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Shimano Sunglasses Review

Shimano Sunglasses Review

Amanda Botton |

When thinking about Shimano, the first thing you might think of is bicycle components. However, over the years, Shimano has expanded its range substantially, now selling a wide range of apparel and accessories as well such as sunglasses, bike shoes, jerseys, bicycle bibs, shorts and more.

When it comes to cycling sunglasses, Shimano is probably not the first brand you think of, but the latest series released this year will definitely change your mind. 

This year Shimano launched three new bike glasses: Shimano Equinox, Shimano Aerolite P and Shimano Technium. And we are here to tell you our thoughts about them! 

Our thoughts


* Very good optical quality
* Full UV 400 protection
* Great contrast and clarity
* Lightweight and secure fit
* Stylish 


    * Sits high on the nose (both an advantage and disadvantage)
    * More pricey

      These are a nice set of riding glasses. Equinox comes with two different lenses: Red Ridescape road lens and Grey Photochromic lens. It also comes with an extra-large pose pad for those who want that.

      All the new Shimano cycling glasses come with the option of a RIDESCAPE lens which offers riders exceptional clarity and contrast when riding. While the Photochromic lens offers a wider light transmittance range, which is perfect for various light conditions. It is also coated against fogging, which is great for high-intensity rides and in humid conditions.

      Another advantage of Equinox is its versatile usage. They can be used for road bike riding, MTB riding or commuting.

      Equinox has a black Grilamic TR90 frame that is super lightweight - 26 grams - and a non-slip rubber material on the nose and ends for a secure fit. However, the frame sits high on the nose which is both an advantage and disadvantage - good when riding but not as comfortable and practical for everyday use.

      Shimano Aerolite P

      Our thoughts


      * Wide panoramic field vision
      * Enhances details and contrasts
      * RIDESCAPE lens
      * 400sunglass UV protection
      * Stylish 
      * Super lightweight


        * Sits high on the nose 
        * More pricey

        Shimano Aerolite P

          Aerolite P is the lightest of the three glasses and offers the widest field vision. With its rimless frame and ultrasonic welding of frame to glass, the pair only weighs 23.4 kg. The rimless design also provides a smooth aerodynamic surface for less air resistance. Perfect for road biking. 

          The lens has a 7-curve one-piece glass that follows the curved shape of your face, offering you a panoramic view of the road ahead - even when bending over the handlebar - and offers excellent eye protection at full speed. Same as the other sunglasses, the Aerolite P comes with a RIDESCAPE lens, which helps make important details on the road - like surface texture and road dangers - more visible from afar. The glass technology also helps reduce unwanted light and colours that might weaken your vision and cause eye strain. When we tried them on, we definitely experience an improved view of details and contrast, and the road texture stand out against the inky background. 

          However, we do find that they do sit a bit high in the nose and close to the face, making your skin smudge the inside of the bottom and top lens from eyebrows and cheeks touching it. As they sit close to the face, there is not much airflow happening behind the glass, even with the air holes on the arms, resulting in that they can get a bit warm, but not foggy, on high-intensity rides.

          Overall the Aerolite P is a great road bike pair that gives you incredible view range and road clarity, and they look really good on. Definitely our favourite when it comes to looks.

          Shimano Technium

          Our thoughts


          * Our best seller 
          * Affordable 
          * Full-rim frame with wide one-piece lens
          * MTB specifically designed
          * RIDESCAPE lens
          * Sun safe - UV 400 protection
          * Scratch-resistant lens treatment
          * Hydrophobic coating for better water repellency and keeping lens clean
          * Ventilation for fog reduction


            * Bottom frame touches your cheeks 
            * Spare glasses not readily available


            Shimano Technium

              The Technium is our best selling Shimano sunglasses. This is due to the perfect combination of style, protection, view and affordability. Technium is the most budget-friendly glasses in the Shimano range and is specifically designed for off-road mountain bike riding. 

              The pair comes with a full-rim frame for better protection against sun and dirt and a trail-specific one-piece lens that is wider so the full-frame does not obscure your vision. Perfect for aggressive off-road riding.

              Technium includes four air vents subtly positioned in each corner between the frame and lens, preventing fogging and offering great airflow for cooling off.

              The Technium MTB glasses comes with CNC moulding for better symmetry and precision. The frame is made of Grilamid TR-90 which is a durable and strong material. Combined that with the impact-resistant Polyamide lens and anti-scratch treatment, and these sunglasses are made to withstand the rougher downhill rides. The only thing you might find a bit uncomfortable with the Technium, this depending on your facial structure, is that the bottom lens might touch your cheeks. 

              For the price, these pieces are a steal. The Technium RIDESCPATE lens really highlights the details and contrast in the terrain as well as cutting out sun glare. This really helps when tackling more technical trails and rocky or rooty parts of a trail. When it comes to colour differentiation, they might not be as good as top class Oakley lenses, but this is only noticeable when trying them side by side. 

              If off-road trail riding is your jam, then the Technium is the best cycling glasses for you in the Shimano range. 

              What our customers are saying:

              Shimano Technium Review

              These Shimano glasses follow Australian Consumer Law regarding ultraviolet radiation (UV) protection. With its UV400 protection, they can block out up to 99% of UVB and UVA sun rays. Ensure that your eyes are fully protected from sun damage.

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