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Shimano Cables

Frequently Asked Questions

How to shorten shimano hydraulic brake cable?

Steps-by-step approach for how to shorten your Shimano bicycle brake cable without bleeding:

Decide cable length

Start by removing the lever assembly from the handlebar and leave the caliper attached to the frame. Next, wire the cable along the frame to the handlebar where the brake lever will be placed. Do not make any tight turns or twists when doing so. Hold the hose there, and test that you have enough length by turning the steering handle all the way both ways. It should turn without restriction on the cable. Adjust accordingly - if restricted, loosen the cable length. Also make sure it does not rub against the frame or fork suspension. 

Once happy with the length, make a mark on the cable where you wish you cut.

  1. Remove the brake caliper from the frame.
  2. Take off the brake pads from the caliper. 
  3. Delicately push the brake lever, just enough to move both pistons out by 2-3mm.
    That way, when the cable is cut, you will be able to push the pistons in again and expel any air that may have entered the system.
  4. Move on to the brake lever assembly.
    Here you slide out the rubber that is covering the cable fixing screw. Then use a bicycle spanner tool to uncrew the screw until it is loose. Once, that is done slide the bolt off and let it slide down the cable. 
  5. Next, you pull the cable from the lever compact.
    Remember to hold the hose up so it does not lose any brake fluids. 
  6. Cut the bike brake cable with a sharp knife.
    As the cable will be fitted into the lever house, you need to make a cut a little longer away from your mark. After, insert your new olive and then add the cable barb at the end of the hose by tapping it with a hammer. All this can be easier done if you have the cable strapped down.
  7. Re-attach the cable to the lever assembly. 
  8. Push the caliper pistons back in place by squeezing them - this can be done by using a plastic tyre lever. This will make any built-up air to be expelled from the cylinder. 
  9. Re-install the bike brake to the bicycle frame again. Then, route the cable along the frame to the handlebar.
  10. Clasp the brake lever a few times to make sure the caliper pistons are in the right position. After 3 pulls the lever should begin to tighten.

Once this is all done, you are set to hit the road!

How to remove cable from Shimano shifter?

Step 1: Start by repeatedly pulling the front gear levers, shifting it down to the lowest gear.
Step 2: Cut the bicycle shift cable.
Step 3: Next, you unscrew the bolt on the side of the shift assembly (just above the little shift lever).
Step 4: Slide off the rubber covering the cable string from the bike gear shifter assembly. Note, only slide off the rubber not the cable string.
Step 5: This allows you to push the cable string to the other side of the shifter assembly, and you are able to pull out the cable from the Shimano shifter.

How to replace Shimano shifter cable? / How do I change a Shimano gear cable? How to change front gear cable Shimano? / How to change Shimano XT gear cable?

Step 1: Shift your bike chain to the smallest gear on both the front and rear cassette.
Step 2: Cut off the end cap and slide the cable string from the old housing.
Step 3: Unscrew the bolt from the shifter, then pull the cable from all the way out from the bike. Remove the rubber cable cover next.
Step 4: Use the old cable as a measuring guide, and clip the new cables the same length.
Step 5: Use a pick to widen the new housing opening, and install the new ferrules. Use either plastic or metal ferrules—both will work.
Step 6: Then re-insert the new cable onto the bike, starting with the shifter and through the cable house.
Step 7: Then through the derailleur. After insert housing, and tighten the bolt.
Step 8: Cut off any extra unnecessary string length, fit on a new end cap and clap it to make sure it sits securely.

How I change Shimano twist grip gear cable?

Step 1: Start by cutting the bicycle shifter cables.
Step 2: Unscrew the screws in the shifter assembly.
Some Shimano gear shifters do not have screws but a button. In that case, take a small flat screwdriver and push it into the little hole. This will make the cover detach so you can remove it.
Step 3: Remove the cover of the shifter.
Step 4: Pull the bike gear cable string out of the shifter.
Step 5: Insert the new cable through the same holes and positions as the old one was placed. Make sure the end of the cable is fully seated.
Step 6: Re-install the cover. Push it down and screw in the screws.
Step 7: Hook up the cable housing, re-install it to the bike derailleur.
Step 8: Cut off any unnecessary string length, fit on a new end cap and squeeze with a tool to make sure it sits securely.

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