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Tasmania makes e-scooter legal on roads

E-scooter legal in Tasmania

Amanda Botton |

The sale of electric scooters has boomed all over Australia the last couple of years, and not without reason. These compact motorized scooters are super convenient for a variety of situations like commuting to work, visiting a friend, cruising between city traffic or just enjoying the wind in the hair. And now Tasmania also gets to join in on the fun! 

Last month Tasmania announced that e-scooters have been legalised in Tasmania after the legislative Traffic Act 1925 amendment was unanimously approved by parliament. Making it possible for commercials to provide “shared eScooter hire” and for you to personally use it on Tasmanian roads.

The good news was shared by Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Micheal Ferguson, who said: “I’m very pleased to report that e-scooters will be hitting our streets this summer, providing a cost-effective, low-pollution, and convenient transport alternative in Tasmania after the amendment to Traffic Act 1925 to legislate them passed the Legislative Council.”

The interest in these small rides has become increasingly popular worldwide as people look for more efficient and innovative ways to get around, especially easy ways to avoid getting stuck in traffic congestions and saving time when commuting. These devices are also emission-free which people are more and more conscious about, and of course, you don’t have to pay for fuel! 

Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT King

Before the amended traffic law, Tasmania only allowed e-scooters to ride on public roads and shared footpaths if they did not exceed a power output of 200W. As most eScooters on the market does, they were not legal in Tasmania. However, now with the newly modified law, most electric scooters will be able to hit Tasmanian roads. 

Going along with this new statute, there will be strict regulations put in place to make it as safe as possible for everyone on the road. This includes speed restrictions, safe-use obligations and awareness of other road users like pedestrians and bicycle riders.

In order to ride, you have to be 16 years or above, adhere to state road rules and you need to wear a bike helmet. The speed limit will be 25km/h on public roads and bike lanes, and 15km/h on walking paths. The electric motor scooters also need to have some safety features to ride like sensors to identify other pedestrians and bad road behaviour. In addition, this law enables the police to confiscate the transportation vehicle if a rider rides recklessly and without care for others. 

Education on how to ride safely and legally use the e-scooter will be conveyed next month, and an assessment of how the law is performing will be evaluated after a year. 

Congratulations Tasmania! We are sure you will enjoy these new changes and are excited to hit the roads this summer. 

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Escooters legal in Tasmania

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Kaabo GT Series

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