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Pirelli Tyres - Find the Best Bike Tyres for You

Pirelli Tyres - Find the Best Bike Tyres for You

Finding the best mountain bike tyres for you is not always easy with the range of available tires that are on the market, and each brand uses its own type of technology and language when designing its products. That is why we have put together everything you need to know about Pirelli tyres - their pattern, technology and which tyre is best for your type of riding style. 

Pirelli has over 100 years of experience in the cycling industry, and as a result, they have been able to design the highest performing bicycle tires and tubes on the market. These cycling tires are used by professional athletes all around the world and are recognised for their performance, durability and resilience!


Pirelli had spent years researching and perfecting their bike tyres to find what works, what doesn't work, and how to continually optimise riders' performance. Below you find their best technologies so far invented for their range. 


SmartGrip Compound is an innovative tire rubber that contains two opposite features: tear-resistance and chemical grip. The tear resistance technology provides riders with the best mechanical grip on dry surfaces, especially as it is combined together with puncture protection technology. Then you got the chemical grip technology which offers incredible grip and traction on wet surfaces. This innovation makes it possible for riders to ride in wet and muddy terrain with confidence and not have to worry about losing grip or slipping on the trail during these difficult conditions. 


This is a brand new Pirelli patented type of tyre construction technology that is designed to even further improve handling and pinch flat resistance. This is an important feature, especially for trail bicycles that demand more like an e-MTB, the stability of the sidewalls and integrity of the bead area are key features for the overall tire performance.

What tyre should I choose for my bicycle?

Pirelli has taken into account every rider's needs and demands when it comes to bicycle tyres and strives you offer riders the best when it comes to performance and technology. That is why they have created such a broad range of bike tires, so you are guaranteed to find a pair that will fit your type of riding style. 

Pirelli has built tires that fit a variety of different terrains from loose gravel, soft terrain to hardcore rocky mountain trails. That way you can pick and chose which tires will be best for your ride, as well as enhance your riding performance and experience. 

Pirelli Bike Tyres

To make the buying process easier, we have picked out some important factors to consider when buying the right tyres for you and which will help you in the process of finding the right tires for you.

1. Riding style

First, you need to decide what type of riding you will be doing; whether it be Trail, Enduro or electric mountain biking. This will determine what Pirelli range you should further explore. 

2. Terrain 

Then, think of what type of terrain you will most encounter. Will the terrain surface be soft/loose, hard or mixed?

Here are the different models available:

3. Tyre Width

Depending on how hard you want to hit the trails and how rough it will get, you need to decide the tyres width. The wider the tyre the better stability, grip and traction you get on the trail. However, wider tires also means less clearance between the frame and tyre, and the higher friction will impact speed.

Choose between a tyre with of 2.4” or 2.6”. 

4. Casing Style

Another factor to take into consideration when choosing a Pirelli tyre is its type of casing. Pirelli has taken their tyres a step further by divided their whole tyre collection into categories based on riding discipline. Each collection will have a distinct casing that is specifically designed to handle its intended riding style. 

The MTB Pirelli tyres has a 60tpi casing and built with multiple nylon layer protection, and as you move up the range from Trail to eMTB the sidewall support and puncture protection increases. 

ProWall casing (Trail)

The ProWall casing provide you with sidewalls that are designed to enhance the tyre’s puncture resistance as well as improve the rider’s performance and handling at low pressure - which is something Pirelli recommend you try. As mentioned before, these tires have a standard 60tpi casing and a nylon fabric layer covering the sidewall casing for additional protection and better stability, especially through cornering.

Pirelli ProWall casing (Trail)

Models with ProWall casing:

HardWall casing (Enduro)

HardWall casing is especially constructed for Enduro racing, and you will find it in the Pirelli Scorpion Enduro tyre line. The HardWall casing offers additional bead to bead protection and having extra rubber insert above the bead, which increases strength and reliability. Perfect for aggressive riding. 

The HardWall tech is designed to provide rider with a more flexible and agile support at lower bike tyre pressure.

When comparing HardWall and ProWall tyres, we can see that both offer the same stiffness that is enough to hold up the tire under its own weight.

Pirelli HardWall casing (Enduro)

Models with HardWall casing: 

HyperWall (eMTB)

We mentioned this casing before. This is a brand new uniquely to Pirelli casing technology that is made to further improve the tyres handling, pinch flat resistance and protection agains side wall cuts. This is a key feature for heavy off-road electric bikes that encounter heavy punishments as they need more stability within their sidewalls and integrity of the bead.

Pirelli HyperWall (eMTB)

Models with HyperWall casing:

5. Tread Pattern and Wheel Size 

The tread patterns on Pirelli are more complex in design that many other brands. This just further show Pirelli’s high focus on details and that small changes can make a big different.

The brand have a tyre selection for all conditions - Hard conditions, Soft conditions and Mixed conditions. Their idea is that their SmartGrip compound rubber will provide the chemical grip you need, and by selecting the best tread for your riding terrain will optimise your mechanical grip.

Pirelli tires made for soft terrains like soft sand, loose dirt and wet soil. These tyres have tall and aggressive tread knobs that are made to drill into the looser or softer terrain. 

Meanwhile, tires made for harder terrain has a tighter and shorter spread, so that they can smoothly and efficiently roll forward. 

The Mixed terrain tyres are less aggressive than the two other, but they have a greater spread of tread knobs, so you can perform on a wider range of terrains and not giving up too much in terms of speed.

Pirelli Bicycle Tyres

6. Tyre Size 

Now all you have to do is choose the right wheel size. Choose between 27.5” or 29” tyres.

There you have it! Once you know all this information it will make your shopping experience that much easier and more fun.

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For more information about how to install and take care of your new Pirelli tyres, check out the instructions here.

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