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6 Best Bike Helmets For Children

6 Best Bike Helmets For Children

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We know how important it is for you to always keep your child safe when cycling. We have therefore gathered some helpful tips and important safety information for you to keep in mind when choosing a cycle helmet for your child. 

Young children and kids over 5 years are in the high-risk group for experiencing injuries when riding. They often tend to not understand the dangers and risks associated with riding a bike. Wearing a helmet can reduce those risks substantially. Studies show that wearing headgear can reduce the risk of serious head injuries by nearly 70%

Lazer Gekko

But how do you choose the right one, and what to look for when selecting the best fit? We are here to answer some of your questions.

How do you choose a bike helmet for a child?

It is important that the headpiece sits snugly on the head at all times for improved protection on impact. However, it should still feel comfortable when fitted. 

When trying the helmet on, make sure it sits perfectly on the head. Ensure it does not sit too low in the back or front. It should sit 1-2 fingers over the eyebrows. 

When fitted, move it around to see if it sits securely. Move it forward and backward, side-to-side. If it still fits snugly and movement is minimal you have the right fit. Another test you can do to ensure it fits securely is for your child to open their mouth, and if when doing so the helmet pulls down on the head you have found the one.

Also makes the kid can see and hear, and that the straps are even and form a triangle around the ears, you do not want them to rub against them.

Lazer Lil Gekko

Certificates and technology to look for

When buying head protection for your young one make sure it complies with Australian bicycle helmet standards. How do I know if it does? Easy, this can be found on the helmet as a sticker called Consumer Product Safety Committee (CPSC) or Australian standard AS/NZS 2063:2008. This means that the helmet has been tested and is approved for use on Australian roads.

At what age can a child wear a bicycle helmet?

According to the American Association of Pediatrics (AAP), 12-month-old children can start using a bicycle helmet. However, each child evolves differently so we recommend talking you your pediatrician about when wearing head protection is appropriate. 

Best bike helmets for children

Best bike helmet for your baby

Lazer Bob+ Toddler Helmet

The Lazer BOB+ toddler is the perfect head protection for your child, both for on the road or just sitting in the child bike seat. 

The BOB+ comes with thick padding for enhanced comfort, a Lazer Comfit 3 Dial System for easy adjustment and creating a snug fit. The shell is designed to fit a wide range of different head shapes and sizes. It also comes with 6 air holes for incredible breathability and a full-head reflective design for excellent visibility on the go. 

This headpiece was created specifically for toddlers and babies meant to sit in a trailer or child seat. You can see this by the flattened form on the back shell which is designed to prevent the infant from being shoved forward by the seat when riding. This makes it possible for them to see the world around them without having the headpiece obscuring their eyes. 

Kids Lazer Helmet

Nutcase Baby Nutty

Look at this fun design! Not only that but the Nutcase Baby Nutty also includes top head protection like MIPS technology and polycarbonate outer shell. It also comes with a lower neck coverage for enhanced neck stability for your toddler, 3-piece padding for extra comfort and a GROW Flex Fit System for a snug and universal fit. 

With its Fidlock snap buckle, you can easily snap the trap closed without pinching the babies chin, and with its eleven large vents, your little one is always cool and comfortable. 

Constructed, tested and CPSC-certified for 12 month-olds and older.

Nutcase Baby

Lazer Lil Gekko Toddler Helmet

The next generation of bike riders with Lazer Lil Gekko! 

The toddler helmet is constructed with a lower side and back shell for extra protection in those areas. It comes with 12 air vents for great airflow and a visor to protect against the sun. Lil Gekko has in-mould construction and an AutoFit system Autofit Retention System which automatically adjusts to the rider’s head for the utmost comfort and fit. The Lazer Comfort Buckle connects under the ear to stop chin pinches when fastening the strap.

And let’s not forget to mention its awesome stylish design! This fun headpiece comes in many different colours with cool animations such as seahorses, sharks and dinosaurs. Your child will want to wear this helmet! 

Lazer Lil Gekko

Best youth bike helmet 

Giro Tremor Youth Helmet

This Giro helmet for youths is packed with some of the best protection technologies. Including a two-shell piece where the outer shell is harder and the inner shell is made of polycarbonate for excellent impact protection and durability. It is super lightweight, and that without affecting its quality or performance. 

In addition, it comes with an easy to adjust Roc Loc sport fit system that offers a 7 cm adjustment span, and a universal sizing so your child can get the perfect fit on first use. 

With Giro Tremor stylish design, bright green logo script and 18 air holes for optimised airflow, it is bound to be a favourite for young mountain bike shredders. 

Giro Toddler


FOX Youth Mainframe AS Helmet

Badass off-road helmet from FOX. Stylish, budget-friendly and made of high-quality materials. 

This MTB helmet comes with the industry-leading slip-plane technology MIPS. MIPS helmets work to reduce rotational forces to the head during impact. The tech is designed inside the helmet and moves to mimic the brain’s protection system. That way, reducing the impact force and protecting your child’s head when encountering a crash.

The FOX Mainframe is a popular choice by the kids as it has a lightweight feel and excellent cooling abilities. It also comes with a moisture-wicking liner so sweat does not hinder the young ones to perform.

Fox Youth

Best kids full-face MTB helmet

FOX Youth Rampage AS Helmet

If your child is an enthusiastic mountain bike rider or CX competitor then the FOX Youth Rampage would be the best choice. This MTB helmet is DH certified, comes with MIPS technology and has a lightweight in-mould shell for top impact protection and comfortability. It comes with large ventilations that offer excellent airflow as well as discharging debris and filth. So your child can ride with confidence at all times. 

Rampage FOX helmet Certifications: CPSC, EN 1078AS/NZS 2063. ASTM 1952-15 downhill and ASTM 2032-15 BMX.

We want the kids to stay safe but also not limit their fun! Find a helmet that fits your child. 

FOX Youth Rampage AS Helmet

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