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The Costs of Owning an eBike

The Costs of Owning an eBike

Kenji Shimizu |

How much does it cost to keep your eBike wheels turning? Read on for a breakdown of the expenses associated with owning an electric bike. 

Ongoing costs of owning an eBike.

After your initial electric bike purchase, there are a few recurring costs to factor into your budget. When stacked up against the same ongoing costs of a car, you can see just how economical an eBike can be.

Specialized Electric Bike

Recharging the battery.

Most electric bikes use a lightweight, efficient, rechargeable lithium-ion battery also known as a Li-ion battery.

This cost of electricity to recharge the battery is the most frequent recurring expense for your eBike. You’ll need to know 3 things to figure out how much charging the battery adds to your electricity bill.

  1. The voltage of the battery (v).
  2. The capacity in amps-hour of the battery (Ah).
  3. The cost of your electricity in cents per kWh - you can find this on your electricity bill or by contacting your provider.

Multiply the voltage (V) and the charging capacity (Ah) of the battery to find the watt hours (Wh) of the battery.

Eg: 48 volts x 8 amps per hour = 422 watt hours.

Now divide the watt hour figure by 1000 to find kilowatt hours (kWh).

Eg: 422 / 1000 = 0.42 kilowatt hours.

Multiply the kWh capacity of your battery by the cost of your electricity in kWh. Let’s say the electricity cost is 0.23c/kWh.

Eg: 0.42 kWh (battery) x 0.23c/kWh (electricity charge) = 0.09 cents (approx)

This means it costs roughly 9 cents to fully charge your bike battery. Let’s say the range on the battery is 30km, you’ll pay approx 9 cents in electricity charges per 30kms ridden.

Of course, these costs vary from bike to bike – depending on the range – but hopefully, the above example gives you a guide to working out roughly how much it costs to power your electric bike.

How does this compare with a car?

Compared to the expense of fueling a petrol-powered car, the cost of recharging an electric bike battery is hands down the most economical option. Especially now with fuel prices rising.

Replacing the battery.

Most of the major brands for eBike batteries including Bosch, Yamaha, and Impulse estimate 800 - 1,000 charging cycles and warranty about two years of continuous use.

Depending on the brand and type of battery, prices can range from $500 - $1000.

The precise lifespan of an individual battery is impossible to predict - it depends heavily on the way and how often you use your eBike.

Electric Bike Bosch Battery

A few quick tips to help extend the battery life:

  • Storage at approx. 30 – 60% charge status.
  • Never completely drain the battery.
  • Park your eBike in the shade or a cool location: heat impacts the battery life.

An electric bike battery will still wear out even if you’re not using the bike - the energy it has stored escapes slowly.


Whether you’re just getting out on your eBike on the weekends, riding it daily, or tackling mountains every electric bike needs periodic professional maintenance.

We recommend booking your eBike in for a professional service at least once a year – or around 800kms – for things like brake pad replacement, frame alignment, software update, etc.

If you’re commuting daily, riding long distances or taking the bike offroad regularly more frequent services might be necessary.

In general, a service in a bike shop can range between $90 - $200 depending on the level of maintenance provided. Some parts will be in addition to this cost.

View Crooze eBike service package costs here.

How does this compare with a car?

You can expect to pay anywhere between $200 - $2,225 for a car service in Australia – depending on the type of car, service inclusions, and the age of your car.


How often you ride and how you ride will determine tyre wear and how often you’ll have to change them.

Here’s a general guide on how to budget your tyre expenses

  • Frequent riders and off-road riders: replacement every 12 months.
  • Low mileage rider: replacement every 18-24 months.

Tire prices vary depending on the kind of electric bike you have and how you use it. Costs can range between $30 - $120 per tyre.

Orbea WILD DT Swiss Tyres

How does this compare with a car?

Car tire prices range anywhere from $80 - $800+ per tyre depending on the car model.

Insurance (optional)

Some riders choose to insure their eBikes to guard against theft, damage, and other accidents.

Choosing to insure your bike will mean a recurring expense on a monthly or yearly basis.

  • Insuring an electric bike valued at $3,000: approx. $15 per month for full cover
  • Insuring an electric bike valued at $6,000: approx. $25 per month for full cover

These costs offer a very general guide only. You’ll need to compare eBike insurance yourself for a personalised quote based on your needs and type of eBike.

3 popular electric bike insurers in Australia include Velosure, Bikesure, and Wiggle Insurance.

How does this compare with a car?

According to Finder.com, the average cost of comprehensive car insurance in Australia is $134 per month for comprehensive insurance.


The only non-negotiable eBike accessories for every rider are a helmet and bike lights, for obvious safety reasons.

You need a helmet to keep your head safe and lights on the front and rear of the bike to make sure other commuters and pedestrians can see you at night.

There are lights and helmets out there at various different price points, so you’ll easily find something to fit your budget. Bike helmets can range from $60 for a budget option up to $500+ at a high-end price point.

Lights start around $70 for a quality entry-level option for a commuter bike and can range up to $500+ for lights to tackle trails at night.

Lezyne Bike Lights

We hope this helps you get a clearer picture of the costs associated with owning an eBike. You can see it really pays dividends in the long run as a very economical mode of transport.

Have questions about electric bikes? Ask us anything - we’re here to help! Call (07) 3517 0996, email hello@crooze.com.au or reach us on Facebook.




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