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New Bosch eBike Smart System

New Bosch eBike Smart System

Amanda Botton |

The newest update in the electric biking world is the Smart System from Bosch eBike.

It was launched on the 31st of August and will be available on some electric bike brands already at the start of 2022.

So what is included in this revolutionary new system? It consists of the eBike Flow app, display unit, remote control, rechargeable battery and motor drive unit. Providing consumers with a very personal e-bike experience.

The new system excellently combines high-quality components with digital features, taking bicycle riding to the next level - whether for fun or as everyday use.

Let’s have a look at what each element can bring you.

Bosch eBike Flow app

The eBike Flow app is the heart of the system. It will expose you to a new e-bike world by offering you completely new riding experiences.

The app will provide you with advanced features and updates, like for the motor and battery. In order for your electric bicycle to stay up-to-date and you can enjoy more options. It also lets you record your activities and customise your riding modes to suit your preferences.

Bosch App

The home screen gives you a quick overview of all the important information you need to optimise your riding experience - including battery status, distance range covered, remaining distance capabilities and when your next service appointment is. All this is sent to your eBike via Bluetooth.

This is what Connected Electric Biking is all about.

As Bosch identifies that safety is a high priority for its riders, it has spent a lot of time enabling top-notch safety measurements. The smart system will offer future motorized bikes with a ‘ConnectModule’. This functionality will provide riders with extraordinary theft protection features so that you can enjoy your ride to its full potential.

One example of the genius safety technology Bosch has to offer is to send out an acoustic alarm in order to scare away thieves. If this is not successful, and they are still able to steal your bike there is a backup plan in-stored in the app - a tracking. Making it possible for you to track where your electric bicycle is via your smartphone.

The new eBike Bosch app will feel like your best riding companion, a companion that knows you and your riding preferences well.

PowerTube 750

The Bosch PowerTube is a high capacity 750-watt battery offering riders the possibility of exploring longer distances and more challenging rides. This powerful battery source enables 20% more range than its older version - PowerTube 625 - and is ideal for those wanting to go the extra distance.

With the elegant design and electric component being beautifully integrated into the electric bicycle’s frame it is an irresistible combination.

PowerTube 750

As safety is key when it comes to biking, Bosch has added some important safety features to the lithium-ion battery, such as long service life, Enormous mileage and reliable handling. It also comes with a Battery Management System to protect the power tube from overload.

LED Remote

100% connectivity.

This user-friendly LED remote is a fully connected centre control. All essential riding information will be captured quickly and easy with this new remote.

How does it work? Simple, the controller connects the electric bicycle to the eBike Flow app via Bluetooth. Making it possible for you to gather important riding data like speed and distance range.

The LED light-emitting is highly visible in both sun and night light, and the brightness adjusts automatically to the surrounding light ambient. Offering you readability in every light condition. The remote is also incredibly reliable due to its rechargeable long-life battery. Ensuring it will last through every long-distance ride you embark on and safely get you where you need to go.

LED Remote

The controller has a sleek design and comes with an ‘L’ shape, making the remote convenient to mount to the handlebar so you can easily reach and manage all functions with just your thumb.

This remote controller is here to optimise your electric bike’s capabilities. Push it to its limits with the help of the Walk Assist.

This mode-setting will provide you with the support you need to conquer even the steepest of trails. The function can also operate as your guide, helping you handle your e-bike with confidence. This is gold-worth when tackling eMTB trails and challenging off-road terrain.

KIOX 300

The KIOX 300 display will be incredibly convenient to bring with you on any sports adventure. It is bound to improve your riding performance with its insightful data, including speed, range and remaining range.

It is made to guide you and offer extra support both before and during the ride. The electric device has a smooth design, is small in size and super compact. It comes with a colour screen ensuring incredible visibility and readability for you day and night.

KIOX 300

The KIOX offers regular updates making sure your e-bike stays up-to-date with the latest advanced features at all time.

Performance Line CX Motor

The Line CX Bosch motor generates a top torque of 85Nm and will have a noticeable effect on your riding feel. This powerhouse will ensure instant acceleration after hitting obstacles or sharp turns, and the motor Drive Unit is made to offer riders with a smooth power output, minimising any jerky movements.

It comes with multiple riding modes to best suit your riding style, and this can be customised using the eBike Flow app. This is especially handy for electric mountain bike riders, as it offers the Tour+ mode - providing MTB riders with intuitive handling and efficient operations so that you can save energy to go even further.

Performance Line CX Motor

The innovative multi-sensor motor allows for an agile and controlled riding experience, even on the more technically challenging treks. Combined with the advanced Bosch motor control, it will provide you with the very best when it comes to responsiveness and dynamics.

4A Charger

New enhanced charger. Providing riders with quick charge capabilities and easy handling. The 4A charger has an elegant design and is considerably lightweight. A perfect power bank for on-the-go charging, feeding the PowerTube 750 with energy quickly.

4A Charger

By combining all the elements of the new smart system from Bosch - the eBike Flow app, drive unit, battery and display - you are guaranteed to stay fully connected with your electric bike. Taking your riding experience to the next level.

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