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New Wahoo Smart Trainers - The best indoor cycling trainers

New Wahoo Smart Trainers - The best indoor cycling trainers

Amanda Botton |

New to our store is the Indoor Smart Trainers from Wahoo. It is an incredibly convenient training device to have if you are living in a city or somewhere where long smooth roads are not as accessible. The smart trainers feel ridiculously realistic, providing you with a true riding experience indoors! 

What is a Smart Trainer?

Wahoo smart trainer

As you probably have picked up by now, a Smart Trainer is a training device that lets you cycle indoors. But how does it work? You simply mount your bicycle onto the device, get on and start riding. 

The smart bike trainer will offer you different levels of riding resistance - like you would experience when riding outdoors. However, the added benefit of these smart tools is that you have all the control of the amount of resistance you receive. This can be managed using the appropriate bike app available for the device - such as SYSTM. Simply add extra resistance for an uphill riding feel or lower the resistance for long-distance workouts. 

What are the best Smart Trainers for Indoor cycling?

Below you can find our two top picks of indoor Smart Trainers. 

Wahoo KICKR SNAP Wheel-On Smart Trainer

The Wahoo KICKR SNAP is the perfect beginner indoor cycling device. 

Wahoo Kickr Snap Smart trainer

The KICKRSNAP has the easiest and most straightforward set up with its wheel-on design. The device makes indoor training an absolute “snap”. It is built to make it effortless for you to turn your road or mountain bike into a powerful indoor smart trainer.

What makes the KICKR bike so special is its flywheel features technology that is designed to provide you with precise inertia which will make riding feel as natural as possible - creating the exact same resistance as if you were riding outdoors. Which is what Wahoo smart trainers are known for. 

Another highlight of the Wahoo SNAP is that it is compatible with more training software and apps than ever before, making it possible for you to use popular training apps such as Zwift, Trainer Road and SYSTM. Which makes it possible for you to get the most out of your workouts. The cycling machine is able to produce up to 1500W of resistance and comes with an improved power accuracy to give you a more precise power measurement - only varying for up to +/- 3%. Another incredible feature is that the device can simulate climbs up to a 12% gradient!

The Wahoo training apparatus is made of high strength carbon steel and comes with a wide stance ensuring the feet stay firmly planted on the ground at all times and that your bicycle is securely locked in so you can train with confidence.

KICKR SNAP runs super smoothly and has a quiet operation, so you can enjoy your workouts - talk to your partner while riding or listen to your favourite tunes without being overpowered by noise. You can easily connect your smartphone or tablet to the KICKR SNAP, so you can conveniently control and fine-tune your riding resistance straight from the Wahoo Fitness app. The app also offers instructions on how to set up the training device. 

While the Wahoo SYSTM Training App offers a mix of personalised workouts like yoga, strength and mental training to help you elevate your performance to the next level. One app. Everything you need to become faster, stronger and more focused. You also get free 60 day subscription when signing up!

For more information click here.

Wahoo KICKR V5 Direct-Drive Smart Trainer

The ultimate recreation of outdoor cycling.

The Wahoo KICKR V5 Direct-Drive is the newest version in the Wahoo KICKR Smart Trainer range and offers you the most realistic ride feel and precise power yet from Wahoo. It produces up to 2200W of resistance and due to its new automatic calibration process, it offers a precision and power accuracy of +/- 1%!

The Wahoo KICKR continues to provide the best in class indoor smart trainer design with carbon steel body for durability and stability, effortlessly meeting the demands of all types of cyclists.

A completely new feature makes the KICKR V5 stand out from other smart trainers - the KICKR AXIS action feet. This feature allows you to experience 5° side-to-side motions when riding and will take the indoor training experience to new levels. The Axle feet offer almost identical stimulation of riding outdoors as it mimics the flexible side-to-side movement of the bicycle you would normally experience outdoors. 

The KICKR V5 provides you with 5 different movability modes that make the training device respond immediately and more naturally to your riding tempo and changes in your body position. It also offers 3 stiffness alternatives so you get to optimise your workout and tune your cycle to your specific riding style - whether that be long-distance road bike riding or off-road MTB riding. 

KICKR V5 Direct-Drive

The KICKR V5 Direct-Drive is similar to the KICKR SNAP by that they both operate near-silent and come with solid steel construction which ensures the device stays in place while you maximise your efforts and made to last years of heavy use. The V5 is also easy to set up and you have the ability to receive insightful cycling metrics on the indoor ride without having to connect any extra sensors. 

Both the SNAP and V5 connect to your phone via Bluetooth so you can easily control riding resistance, and they are both compatible with a range of training apps such as virtual training platforms like Zwift, TrainerRoad and SYSTM. However, the V5 offers up to 20% maximum grade stimulation, while the SNAP only delivers up to 12%. 

For more information click here.


To further enhance your indoor riding experience you can pair your KICKR SNAP or V5 with a Wahoo KICKR CLIMB Indoor Trainer Grade Simulator. The KICKR CLIMB simulator will match uphill climbs up to 20% and downhills with -10% degrees including physical grade changes. It takes your training to the next level - literally.


You can also pair your Wahoo Smart Trainer with a Wahoo KICKR HEADWIND Smart Fan. The Wahoo HEADWIND fan adds innovative climate control to your indoor training experience. When pair with your cycling apparatus, the fan’s speed will increase as your speed increases and your heart rate monitors spikes.

When combining all these tools together - Smart Trainer, Grade Stimulation and Fan - it will be a game-changing indoor cycling experience! 

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