating critical habitats for threatened animal and plant species on the island and protect Biak Island from sea-level rise and storm surges.

Mangrove Forests dissipate wave energy along the coast, acting as a natural protection again storms and floods and its 1000 times cheaper than building sea walls. The trees and roots also provide valuable habitat for fish and crustaceans, which coastal communities depend on for food.

Planting Process of a Mangrove Tree

The process of planting a tree on Padaidori Island follows a structured process that is safe, tested and easy to carry out. 

SeaTree’s plant workers work closely with the Indonesian government and the village where the trees are planted, and have secure the authorized agreements needed and focus on respecting landowners’ and locals land and rights.

Each employee gets extensive training from experts on how to properly plant the trees. The mangrove seeds/propagules are gathered from adjacent healthy remnant mangrove forests. 

Before planting, workers clear the sites of deforestation debris. Then they plant the appropriate mangrove species within the appropriate sub-ecosystems. 

SeaTree takes photos through out the whole process for document purpose to estimated number of trees being planted per day per area and the health of the land. Local planting partners will monitor the health, growth and long term survival rates of the trees, guards are hired to protect the planting process.

We believe that together we have the power to restore our planet’s health, and that this is a small step towards reaching that goal. 

How Swapping My Car For an Electric Bike Can Help Environmental Sustainability

Reduce CO2 emissions

    Every day the general Australian population take their car for commuting or running errands at least two times a day. By swapping your car or motorbike for an electric motor bike you can help reduce the greenhouse gasses being emitted into the world every day.

    Cars don’t only pollute through gas and petrol consumption, they also emit other hazardous chemicals that are bad for the planet.

    Feel good about commuting and invest in an electric bike instead. That way you're giving the planet a much-needed break, as well as cutting down on toxins being emitted.

    Reduce waste

      As more people use bicycles to get around, there will be less demand for building, servicing and disposal of cars, which equals less waste.

      Less Road Construction

        If more people use their bikes instead of their cars, this means there will be less need for new roads and road maintenance. This will then lead to less road construction which will protect more plant and animal life in urban areas.

        Other benefits

        Not only does swapping your car for a bike help the environment but it helps you stay active. Riding a bike will help you improve your cardiovascular endurance, strength, posture, lung capacity and balance. 

        Physical activity helps improve your mental health and you will get lots of fresh air. 

        An electric bike does not need petrol or diesel in order to operate. This means you save hundreds of dollars every month by riding a bike or an e-bicycle. They are also low maintenance so will not need to spend much on any repair. Even if you did, it is much cheaper than repairing a car!

        No traffic congestion. With an electric bicycle, you don’t have to slow down or wait in traffic jams, you simply keep pedalling all the way to wherever you need to be. Commuting will be so much more enjoyable on a bike!

        Easy parking. Also everywhere you go in the city, you can easily find a parking space and it will be much closer to where you need to go. 

        So swap to a non-petrol two-wheel ride so you can benefit both the environment and yourself! 

        Or you can ride an electric scooter. These machines are super fun and also don’t harm the environment with toxic gas emissions.

        We at Crooze recognize that exchanging your car for an eBike will not fix our ecosystem alone, so we have decided to join SeaTrees in their journey to restore our environment and heal the planet.

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